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    24 People Daring Their Bosses To Fire Them

    Sometimes, you just get yourself through another friggin' day of work. Other times, you decide that day's going to be your last.

    1. Whoever set up this mannequin display at Dolce & Gabbana.

    2. This K-Mart grinch.

    3. The outside-the-box thinkers who came up with this plane-clearing strategy at Virgin.

    4. Owen.

    5. The lazy breakfast enthusiast working at this grocery store.

    6. These librarians.

    7. The graphic designer in charge of selecting this typeface.

    8. Whoever made these mannequins a little TOO excited about leggings.

    9. The blueberry sale sign-maker.

    10. The internet commenter that works at this department store.

    11. This facilities manager.

    12. This soda stacker.

    13. This subtle punster.

    14. The copy editor at the Omaha World Herald.

    15. This burger-flipper.

    16. Whoever's writing these fortunes.

    17. This delivery man.

    18. Whoever put this mannequin in the hellish state of perma-wedgie.

    19. This copy writer at

    20. Whoever was supposed to get this translated.

    21. Whoever's probably not going to be changing this stupid sign much longer.

    22. This tagline writer who figured no one would buy this movie anyway.

    23. This brutally honest CD reviewer.

    24. And finally, whoever pulled costume duty for today.