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    31 Problem-Solving Products For Those Bothersome Issues You’ve Been Dealing With

    From sweaty hands, to dry nasal passages, to butt acne — these products are here to help.

    1. A pack of incontinence pads that are just the right amount of absorbent for bladder leaks without being too bulky or uncomfortable. These are especially great for postpartum mamas or anyone who experiences a little leakage when they cough, sneeze, or even laugh! 

    Read more about incontinence and treatment at Cleveland Clinic.

    Promising review: "I use these for nighttime. They are the best ones for me so far. Regular length, they don't scrunch up, stay put, and absorb great. Plus, they are not perfumed. I have tried many other brands, and Poise is the one for me! I also use Poise Light during the day (regular length). You can't tell you have them on like the old days when wearing a period pad." —Leeloo

    Get a box from Amazon for $36.12+ (available in five styles).

    2. hemorrhoid and fissure ointment formulated with a mix of organic herbs, essentials oils, aminos acids, and minerals to help bring relief to a less-than-fun (but very common!) issue. It also contains lidocaine, a numbing agent, which reviewers love for soothing the itchiness and pain that can come with hemorrhoids. 

    Product image of Doctor Butler's Hemorrhoid and Fissure Ointment packaging and tube

    Read more about hemorrhoids and treatment at Cleveland Clinic.

    Doctor Butler's is a small business that sells products that help with hemorrhoid care, pregnancy and postpartum, and skincare! 

    Promising review: "I was hurting horribly, so I ordered this cream; I’d never used a cream before and always used a suppository. This product was a little pricey, but at this point, I didn’t care. I wanted relief! I now work remotely from home, so this affected my job as I sat all day, and even using a donut wasn’t helping! This cream is great! It gave me fast relief and shrunk the external hemorrhoids! I will definitely purchase this again and keep it on hand always! I wish I would have found this product before this time!" —Pam

    Get it from Amazon for $34.95.

    3. An ear wash system for those who have trouble with cotton swabs (or may be trying to avoid using cotton swabs altogether). This kit will help you flush out wax from your ears — get ready for the best ever listen of "Cruel Summer" by Taylor Swift.

    reviewer image of the bottle
    reviewer image of two clumps of earwax next to a nickel for size comparison

    Doctor Easy is a small biz that sells products to help clean out your ears!

    Promising review: "My son has earaches all the time. Took him to an ear doctor, and they basically said he's got a lot of ear wax buildup and to purchase this item. I was skeptical at first, but as soon as I used it on my son, he felt so much relief because all of the hardened wax was pumped out. I use it on myself, and it's worth every penny and so much cheaper than going to the ear doctor every other month." —Tootie

    Get it from Amazon for $29.45.

    4. A set of antimicrobial toothbrushes featuring "floss" bristles that are designed to reach between your teeth (bye bye little food bits hiding in there) and are formulated with nano-silver, which may help kill off microbes left on the bristles. Your other toothbrushes simply cannot relate!!!

    A toothbrush with two layers of bristles, one long and thin and one shorter and thicker
    before and after images of a reviewer whose plaque-covered teeth become clean
    Emma Lord / BuzzFeed, www.amazon.com

    Mouthwatchers is a small biz that sells antimicrobial toothbrushes, fluoride-free toothpaste, as well as bundle sets and travel-sized options! 

    My colleague Emma Lord owns this toothbrush and loves it! Here's what she has to say about it: 

    "I personally just bought this and love it just after the first few days of use! I use an electric toothbrush usually, but I feel like I'm getting a much more satisfying clean from these?? Especially because I tend to get yellow stains between my teeth no matter *how* much I floss, and these bristles seem to actually target that a lot more effectively." 

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $9.90 (also available in packs of four).

    5. A pack of chewable antacids you may want to keep on hand the next time a bout of indigestion or heartburn strikes. These tablets come in various delish flavors and may just help bring some relief when the late-night Taco Bell you were craving decides to fight back.

    Learn more about antacids at Cleveland Clinic.

