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    Spotify Wrapped Is Here, So Here Are 21 Jokes For Everyone Who Listened To Taylor Swift Constantly

    "Spotify wrapped said ur obsessed w taylor swift."

    Good luck to all, because Spotify Wrapped is here.

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    That's right, each Spotify user's data of their most-played songs, artists, podcasts, etc. of 2021 has arrived.

    For some of us – the lucky ones, you might say – Taylor Swift was our top artist of the year. Well, Swift was the second most-played artist in the world in 2021, and the top female artist, so, turns out everyone is jamming to "All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor's Version) (From the Vault)."

    Home Box Office (HBO) / Via

    Should I do a quiz that's "Which 'All Too Well' Parenthetical Are You?"

    Here are 21 jokes people have made about Taylor Swift being their top artist of 2021.


    and they say i only listen to taylor swift

    Twitter: @mylifelessframe


    my spotify wrapped said u listen to too much taylor swift and ur always in ur feelings talk to a therapist

    Twitter: @heavenbrat


    everyone when i pretend to be surprised that taylor swift has once again dominated my spotify wrapped 2021

    Twitter: @rainwhenurgone


    the woman is sad @taylorswift13

    Twitter: @FrankiCo2


    everyone with taylor swift as their top artist is hot

    Twitter: @fancysnaake


    taylor swift I pay your bills and i demand a music video for august and cruel summer

    Twitter: @sadfolklorian


    check on your friends who had taylor swift AND bo burnham in their top spotify wrapped

    Twitter: @ALNL


    honestly if i hadn’t made the top 1% of taylor swift’s listeners i’d have canceled my own self

    Twitter: @dilemmalord


    Depressed? Couldn’t be me. #SpotifyWrapped #evermore #TaylorSwift

    Twitter: @Miranda__Jo


    the chokehold she has on me. #SpotifyWrapped #taylorswift

    Twitter: @ltstimetogo


    is @taylorswift13 dropping Easter eggs in my #SpotifyWrapped 🧐 I see that 13

    Twitter: @sluttycowz


    i don’t trust people who don’t have taylor swift as their top artist

    Twitter: @lillyswiftt13


    "peace" by Taylor Swift being my number 1 on Spotify Wrapped I literally didn't even try to be happy this year

    Twitter: @bizzyems


    #SpotifyWrapped I think this is iconic #TaylorSwift #swifties #RedTaylorsVersion

    Twitter: @_artsyari


    me seeing that taylor swift was my top #1 artist this year: #spotifywrapped2021

    Twitter: @pialovestaylor


    I guess I'm the child of a divorce #Taylorswift

    Twitter: @nooopucmes


    “are you ok?” my top two artists are literally none other than taylor swift and lorde

    Twitter: @luresofloki


    me after seeing my crush having taylor swift as the #1 artist on their spotify wrapped:

    Twitter: @ruinedbytaylor


    Twitter: @FerBlackout1


    spotify wrapped said ur obsessed w taylor swift

    Twitter: @zoyashvikh


    So going off #SpotifyWrapped @taylorswift13 has had a great year and everyone else has been going through it.

    Twitter: @BenDudman