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Êtes-vous plutôt Stark, Lannister, Targaryen ou Dothraki?

Pas besoin d'étudier des générations et des générations de nobles lignées quand on peut se contenter de faire ce quiz.

Sean Curry • 2 years ago

18 Cosas que atemorizan a los meseros

La próxima vez que dejes propina, deja uno o dos dólares extra. Ellos se lo han ganado.

Sean Curry • 5 years ago

Superheroes As Fonts

Designer Matthew Olin put together this project that both comic book and design nerds will love.

Sean Curry • 6 years ago

Bizarro Gender Gym

You mind spotting me, sis?

Sean Curry • 6 years ago

Everyone Deserves A Friend Like Philip J. Fry

Compassionate, loyal, loves junk food and beer, and dumb as a rock.

Sean Curry • 6 years ago

An Ode To Joyous Flashmobs For Your Monday Morning

Stop whatever menial, insurmountable task you're doing right now and watch all five and a half minutes of this. After you're done, you'll knock today out of the park. Guaranteed.

Sean Curry • 6 years ago

The Deadliest Video Game Villain Is Not What You Think

Just when you thought it was safe to cross the street...

Sean Curry • 6 years ago

Batman Villains As Creepy-Cool GIFs

Behold, Gotham's giffening...

Sean Curry • 6 years ago

24 People Daring Their Bosses To Fire Them

Sometimes, you just get yourself through another friggin' day of work. Other times, you decide that day's going to be your last.

Sean Curry • 6 years ago

Nicolas Cage Before He Was Nicolas Cage

BuzzFeed's Hollywood scientists have unearthed rare footage of a young Nicolas Coppola in his natural state: 1980's beach hunk. It is beautiful to behold.

Sean Curry • 6 years ago

You Will Never Have To Fold Or Throw A Paper Airplane Ever Again

And all it takes is an above-average familiarity with engineering, electronics, and Legos. The marvels of science!

Sean Curry • 6 years ago

Famous Gun Scenes From Movies Replaced With Thumbs Up

Do you feel happy, punk? Well, do ya?

Sean Curry • 6 years ago

Russia Used To Have An Official Royal Party Patrol

Its name was the "The All-Joking, All-Drunken Synod of Fools and Jesters", and it had its own priesthood. Andrew W.K. ain't got nothing on Peter the Great.

Sean Curry • 6 years ago

Anything Is Possible With Pi

That's right, on Pi Day, anything is a way.

Sean Curry • 6 years ago

What It's Like To Be Irish On St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patty's Day, top o' the marnin', faith and begorrah, and quit tryin' ta steal me lucky charms! Commence eye roll in 3, 2...

Sean Curry • 6 years ago

Boy Scouts Asking Alumni What They Think Of Gay Ban

The Boy Scouts of America are reaching out to alumni of their program for feedback on the question of whether to lift the ban on openly gay members.

Sean Curry • 6 years ago

20 Awesome Movie Twists

SPOILER ALERT: Reading this may spoil some awesome twists in some amazing movies for you. They're worth it, and a lot of fun, but that can't be stressed enough. Spoiler Red Alert. Big time.

Sean Curry • 6 years ago

Saddest Cat In The World Hates His Bath So Much He Meows Underwater

We've all been there, dude, opposable thumbs or no. Sometimes, you just can't even lift your mouth above water.

Sean Curry • 6 years ago

If "Breaking Bad" Aired In 1995

Don't worry if you missed last season. We found a guy who taped it his VCR.

Sean Curry • 6 years ago

This Batman Documentary Trailer Might Make You Cry A Little

Batman doesn't need superpowers to overcome obstacles, and neither do these kids.

Sean Curry • 6 years ago