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    Batman Villains As Creepy-Cool GIFs

    Behold, Gotham's giffening...

    Artist Rafa Toro has put together some awesomely unsettling GIFs of the most memorable of Batman's film rogues gallery, from Burton to Schumacher to Nolan.

    He's got all the best ones, like...

    Nolan's Joker.

    Burton's Joker.

    Nolan's Talia al Ghul.

    Nolan's Two-Face.

    Schumacher's Two-Face.

    Schumacher's Riddler.

    Nolan's Catwoman.

    Burton's Catwoman.

    Nolan's Ra's al Ghul.

    Nolan's Bane.

    Schumacher's Bane.

    Schumacher's Mr. Freeze.

    Schumacher's Poison Ivy.

    Burton's Penguin.

    Burton's Penguin after his plan is Bat-thwarted.

    And Nolan's Scarecrow.

    Click through to see more of Rafa Toro's Batman-inspired work, and other original art.