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Tracking Sandy With A Wind Map

The map, which visualizes the nation's wind patterns, dramatically shows the storm's movements up the East Coast.

Monday, October 29th at 10:59 AM


The map shows Hurricane Sandy as a Category 1 with top wind speeds of 90 mph. The eye of the storm is off the coast of Virginia and Maryland. At this point, the hurricane is ready to make landfall after spending several days building power moving up the coast in the Atlantic Ocean.

Monday, October 29th at 6:54 PM

At this time, Hurricane Sandy already made landfall and the eye of the storm is somewhere over Dennisville, NJ, which is about 40 mins southeast of Atlantic City. Top wind speeds are somewhere between 75 and 90 mph. By 11 PM, Hurricane Sandy's movement would slow down and max wind speeds would drop to 75 mph.

Tuesday, October 30th at 1:59 PM

Downgraded to a Tropical Storm, Sandy is somewhere over Johnstown, PA. Movement of the storm has dramatically slowed with top wind speeds of 45 mph. The storm, which will continue to deteriorate in size and power, is projected to swing over Pittsburgh before moving north into Canada.

Wednesday, September 19th at 12:59 PM

The wind pattern on this day in September is typical for the country. There is no influence from any one storm, especially the likes of Hurricane Sandy. Sandy's power affected the air around much of the nation, including the states along the Mississippi River.

To track the storm or check out historic wind patterns check out the surface wind map.

(H/T The Atlantic, which compares Sandy to other hurricanes and captured the first GIF. Other GIFs by Ryan Broderick for BuzzFeed.)

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