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  • Check Out All The Sweet Stuff NYC College Kids Throw Away

    When NYC college kids rotate out of their dormitories at the end of the school year, many of them leave behind a rich wake of discarded possessions that surface in big dumpsters out on the street. For dumpster divers this special of time of the year is called, “Punk Christmas.” Here’s his deep dive into the world of collegiate detritus.

  • Never Pay For Food Again In NYC

    For many, the term “dumpster diving” evokes stomach-turning images of half-moldy rolls and recently-expired tuna salad snatched from the mouths of gnawing rats. In actuality it’s quite the opposite. This video shows just how easy and clean the process of scoring great free food can be.

  • The Mayor Of Times Square

    Meet William “Pee Wee” Scheidt, a gregarious old timer who’s full of piss and vinegar in that endearing way which only certain senior citizens can effectively pull off. Scheidt is famous for being a die-hard Yankees fan and the unofficial “Mayor of Times Square.” Brooklyn-based comedian and filmmaker Jeff Seal recently followed Scheidt around for a day in Times Square to see how the mayor connects with/breaks the balls of his constituents:

  • A (Drunken) Coversation With My 15 Year Old Self

    In 1995, at the age of 15, I got drunk for the first time and filmed it. 18 years later, I got drunk again and then tried giving my 15 year old self some advice. This is what happened. Inspired by “A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self” by Jeremiah McDonald.

  • A Day’s Messing

    A Day’s Messing is a silent comedy shot on Super 8mm film in the style of Buster Keaton, George Melies and Charlie Chaplin. It follows a NYC bike messenger as he is derailed from delivering an important package by an alluring female cyclist. As he searches for her on the streets of NYC, he falls into a rabbit hole of time, space and absurdity, filled with meticulously choreographed slapstick, heartbreaking pathos and stop-motion roller skates, until serendipity surprises them both. Written, directed by and starring a clown and mime, this film re-imagines the spirit and technique of classic silent comedy, without falling prey to the cliches of contemporary silent comedy films. It’s an original and hilarious cinematic experience.

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