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22 Iconic Taylor Swift Moments That Prove We're Living In 2021 (Taylor's Version)

Can't wait to see what 2022 (Taylor's Version) has in store!

It's no secret that Swifties were truly blessed this year. After releasing not one, but TWO surprise albums in 2020, Taylor Swift ensured we continued to be fed in 2021.

In fact, we might as well call it 2021 (Taylor's Version).

Here are 22 moments that prove 2021 was Taylor's year:

1. Folklore won a Grammy for Album of the Year a year after the Miss Americana documentary revealed that Taylor thought her previous album, Lover, was one of her "last opportunities as an artist to grasp onto that kind of success."

"Cardigan" singer and her Grammy

2. She briefly reunited with ex-boyfriend Harry Styles at the Grammys, proving that exes can be friends AND giving the rest of us hope for a collab.

📽️ | Video of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles talking to each other at the #GRAMMYs! [via. @RecordingAcad]

The Recording Academy / @TSwiftinAsia / Via Twitter: @TSwiftinAsia

3. After Britta Thomason, a nurse who's been working through the coronavirus pandemic, mentioned in an interview that she's a Swiftie, Taylor sent her a big box of presents and a handwritten note to "personally thank" her.

4. When Olivia Rodrigo — who often credits Taylor as one of her biggest inspirations — climbed the charts with "Drivers License," Taylor was one of the first big-name artists to acknowledge her success, commenting, "I say that's my baby and I'm really proud."

Taylor's comment quoted a statement her own mother once made, which is often repeated in her fandom.

I say that's my baby and I'm proud

5. Though Fearless (Taylor's Version) was on its way, she dropped a snippet of the rerecorded 1989 track "Wildest Dreams" in the trailer for Spirit Untamed — an animated horse movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal, her ex-boyfriend and the speculated subject of Red.

Taylor shares the snippet on her story

Watch the trailer here:

View this video on YouTube

DreamWorks / Via

6. She released the bonus tracks for Fearless (Taylor's Version) from the vault in puzzle form — which her fans quickly decoded.

The vault door is about to be as unhinged as you’ll think I am after you watch this video. Level: Expert Happy decoding!

UMG / @taylorswift13 / Via Twitter: @taylorswift13

7. Then, on April 9, she released her first rerecorded album — Fearless (Taylor's Version) — marking the beginning of Taylor finally owning all of her own music.

8. Everybody was jamming to Fearless (Taylor's Version) — including Sophie Turner, who shared "Mr. Perfectly Fine," which is allegedly about her husband/Taylor's ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas, on her Instagram story.

Sophie says "it's not NOT a bop"

9. On TikTok, Taylor trolled critics who think country girls can't go pop, and paid homage to icon Shania Twain.

"country girls can't go pop," "mama  (aka Shania) said it was okay"

10. During the delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Taylor created a video message for the US gymnastics team and shared a special message of support for Simone Biles.

I cried watching YOU. I feel so lucky to have gotten to watch you all these years, but this week was a lesson in emotional intelligence and resilience. We all learned from you. Thank you.

@taylorswift13 / @Simone_Biles / Via Twitter: @taylorswift13

Watch the whole thing here:


Learned from the best 💁‍♀️ #mamasaid #swifttok @shaniatwain 📷: Getty Images by Jeff Kravitz and Denise Truscello

♬ Mama Said - Lukas Graham

11. Taylor adorably dressed up as a squirrel for Halloween — and quoted Megan Thee Stallion while doing it.

12. When she moved the release of Red (Taylor's Version) up a week, it was basically a giant Easter egg meaning that Adele's 30 was coming soon.

Taylor and Adele


This egg has already hatched. Keep looking for Easter eggs for a chance to be a winner of our 5 Days of Giveaways

13. She challenged her fans to unscramble the Red (Taylor's Version) bonus tracks with a puzzle that was even more complicated than the Fearless one.

*presses post* *cackles maniacally* Level: casually cruel in the name of being honest

UMG / @taylorswift13 / Via Twitter: @taylorswift13

14. Then, alongside Adele, she ushered in "sad-girl autumn" with the release of Red (Taylor's Version).

15. After nearly a decade of fans asking for it, she (finally!) released the 10-minute version of "All Too Well."

Taylor's cameo in the ATW short film

16. She also wrote and directed her first-ever short film, All Too Well (The Short Film).

Grab a box of tissues, then watch the full thing here:

View this video on YouTube

UMG / Via

17. She released an Easter egg–stuffed, Blake Lively–directed, red scarf symbolism–toting music video for "I Bet You Think About Me."

The scarf in the music video and the ATW film

Relive the magic here:

View this video on YouTube

UMG / Via

18. Then she made a hilarious "Speak Now" throwback on TikTok.

The chances of your wedding being ruined by a psychotic ex are low, but never zero

19. As the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, she teamed up with Pete Davidson and Please Don't Destroy to make a music video called "Three Sad Virgins."

Taylor sings "and none of them have the guts to take their shirts off in front of a girl"

Check out the full video here:

View this video on YouTube

NBC / Via

20. Taylor and Selena Gomez proved that best friends truly are forever with this adorable TikTok they made backstage.

Oh no, my bestie is a bad bitch

Check it out here:

21. She also made fun of that Drunk Taylor meme on TikTok.

I've had too much to drink tonight...flashback to Drunk Taylor was her name, mojitos were her game

Watch it here:


I cringe but I miss her. Your move @phoebe bridgers

♬ Nothing New - Taylor Swift

22. And finally, she dominated everyone's Spotify Wrapped — and was the second-most-streamed artist worldwide.

Taylor was #1 on my Top Artists list this year

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