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Diversity Matters To BuzzFeed Tech

Here's an email we just shared with the tech team at BuzzFeed.

Dao Nguyen 5 years ago
Sami Main 5 years ago
Mark • Wilkie 6 years ago

BuzzFeed's OPs & Dev Team

As they bring our servers back online post Sandy

Mark • Wilkie 7 years ago

Andy Went Back In Time!!

Click Here to create your own Then and Again image!

Mark • Wilkie 7 years ago

I Can't Bear It!

This may not end well...

Mark • Wilkie 7 years ago

Fluffy Too

Josie and her new friend Fluffy

Mark • Wilkie 7 years ago

capt'n cutey face

he crushes cats

Mark • Wilkie 7 years ago

Darwin '09

Change comes in different shapes and sizes and time periods.

Leif Skyving Awesome! 10 years ago

Bacon Is Good For Me!

A little kid goes off on his new mom for throwing away his bacon.

Matt Stopera 10 years ago


Want Birkenstocks but won't wear leather? Want Crocs, but they're not douchey enough? For the footwear connoisseur who can't quite decide which kind of obnoxious to be: half Croc, half Birkenstock. (via bbg)

Andy Yaco-Mink 10 years ago