    Plus, its packaging is 100% plastic-free! Wonderbelly is a small business!

    Promising review: "I discovered this last year, and I have not used another antacid since. The strawberry milkshake flavor is phenomenal. It is fast-acting, and I have never had to take more than one. This has really improved my life with GERD." —Marissa

    Get 60 tablets from Amazon for $11.99 (available in four flavors).

    6. Teeth-whitening pens for brightening up those pearly whites with a quick swipe. No yucky gel, bright lights, or dentist trips required!

    Promising review: "I have to say, I was skeptical about this product from all the TikTok hype, but after trying it out, it really does work. I’ve used whitening strips before, but those usually hurt my sensitive teeth, and I hate the taste of some of the other gels on the market. This was super easy and didn’t hurt my teeth at all, and it didn’t taste much different from my regular toothpaste since I got the mint-flavored one. I used it for a few weeks before my brother’s wedding, and it worked like a charm. I noticed visible results in only a couple of days and was able to keep using it until I reached my desired shade of white. 10/10 would recommend for anyone with sensitive teeth and tastes!" —Victoria Bravo

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $14.96.

    7. A set of acne patches you can apply over areas where you're breaking out. Simply put the patch over a zit, let it sit overnight or throughout the day, peel it off, and watch it take all the pore-clogging gunk with it. 

    amazon reviewer's clear pimple patch full of sebum
    Reviewer before and after photo using patches

    Read our Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch review!

    I suffer from hormonal acne — it's just something that I have come to terms with and will have to deal with for many more years to come and while it's not fun, these acne patches make it sooo much easier. When I have a pimple about to come to a head, I pop one of these babies on it before bed, and then peel it off along with all the gunk it pulls out. It definitely helps speed up the process and they're gentle on my sensitive skin!

    Promising review: "OMG! It actually works! My son gets really large acne breakouts that are really hard to heal. He put these on before bed and woke up to his large white pimples being gone! Like, completely gone. I usually pay $50 a visit to the dermatologist for 30 minutes for him to get extractions, which is pretty painful for him. We will be ordering more of these and using these instead!! If I could give more stars I would!" —Amazon Customer

    Get a pack of 36 from Amazon for $11.97.

    8. And because we're huge fans of letting hydrocolloid patches solve our problems, may we also recommend these overnight nose strips to help clean out zits/clogged pores taking up residency near your schnozz. 

    reviewer photo of their used patch and there are huge white patches to show what the sticker absorbed from their skin
    model wearing the patch

    Promising review: "It's gross in the most spectacular way. The amount of disgusting gunk that came out of my face was appalling, and I instantly gagged. However, my nose has never felt so clean and smooth for consecutive days. If you have oily skin, I definitely recommend washing your face first and applying it to the nose before moisturizing the rest of your face. If I could give this 10 stars, I would. Everyone is getting this for Christmas…maybe because it's not cheap." —Justina

    Get 10 patches from Amazon for $16.55.

    9. butt acne-clearing lotion because, yes, acne on the derriere *is* a thing, and if you're reading this thinking you were alone in this struggle, we're here to remind you, you're not. Enter this product, made with pure plant extracts like Australian tea oil, to help target the root of this annoyance on your booty and help kick it in the ~behind~.

    a reviewer photo of their skin with many blemishes
    a photo of the same reviewer with their skin now clean

    Promising review: "I’ve used this product for about two months now. I try to remember to apply at least twice a day. Not only is the skin clearer, but the overall texture is much smoother and softer. I highly recommend giving this lotion a try." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99

    10. clinical strength deodorant that boasts up to 72 hours of sweat protection from stress, heat, and activity. If you feel like you're constantly having to freshen up your pits throughout the day, this might just be the product for you. 

    Promising review: "I have been trying all kinds of deodorants for months, trying to find one that works! I sweat a lot at work, and this stuff works! I don’t have to reapply. This doesn’t leave any staining on my clothes. The smell is nice and light. Finally found something that works!" —Zindarella

    Get it from Amazon for $8.30.