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    Sophie Turner Shared Taylor Swift's New Song That's Supposedly About Joe Jonas, And It's Making Me Feral In The Best Way

    "It's not NOT a bop."

    So by now, you probably know that Taylor Swift's started releasing some old, previously unreleased music as part of her From the Vault collection.

    The majority of these songs were originally set to appear on her 2008 album Fearless, but for one reason or another, they sadly didn't make the final track list. *collective boo*

    One of these songs is "Mr. Perfectly Fine," a Certified Bop™ that most Swifties believe to be about the one and only Mr. Joe Jonas and his and Taylor's infamous breakup.

    Taylor and Joe sitting together at an awards show

    For example, Taylor's line about a "Mr. 'Change of Heart'" sounds a lot like an old interview Joe Jonas gave about their relationship.......👀

    Joe Jonas you better hide right now #MrPerfectlyFine

    Twitter: @delicatestan1

    Well, apparently, Joe's wife and general legend Sophie Turner agrees that Taylor's latest From the Vault release is, indeed, a Certified Bop™. She shared the song to her Instagram story, writing, "It's not NOT a bop" and tagging Miss Swift herself!!!!!!


    And THEN Taylor shared it to her story, adding "Forever bending the knee for the 👑 of the north." PLEASEEEEE EEEE EE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And you already know Twitter is obsessed.......

    Sophie Turner bopping along to Taylor Swift while she absolutely obliterates Joe Jonas:

    taylor really sent joe jonas a present/baby present because she knew fearless (taylors version) was coming

    Twitter: @mallyblenman

    Joe Jonas waking up to Sophie Turner listening to #MrPerfectlyFine (probably)

    Twitter: @StevieWigles

    Joe Jonas’s kid after Fearless Taylor’s Version is released.

    Twitter: @WildTeenDream13

    IDK about you, but I'm LIVING for this. The kindness, the feminism, the mutual respect — PUMP IT INTO MY VEINS!!!!!!!

    ANYWHO, stream "Mr. Perfectly Fine" now and support and uplift women everywhere, ESPECIALLY if they write a banger about your spouse!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and also this:

    sophie turner blasting mr. perfectly fine every time her and joe jonas get in a fight

    Twitter: @RyanSchocket