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    30 Things To Buy On Prime Day You'll Use All Summer

    Tropic like it's hot on these deals.

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    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Amazon Prime Day, the day when Amazon has more deals than you could ever conceivably look through in an ENTIRE LIFETIME ends today!

    We waded through the mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category. 

    FYI — deals move quickly on Prime Day. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Prime Day to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    Note: To get these deals you have to be a Prime member, so if you aren’t already, sign up for a free 30 day trial here.

    1. High waisted biker shorts for 34% off that are not just for working out, trust me. Pair them with an oversized T-shirt and chunky sneakers for the cutest hot-weather look.

    Reviewer is wearing black biker shorts with a light blue tanking posing next to canyon rocks

    Promising review: "I love these, I love to wear them hiking and around the house but also under skirts. The pockets are what set these apart." —ShellBell8

    Price: $13.29+ (originally $20.99, available in sizes XS-3XL and 44 colors)

    2. A self-cleaning stainless steel water bottle for 25% off because keeping bottles clean can be way too cumbersome, and we don't have time for that — it's summer! This bottle will neutralize bacteria using non-toxic UV-C LED technology *and* activates every two hours to clean.

    Reviewer is holding a pink water bottle

    This bottle has double wall insulation to keep your drink cold for 24 hours or hot for 12. With a touch of a button, you can have fresh, clean water in just 60 seconds!

    Promising review: " I’ve had quite a few people comment on the sleek look of my LARQ and I love showing off the technology while on the go. The technology is in the water-proof lid, charged by a USB cord that’s provided. It utilizes UV-C technology, the same used in sterilizing medical equipment, so you know it’s working for a more powerful clean. The purification process is completely silent. The LARQ is great during travel, especially if you chose to take this to the great outdoors. You’re able to fill up your LARQ anywhere you go and can initiate the adventure mode by double-tapping the top, knowing you’re drinking fully purified water. So far, I’ve noticed it keeps my water cold and/or hot as promised with the dual-walled insulation. I’ve even put lemons in my water and it manages to clean the lemony scent as well." —Rsteplo

    Price: $71.25+ (originally $95, available in two sizes and five colors)

    3. Adidas slides for 25% off so you can feel like all those cool kids you see wearing these, with reason, too! They're wicked comfortable *and* stylish all at once. AKA the perfect summer shoe.

    Reviewer photo wearing the black and white striped Adidas slides

    Promising review: "I have goofed on folks for wearing these for years and I was wrong and repent. Not only did I get these, I got a pair for my boyfriend and he likes his too. These are better than flip flops because there is no strap between your toes or over your foot. They are comfortable. They are soft and squishy yet firm. They aren’t hard plastic. They fit as expected and are slightly molded to fit the foot comfortably. They’re true to size." —Author Sable Sylvan

    Price: $26.24 (originally $35, available in sizes 5-11 and 52 colors)

    4. A ruffled bathing suit for 35% off so cute, you'll be doing Insta-shoots every time you wear it, which will naturally be every day, duh. Don't forget to show off that adorable back design!

    Promising review: "This was my first time ordering a bathing suit online so I was skeptical but after seeing all the great reviews and pictures, I just had to give it a try! I’m so glad I did, I love this bathing suit! Material and everything is great quality!" —Staci

    Price: $18.89+ (originally $28.99, available in sizes XS-XL and 20 colors)

    5. Polarized sunglasses for 20% off to look super stylish while also protecting those peepers from harmful UV rays (and also haters, bye).

    Reviewer is wearing sunglasses and smiling

    Promising review: "I was looking for some polarized sunglasses after seeing adds for $40 ones on Instagram. I checked here and love these ones. Solid build, two pairs, and actually polarized. They send a card with them to show the polarization. The wayfarer ones are rubberized-soft touch coated, super premium. I like them both a lot, good value for sure!" —Mikey5

    Price: $10.39 (originally $12.99, available in 20 colors)

    6. An Instant Pot Duo for 35% off with all the things you've heard people love about the IP (slow cooking! pressure cooking! making rice!) *plus* a built-in air fryer for crispy deliciousness as the push of a button. Delicious food all summer? Don't mind if I dooo.

    The Instant Pot next to a cooked chicken

    Promising review: "I don't write reviews very often, but I have to say I am impressed with this little oven. I've had it for four months, and have used it multiple times over for a variety of items. Have baked muffins, cornbread, box cake, & pizza, made casseroles such as lasagna & enchiladas, used toast feature for Texas toast, airfryed multiple batches of chicken wings, french fries, taquitos, fish sticks, etc. I am using it more than my regular oven. Heats up in 1/4 of the time, using far less energy, & doesn't heat up the house in the summer months. Has done a great job at cooking everything I've tried in it. It does seem to cook hotter than a regular oven , but I've learned to adjust oven temps down. Also cooks things faster than a regular oven. TIP: To keep tops of casseroles from getting too brown, I place the casserole on the bottom cooking space on the black pan that comes with the unit, place foil over the casserole then place the oven rack a couple spaces up from the casserole. The rack keeps the foil from being blown to the top of the oven due to the convection fan. Other reviews stated it was confusing to work, but I found it easy to figure out without ever reading the instructions. Will fit a 9X13 pan without handles easily. Makes a very handy second oven." —Outdoor fun

    Price: $129.95 (originally $199.95)

    7. A (waterproof!) Kindle Paperwhite for $50 off, so you can finally get started on your summer reading list. You'll save money (and storage space) on all the books you love — you can even check ebooks out from your local library to your Kindle *for free*.

