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Lara Parker • 3 days ago
Pablo Valdivia • One day ago
Lara Parker • 8 days ago

29 Men Who, At Minimum, Need Therapy And, At Maximum, Need To Log Off

"The way you say hi is cathartic, like the dew on the soft grass at dawn."

Lara Parker • 11 days ago

22 Cats Who Made Really, Really Poor Life Choices

Listen, cats are perfect. But they also sometimes make mistakes.

Lara Parker • 14 days ago



Farrah Penn • 11 days ago

Here Are The 11 Types Of Guys Everyone Dates In Their 20s

The “Hi, I’m extremely hot and therefore you will ignore all of my bad traits until you just can’t handle it anymore” guy.

Lara Parker • 17 days ago
Pablo Valdivia • 20 days ago
Lara Parker • 25 days ago

Are Your Dating App Habits Just Like Everybody Else's?

Swiping is an art form we've all mastered in different ways.

Pablo Valdivia • 25 days ago

I Use Weed Every Day To Help My Endometriosis, Here Are The Products I Use

I have been using some form of cannabis to manage my chronic pain since I moved to California from Indiana in 2014.

Lara Parker • One month ago
Farrah Penn • 25 days ago

Dog DNA Kits Are A Thing That Exist So We Tested It Out On Our Pups

You've heard of human DNA tests and now...there are ones for dogs!

Farrah Penn • 11 days ago
Lara Parker • One month ago
Lara Parker • One month ago

How Do Your "Twilight" Opinions Match Up Against Everyone Else's?

Be honest — is Jacob hotter with longer hair or shorter hair?

Farrah Penn • One month ago

How Petty Are You In Relationships?

All is fair in love and subtweets.

Pablo Valdivia • One month ago
Syd Robinson • One month ago

If You've Ever Used A Dating App, Then You Know These Messages All Too Well

"haha funny bio" = PLEASE tell me your bio is a joke otherwise fml

Lara Parker • One month ago

21 Cosas que a fuerza hiciste si eras adolescente en los 2000

Obsesionarte con el Baby-G Shock porque básicamente era el Rolex de los pubertos.

Brian Galindo • One month ago