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The Ultimate Summer Vacation Poll

Tell us how you summer.

Samantha Wieder • 2 days ago
Samantha Wieder • 2 days ago
Samantha Wieder • 3 days ago

21 Products From Walmart For Anyone Who's Obsessed With Peanut Butter

You're gonna make everyone around you so JELLY!

Samantha Wieder • 6 days ago

37 Products Under $25 With Incredibly Satisfying Before And After Photos

I mean, I'm feeling pretty darn satisfied right now.

Samantha Wieder • 7 days ago
Samantha Wieder • 9 days ago
Samantha Wieder • 12 days ago

25 Cleaning Products That Are So Easy To Use, Your New Favorite Hobby Will Be Cleaning

"Sorry, I don't wanna come out tonight, I feel like cleaning instead."

Samantha Wieder • 13 days ago
Samantha Wieder • 14 days ago
Samantha Wieder • 18 days ago

17 Of The Best Rompers You Can Get On Amazon

Because who can say no to an outfit that takes the guesswork out of planning an entire outfit?!

Samantha Wieder • 18 days ago

13 Of The Best Tweets About Taylor Swift And Brendon Urie's Billboard Awards Performance

"We went from Karyn rising at the AMAs to Taylor herself rising at the BBMAs."

Samantha Wieder • 25 days ago

15 Hilarious Tweets About The 2019 Billboard Music Awards

"You know what Taylor is right. Vegas is fun. You can day drink there."

Samantha Wieder • 25 days ago
Samantha Wieder • 25 days ago

24 Swimsuits You Can Get From Amazon That People Actually Swear By

My favorite szn is the one where I ditch my sweaters for swimsuits.

Samantha Wieder • 25 days ago
Samantha Wieder • 25 days ago

Which Comfy Shoe Brands Do You Absolutely Swear By?

We wanna know how you treat your feet!!

Samantha Wieder • 26 days ago
Samantha Wieder • 28 days ago
Samantha Wieder • 29 days ago

21 Tumblr Posts About Taylor Swift's "ME!" Music Video That Are Absolutely Hilarious

"Plot twist: This music video had nothing to do with a new album, it was all a set-up to announce Taylor's new cat."

Samantha Wieder • One month ago