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Superheroes As Fonts

Designer Matthew Olin put together this project that both comic book and design nerds will love.

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Superman as the traditional Serif

Batman as the commanding Sans Serif

Spider-Man as a fluid Script

Catwoman as the alluring Didone

"Deceptive in its weight"... did he just call Catwoman fat?

"Deceptive in its weight"... did he just call Catwoman fat?

The Flash as rapid, messy Handwriting


Cyclops as the unique Display

Thor as ye olde Blackletter

And the group together on display.

Reddit saw a font that, for all its controversy, still deserved representation:

Comic Sans.

Aquaman as the useless-in-nearly-every-situation Comic Sans.

And the Joker as the side of Comic Sans that just wants to watch the world burn.

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