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18 Best Ways To Drink Through Hurricane Sandy

Everything from "Dark and Stormy popsicles" to "straight outta the bottle."

1. Make the storm's signature drink: The Hurricane Shandy

A shandy is just apple cider + beer OR ginger ale + beer. If you don't have apple cider or ginger ale, just drink a beer and call it a Hurricane Shandy. No one will ever know.

2. Got pumpkin beer? Make a Pumpkin Shandy.

pumpkin ale + ginger beer + orange slices

Get the recipe at Serious Eats

3. This crazy concoction is The Purple Rain. Do it!

gin + creme de violette + elderflower liqueur + lime juice + sparkling wine

Get the recipe from The Framed Table

4. Here's an Extra Spicy Dark & Stormy recipe.

rum + ginger beer + lime + homemade spicy syrup

Get the recipe from Foddess

5. ...also comes on a stick: Dark & Stormy Poptails.

6. Should you want to get a little fancier, make The Perfect Storm.

vanilla bean + sugar + ginger beer + apple cider + dark rum

Get the recipe from Martha Stewart

7. Or a Blustery Bourbon-Maple Cider

bourbon + applejack + maple syrup + bitters + hard cider

Get the recipe at Serious Eats

8. Speaking of bourbon, this Bourbon-Ginger Float wants to help you clean out your freezer.

Put 2 scoops of ice cream in a chilled beer mug. Add 2 oz. bourbon and top with ginger beer. Serve immediately. Serves 1.

(Recipe by Bourbon & Branch, San Francisco, via WIlliams Sonoma)

9. Or, class up your bourbon with fresh herbs by making this Fall Classic.

apple brandy + bourbon + apple cider + thyme + lemon juice + bitters

Get the recipe from Bon Appetit

10. Scotch lovers, this one's for you: The Highland's Fall.

smoky scotch + blended Scotch + lemon juice + St-Germain (elderflower liqueur)

Get the recipe from Bon Appetit

11. Tequila people, you will not be left out: Tequila-Lover's Nectar.

reposado tequila + pear nectar + cinnamon + vanilla extract + honey + lemon juice

Get the recipe from Cookie and Kate

12. Here is an excellent excuse to drink vodka: Apple, Ginger, Cranberry Vodka Cocktails.

13. Like it bitter? Try this Blood Orange Punch.

rum + campari + blood orange juice + lemon juice + soda water

Get the recipe from Serious Eats

14. For the folks on the wagon, a nonalcoholic Sparkling Apple Tea.

black tea bags + cinnamon sticks + sparkling apple cider + lemon juice

Get the recipe from Serious Eats

15. Hello fizzy Apple Crisp. You look like a refreshing way to combat the emotional stress of natural disasters.

green cardamom pods + bourbon + apple brandy + lemon juice + honey + club soda

Get the recipe from Serious Eats

16. There's always the classic Hurricane.

grenadine + rum + orange juice + pineapple juice + triple sec

Get the recipe from My Life As a Mrs

17. Or another classic from New Orleans, The Sazerac.

absinthe + rye whiskey + simple syrup + bitters + lemon peel

Get the recipe from The Kitchn

18. And finally of course, there's this option

It's a good one sometimes.