Taylor Swift And Pete Davidson Sang About "Three Sad Virgins" On Last Night's "SNL"

    I will most certainly, absolutely have "Three Sad Virgins" stuck in my head for the rest of the week.

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    In case you somehow missed it, last night's Saturday Night Live was hosted by Jonathan Majors with musical guest Taylor Swift.

    One of the night's best sketches featured Pete Davidson doing what has become his SNL signature: music video parodies.

    This time he was joined by Please Don't Destroy (Ben Marshall, John Higgins, and Martin Herlihy), the new sketch comedy trio that joined the show this season.

    The trio sitting in an office
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    Pete came in to ask the new guys if they wanted to do a music video with him, which they were obviously very excited to do.

    Pete pitches a music video about how he and the trio are best friends

    It started out simple enough, with Pete rapping about the frequent headlines about him in the media and bragging that his friends are all cool and famous, except for three sad virgins.

    Pete assured John, Ben, and Martin that the song wasn't actually about them and that they were just playing characters, but in the very next line he called them out by name, and the attacks became increasingly personal.

    John's not very smart, Ben's breath smells like a fart, and Martin's penis tip is way too red according to his doctor

    Eventually Pete could see they were getting upset and agreed to stop the video, but only after a bridge courtesy of Miss Swift herself.

    And she let them have it.

    Taylor sang about Ben is a sad Ron Weasley and that Martin has the sex appeal of a scare crow

    Taylor's doing just fine in the music scene on her own, but if she and Pete want to take this double act on the road, I won't mind. "Three Sad Virgins" is pretty damn catchy.

    You can watch the whole sketch right here:

    View this video on YouTube

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