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    22 Signs That You Go To TCNJ

    "I go to The College of New Jersey." "Oh, so you go to Rutgers."

    1. Trying to explain to people where you go to school can be irritating.

    NO, I don't go to Rutgers.

    2. If Big Larry says "Hi" to you in the morning, it's pretty much a guarantee for a good day.

    Bonus points if he's singing.

    3. Convincing people that you don't live in the ghetto of Trenton is harder than it seems.

    Say it with me... EWING.

    4. Your parents are getting irritated and confused with your constant use of abbreviations.

    Stud, PEC, meal equiv, lib, C-store..

    5. Getting a table at the stud during meal equiv is your greatest accomplishment of the day.

    6. When people take your wok you can get kind of rude.

    No, really. I waited an hour for fun.

    7. It's always funny when people try to tell you how Rutgers is a better school.

    8. You can't help but laugh when you pass an Ambassador tour.

    "There's a lot of really great choices in Eick!"

    9. You've attempted to go to the PEC during the day only to see that every machine is taken.

    Except the squeaky ones, and you don't want to be THAT person.

    10. 8:30AM in Bliss?

    LOL- OK.

    11. The anticipation of waiting for new cookies to be put out.

    Please, anything but oatmeal!

    12. Out of staters are a rarity.

    You know one, maybe two.

    13. You have an overwhelming urge to slap someone sitting in the group study room alone.

    They'll probably say their friends are coming.

    14. Oh, you didn't live in the towers freshmen year?

    How unfortunate for you.

    15. Hearing people say how TCNJ doesn't have any parties makes you laugh.

    Sure, we don't have Thursday's, but Tuesday's are the best.

    16. No line at the omelette station?

    Don't get too excited. Your friend will probably still eat their entire meal before you even sit down.

    17. You have a fear of leaving your room on high school visit days.


    18. You've probably had a breakdown about your classes closing on PAWS during registration.

    That's okay. I didn't want to take that mandatory class anyway.

    19. You've almost definitely had a major breakdown about the wifi.

    I've already installed SafeConnect!

    20. But then, something as simple as making it under meal equiv makes you feel better.

    21. And even though you may get angry from time to time.


    22. You couldn't imagine going to school anywhere else.