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    Prime Day Ends Tonight, So Don’t Wait To Shop The Very Best Deals

    Including an Instant Pot that's secretly an air fryer, tech accessories galore, and products your pet will *definitely* thank you for.

    Amazon Prime Day, the day when Amazon has more deals than you could ever conceivably look through in an ENTIRE LIFETIME ends today!

    We waded through the mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category. 

    FYI — deals move quickly on Prime Day. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Prime Day to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    Note: To get these deals you have to be a Prime member, so if you aren’t already, sign up for a free 30 day trial here

    1. Up to 42% off a memory-foam mattress topper that 16,000 people have given 5-star reviews on Amazon. Yep, it's *that* good.

    reviewer's three-inch topper on bed

    2. Classic Keds sneakers for 48% off that'll look fabulous with any outfit they throw together regardless of whether they pair 'em with jeans or a sundress.

    a reviewer wearing white keds

    3. 44% off Crest 3D Whitestrips so you can channel Chip Skylark and belt out "My Shiny Teeth And Me" wherever you roam. It comes with 44 strips total, which is enough for 20 regular treatments and two one-hour express treatments.

    4. A Instant Pot 10-in-1 blender for 53% off that will easily make some amazing margaritas, hot soups, smoothies, nut butters, and more!

    5. 31% off a Hoover ~PowerMax~ vacuum with enough pet-related bells and whistles to make dog owners weep, including a true HEPA filter, multipurpose tools that specifically target fur and hard-to-reach areas, and an extra large container so you can get the whole house done in one go.

    A reviewer's sheepadoodle hair in the vacuum

    6. A pair of light saber chopsticks for 58% off that'll be a surprisingly practical utensil set any lifelong Star Wars fan would Jedi for.

    7. A Razer gaming mouse for 53% off (and keyboard for 37% off), a worthy purchase for anyone who has been sick and tired of watching their friends school them in Fortnite because their gear is out of date.

    8. 33% off a Dash air fryer that's compact enough that it won't take up too much space, but mighty enough that you'll use it to cook juuuust about anything. Reviewers love that there's no waiting for preheat and that you can cook (or crisp leftovers!) without any oil required.

    Reviewer image of tater tots in the blue air fryer shelf

    9. 20% off a set of ~luxe~ velvet slip covers invented to revamp your drab, worn-in sitting area with a living room glow up that is a lot more affordable than buying a brand-new couch. And it couldn't be easier for a DIY newb since you just slide these babies over your seating area and secure them with nonslip straps.

    10. 50% off a 23andMe test that'll tell you everything from health predispositions to ancestry to predicted habits as specific as what time you probably wake up in the morning.

    23&me test

    11. $50 off a glare-free Kindle Paperwhite that not only can hold thousands of books, but will let you read them the *chef's kiss* way you like best — you can customize with all your favorite fonts and layouts, and organize your virtual shelves to your precise standards. Bonus — its charge lasts weeks (plural!!), and it's waterproof, so you can take this bb in the bathtub 🍷.

    12. 30% off Essence's Lash Princess mascara for instant length so effective and affordable, you might just cancel all your appointments to get your lashes done for eternity.

    13. 33% off an iRobot Roomba 692 Robot to effortlessly keep those floors spotless without ever lifting a finger — these are self-directed, so you can preset a schedule for the Roomba to just start cleaning your floors each week, even if you're not home. It even learns your schedule and habits and adapts to make your life easier 😭.

    14. 30% off a Furbo treat-tossing dog camera that doesn't just let you watch your bb — you can talk to them *and* toss treats! If your dog could read, they'd already be sold.

    A dog catching a treat released from the device, and a phone showing the video feed

    15. 35% off a ruffled one-piece swimsuit so cute that you'll have to legally change your address to "The Pool" this summer.

    16. 40% off a reliable Insignia 32-inch Smart HD TV with all the bells and whistles you need to easily navigate through all your favorite streaming platforms, with the entire Fire TV system (including voice control to search for programs!) already built-in.

    television screen with different channels and apps displayed on menu

    17. 25% off *plus* save an extra $10 on the ridiculously popular Revlon one-step hair dryer and volumizer hot air brush that just might save you a whoooole lot of $$ on blowouts in the long run.

    18. Up to 30% off Stasher bags, aka the cutest reusable silicone sandwich and snack bags you ever did see. Not only will these help you reduce waste, but these leakproof babies will cook, sous vide, or freeze, *and* are dishwasher-safe to boot.

    sandwich in clear stasher bag and sliced apples in snack-size green stasher bag

    19. 27% off a grooming glove off designed with nodules on the fingers and palms to make brushing the excess hair from your cat or pupper feel more like petting (and prevent it from getting alllll the heck over the floor and furniture).

    The grooming glove with silicone nodules, full of hair held in front of a French bulldog

    20. 40% off a 900-count supply of unscented dog poop bags complete with a dispenser and a leash clip – not only do dog owners love the strength of size of these (they tie up for easier carrying), but a lot of parents swear by them for diaper disposal as well!

    21. 33% off a reviewer-beloved pair of high-waisted biker shorts that will instantly become your summer uniform — these lightly compressive shorts are great for exercising *and* chilling, are totally squat-proof, help prevent thigh chafing, and even have sneaky side pockets for your phone and accessories.