    The lighter and thinner Kindle

    Promising review: "I bought a Kindle paperwhite when they first came out four years ago. Since then, I read an average of one book per month. Really enjoyed using the paperwite in different lighting conditions, Both at home and on vacations. This new paperwhite makes it much easier to change the brightness level. It is also much faster when it comes to choosing which book to read. One of the best features, is that it tells you when it's waking up and ready for you to swipe the screen to come on. The text is much sharper. The lighting is also more even. I would highly recommend this for anyone interested in an e-reader, even if you already have one. It's lightweight and the battery lasts seemingly forever." —Dan O'Sterling

    Price: $79.99+ (originally $129.99+; available in two sizes, with or without ads, and in four colors)

    8. A Roomba robot vacuum for 33% off so you can watch your house get cleaned without even having to get up from the couch. Technology can be great.

    The black roomba vacuuming up a carpet, with text that it cleans carpets and hard floors

    Promising review: "As a fellow dog owner, my dog sheds all year round. When you have to manually have to vacuum every day it quickly becomes a chore that's repetitive and a nuisance. Having the Roomba 692 has given me so much of my time back just from cleaning up after my dog, but the most impressive thing is that it vacuums multiple times in a day and I can adjust the setting to do it often or less frequent if the dog is spending most of its time outside. It also works wonders in the kitchen as it picks up things like garlic peels, small pieces of food scraps, it really just makes life so much easier and the house stays cleaner. The suction I noticed is extremely powerful but it can be a little on the louder side, however you get used to it quite fast. Another great addition is having the app downloaded on my phone so I can manually have it clean out of it's regular schedule as well. Overall, I'm very happy with this robot vacuum and would definitely recommend it." —Jia Cheng Lian

    Price: $199.99 (originally $299.99)

    9. A Fitbit Inspire 2 for 43% off to keep track of all those ridiculously fun adventures you'll be going on. It'll track activity, heart rate, *and* distance for up to 10 days of charge while letting you see your messages and calls on its sleek display.

    Reviewer is wearing a Fitbit Inspire 2 on their wrist

    Promising review: "I was worried about all the reviews that mentioned endless vibrations, but so far no issues. I didn't realize I had my notifications like texts and calls turned off, so the only time it vibrated in the first few days of wearing it was when I hit 10k steps. I'd suggest reading up on how to set the correct settings for your goals and notifications before saying all it does is vibrate. Using the app to learn how to use the Fitbit is also a breeze. It's stylish and comfortable, even to wear to sleep. It definitely motivates me to get moving and the app is great for tracking your progress and customization. It was easy to set up and sync with my phone as well. Overall, I'm impressed and very happy with my purchase." —Breezy Momma

    Price: $56.99 (originally $99.95, available in three colors)

    10. The Amazon 4K Fire TV stick for 50% off so you can stream eeeeeverything your heart desires basically as soon as you plug the thing in. Hello cutting the cable cord and saving money — makes for a great gift too!

    The plug-in stick and remote

    Promising review: "Like millions before us, we finally cut the cord. Discounts were available for this device as well as a Roku 4K stick and I chose to purchase one of each for my two smart TVs, risking confusion in operating the two devices. I'm happy with both, but the Fire Stick remote is more intelligently designed, with the voice button in a more conspicuous location and the volume controls also easier to find and operate. Each remote needs buttons that light up in the dark, like my previous Cox Contour remote. A nice feature with the Fires Stick was the HDMI extension adapter, since on my Samsung smart TV the stick would not fit without being left on an angle, which didn't seem to be an adequate connection. Happy to join the cord cutters, saving over $100/month despite spoiling my family with YouTubeTV, Sling TV, Netflix, and Hulu. But this is a fast evolving, new world and like smartphones, cable modems, wifi routers, let alone ISP service, I expect changes/advances in all the Sticks every two to three years. Highly recommend." —8clap

    Price: $24.99 (originally $49.99)

    11. A portable photo *and* video printer for 48% off that, hear me out, will literally embed videos inside your photos.


    Promising review: "I received this as a Christmas gift and I love it! So convenient! I can take it with me anywhere and print cute pics! Very easy to set up! Download an app, make sure it's charged and you're ready to go! You just have to make sure to take a pic with good lighting. If not, it will be too dark when you print it out. As a mom and a teacher, this is the perfect accessory. And the fact that your pic can be a sticker as well is amazing!!!" —Patricia Langford

    Price: $77.94 (originally $149.99)

    12. A pair of high-waisted yoga pants for 46% off complete *with pockets* for your phone so you can work out with your tunes orrrr lounge with your favorite device.

