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    Michelle's Friend From "Full House" Is Now A Go-Go Dancer, Permanently Attached To A Speedo

    God works in mysterious ways.

    Rise up.

    Dust off your glasses.

    Call Lady Liberty and LET FREEDOM RING!!!!

    That little kid from The Little Rascals and Full House is now a go-go dancer.

    In other words: God is good today.

    Instagram: @blakemciver

    Also I'm a little uncomfortable.

    Blake McIver told RumorFix that for the past year he's been go-go dancing.

    He has also been purchasing a lot of Speedos.

    Gold Speedos.

    White Speedos.

    Red Speedos.

    And olive ones too.

    I can't tell what color this Speedo is.

    Lastly, here's a rare photo of him NOT wearing a Speedo.

    Instagram: @blakemciver

    Thank you for your time.