    22. 30% off a memory foam seat cushion that takes pressure off your spine and tailbone so you can finally end the epic love-hate relationship you've been in with your office chair since the day you met.

    The black cushion

    23. Up to 40% off Levi's apparel the *entire* fam, because truly, when it comes to adding quality denim to your closet, 'tis always the season.

    24. 25% off a mushroom growing kit that grows right there in the packaging, so you can add some sweet, sweet umami flavors to new dishes by sautéing, roasting, or air frying them up.

    25. 39% off a microfiber hair towel you'll fall in love with this summer — it's made of microfiber and suuuper gentle on hair, helping you air dry sans frizz and friction the way other materials might. It also is so absorbent it cuts down on drying time in general.

    26. Up to 50% off Instant Pot devices, including an eight-quart 11-in1 Instant Pot that AIR FRIES, which means it's basically amassed so much kitchen power that all your other appliances will cower (as well they should!!).

    Silver and black instant pot with control panel next to a cooked chicken

    27. 32% off a dog DNA test — this not only tells you what breeds your doggo is mixed with, but flags various health conditions you may want to look out for, which is especially handy for the owners of adopted and rescued puppers.

    Dog DNA test

    28. 26% off a Zojirushi 10-cup rice cooker and warmer because you *deserve* to have this staple in its fluffiest, most delicious form. (Also I, for one, am tired of seeing gadgets like these on TikTok and having Rice Cooker Envy!!)

    the rice cooker beside bowls of rice

    29. 34% off a color-changing LED string for 32 feet of extra lighting you can use to jazz up a room, modernize the back of your television or desktop, or throw an intergalactic rave with the fam.

    30. 30% off a Bissell Smart Purifier with a true HEPA filter designed for large rooms to tackle dust, pollen, smoke, odor, and pet dander — yeah, that's right, the whole mess of things in the air you can't even see with your eyeballs. TBH, this can be a godsend for anyone with seasonal or pet allergies.

    A black rectangular air filter next to a model's bed

    31. 47% off a SodaStream sparkling water maker so you can whip up sparkling water or custom sodas with the touch of a button.

    Three images showing how to use the machine

    32. 40% off a Fire HD kids tablet designed for kids ages 3 to 7 with a kid-proof case and pretty much endless opportunities for entertainment — plus an easy (and safe!) place for kids to download their remote schoolwork.

    A child watching Sesame Street on the tablet

    33. 43% off an Alexa-enabled Blink Mini camera so versatile you might want them all over your home — the motion-detecting and night vision tech make them great options for baby monitors, checking in on pets during the day, and communicating with visitors at the front door. You can even see, hear, and speak through them, and sync multiple cameras together to see all over your home.

    A small square white camera propped on a table, showing a display on an Echo Show behind it

    34. Up to 25% off select computers and monitors from Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, and more.

    computer monitor with skyline on it

    35. 24% off a Blue Yeti USB streaming and recording mic so you can record your TikTok parody songs or your podcast about millennial ennui with *crisp* audio that filters out background noise.

    Two stand up mics in white and black

    36. 10% + an extra 11% off for Prime members on a Tuft & Needle adaptive foam mattress to provide full body pressure relief by supporting your body's most vulnerable pressure points and muscles like your neck, shoulders, hips, and knees *without* that "sinking into the mattress" feeling. It's also designed to be heat-wicking and breathable, so your mattress will be as ~cool~ as you are.

    A white queen-sized mattress on a bed

    37. 47% off a Calvin Klein bralette that is both timeless and bonkers comfortable, so if there were ever a time to stock up on new ones in every color of the 🌈, it is right the heck now.

    a model in a black bralette with the calvin klein elastic along the hem

    38. 40% off a classic Levi's denim jacket, which is honestly just an investment in "cute jacket to throw on over any summer outfit when someone cranks the AC too high" situations.

    39. 38% off a compact Dash stand mixer so you can have all of the joy of owning a cookie dough-making, cream-whipping, mashed potato-perfect machine without the burden of a KitchenAid price tag.

    The stand mixer in aqua blue

    40. Up to 50% off Razer gaming systems and accessories so you can outfit your gaming desk to your precise vibe, which is somewhere along the lines of "sleek as heck, but make it comfy."

    41. 20% off paleo- and keto-friendly Hu Kitchen cookies in crunchy flavors that will low key make you salivate.

    Reviewer holding small chocolate chip cookies from large bag in hand

    42. 23% off a GE Calrod toaster oven that is truly out here trying to win some kitchen MVP awards, considering it can toast, bake, broil, bagel, pizza, roast, and keep food warm. It also comes with a baking rack, baking pan, tongs and an internal removable drip tray so it'll have your back no matter *what* creation your brain cooked up.

    The stainless steel toaster oven with a drip tray and rack

    43. 44% off a pair round vintage-inspired sunglasses so you can be all "sun protection, but make it fashion."

    a reviewer wearing the sunglasses in brown

    44. 14% off *plus* an additional 15% off Affresh washing machine tablets to help to prevent your washer from making your clothes smell funky.

    A tablet being dropped in a washing machine drum

    45. 33% off a bottle of Bioderma micellar water for your double cleansing routine — it removes makeup, grime, and excess oil without harsh scrubbing or irritating sensitive skin.

    bottle of clear micellar water