    Promising review: "I bought these for the pockets and the high waist. The material is surprisingly squat proof. Even with white undies, not a single bit was seen when I did a squat... and trust me I was looking for these to fail. The material has a matte finish and is really soft (like cotton). I hate constantly pulling up yoga pants so I was looking for high waisted that stayed high and these are it. They're a bit snug, but I never have to pull them up. I am a womens 14 and the XL fit great." —megan

    Price: $16.09 (originally $29.95; available in sizes XS–3X and 18 colors)

    13. A SodaStream Fizzi for 44% off so you can have all the seltzer (and sodas) your heart desires right at the push of a button — you'll save money *and* not have to carry heavy cans or bottles from the grocery store anymore.

    The machine in black with a canister of carbonated water

    Promising review: "How did I not own a SodaStream before? I love carbonated water, but my town is awful with recycling so I hated buying a 12-pack of cans all the time just to toss in the trash. Best buy I've made in a long time! I think the Fizzi design (especially the white) is the classiest, but that may just be me!" —Helen LL

    Price: $49.99 (originally $89.99; available in six colors)

    14. Maybelline concealer for 45% off to brighten your under-eyes and help you disguise the fact your Sunday Scaries kept you up way past your bedtime.

    Kayla Suazo / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "I am a makeup snob. I have stupidly high standards for cosmetic performance, and drugstore brands have let me down every single time I've given them a shot. So when I graduated from Covergirl to Sephora after college, I never looked back. My kit is full of Dior and YSL foundation, Armani concealer, Benefit brighteners, etc. But this thing is truly great.The sponge applicator is better than you think. Firstly, it's antimicrobial, so you don't have to worry about the hygiene aspect. Secondly, its ability to blend the product is outstanding. The concealer itself doubles as a highlighter, it looks good without primer, and it lasts so much longer than you'd expect." —Sarita

    Price: $5.46 (originally $9.99; available in 18 shades).

    15. A phone tripod for 25% off so you can easily record all those TikTok dances you've been practicing for your summer debut. The flexible grips means you can mount this bad boy almost anywhere!

    Reviewer photo of the tripod holding an phone pointed at a cat

    Promising review: "Easy to use and provides the convenience I need to use my phone with remote capabilities to talk, record, and take videos and pictures. It’s perfect when you don’t need a large tripod. It sits easily on a desk or table and the flexibility of the legs gives you the ability to maneuver the angles for specific purposes. I use it for hands-free video calls, for creating videos and pictures for my social media posts. And it’s so easy to use. You will be up and running in less than five minutes. So far, I am a happy customer." —Tonya Cornelius

    Price: $11.99 (originally $15.99)

    16. A pair of cozy slippers for 23% off because your definition of "the best summer" is just relaxing inside with your blanket and AC blasting. Okay it's my definition.

    four pairs of different colored fuzzy slippers

    Promising review: "They’re warm without being sweaty and they seem to be holding up well (even with dogs and a piglet trying to pick at them). I’m a stay home mom in a “no shoes” household, so these are on my feet almost all day every day. They don’t have sneaker-like support like some more expensive slippers, but they’re still plenty cushiony and comfy after a month of almost constant wear. I’d buy them again in a heartbeat, but it doesn’t look like I’ll need to any time soon." —MLuRow79

    Price: $19.99 (originally $25.99; available in four sizes and in four colors)

    17. A trio of Mario Badescu facial sprays for 30% off, infused with aloe and soothing scents that'll make every day feel like a spa day (and help keep your skin nice 'n' hydrated).

    the three facial sprays

    Promising review: "My husband and I are both obsessed with these sprays! The rose water is great to set your make up and refresh throughout the day. The green tea is great to spray on your face first thing in the morning to help wake you up, and I love using the lavender at night to wind down!" —NoleChick95

    Price: $14.70 (originally $21)

    18. A classic Levi's denim jacket for 40% off, so you'll finally have an appropriate (and super cute!) place to display all of those enamel pins you've been collecting.,

    Promising review: "I’ve been looking forever for a high-quality denim jacket with just the right amount of authentic fade but at an affordable price. I should have known to check out Levi’s first! This jacket is soft yet structured. The denim has a little personality and fade but still goes with everything. The fit is right on point. Seriously it doesn’t get much better than this!" —FitGirlInFlight

    Price: $47.70+ (originally $79.50+; available in women's sizes XS–XL, 1X–4X, and 16 styles)


FYI, if you have Amazon Prime Wardrobe you can give this a spin before you buy it!

    19. A GoPro HERO8 for 20% off because you've planned a season jam-packed with fun activities so you may as well document all of it. With three levels of stabilization, you won't miss a thing!,

    A shorty, head strap, SD card, and two rechargeable batteries are all included! Video capture resolution is 4K UHD 2160P.

    Promising review: "Incredible photos and unmatched video quality. Another major selling point is the GoPro app for your phone that allows you to edit and share videos and pictures. I would highly recommend skipping all the cheap knock offs and save up for the real deal." —Jeffrey R. