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31 "Celebrities" Who Are Only Famous To People Who Live In New York

Sure, there are plenty of movie stars and celebrities who live in New York. But there's only one Dan Smith (who will teach you guitar).

1. Dr. Zizmor

2. Robin Byrd

3. Dan Smith (who will teach you guitar)

4. Sandy Kenyon

5. Cat head guy

6. Joe Ades

7. The couple from the Grand Prospect Hall commercial

8. Cat Greenleaf of Talk Stoop

9. The 1-800-ENGLISH girl

10. The Naked Cowboy

11. Jim Power, the Mosaic Man

12. The "It's showtime!" subway dance troupes

13. The Quarter Guy

14. Pat Kiernan

15. Jimmy McMillan

16. The Bedford Avenue Mystic

17. The Carmel taxi ad girl

18. Jimmy Webb

19. Mike Francesa

20. Reverend Billy

21. Andre J

22. Moire Johnston

23. Curtis Sliwa

24. Elegant Elliot Offen

25. The voice of Major World Auto Center

26. Johnny Votta, the NYU timekeeper

27. Wendell the Garbage Man

28. Roscoe the Bedbug Dog

29. De La Vega

30. Funkmaster Flex

31. This crazy guy who yells a lot in midtown

Correction: A previous version of this post stated Jimmy Webb was the store owner instead of manager.