BuzzFeed Is Becoming A Public Company So We're Giving Away Hundreds Of Prizes

    For five days we're hiding easter eggs 🥚 around the site. Find them and leave a comment for a chance to win!

    Big news, BuzzFeed is becoming a public company! That means you can buy BuzzFeed Inc. stock on the literal stock market.

    While stocks are pretty cool, what’s even cooler is you. Seriously, BuzzFeed readers are the best. So we want to celebrate you and this occasion by giving away some cool stuff—just for doing what you already do!

    Starting today and every day this week, look for the BuzzFeed egg hidden on posts throughout this website, and leave a comment on the post where you see it to be entered to win!

    White chicken egg on white background with BuzzFeed logo.

    You might be thinking, sure I love reading and commenting, I'd do it for free anyway, but also prizes are very cool...tell me more. So we shall. These prizes are...actually pretty decent. Not just saying that. Ever heard of ComplexCon? Well you could win tickets for you and a friend for next years event!

    Still image of Hot Ones video set, with Paul Rudd and a white oval on his face that says "This Could Be You!"

    Not impressed? That's okay. We have more. Like what about a makeover of all your kitchen equipment courtesy of Tasty!

    And if that's not exciting enough, what about a ~ MyStErY BoX~ filled with all kinds of weird and exciting internet goodies from BuzzFeed!?

    Meme with a guy holding up a sign, on the sign is an egg with the BuzzFeed logo.

    So let's recap:

    All this week (December 8-12) we'll be hiding easter eggs in stories around When you see the egg, comment on that story*. Everyone who comments will be entered to win that day's drawing where we'll pick dozens of winners who will get to choose their favorite of prizes below:

    1. 2 Tickets to ComplexCon 2022

    2. A Tasty Kitchen Makeover 

    3. A BuzzFeed Mystery Box 

    *You must be 16 or older and have a account to comment/enter. You only need to comment once per day to be entered — multiple comments do not increase your chances of winning. Also please don't spam or troll; comments that do not abide by our community guidelines will be deleted, and the entry will not be counted. 

    When you see this 👇 you'll know you found it!

    Thanks for reading BuzzFeed and happy hunting! 🥚🥚🥚🥚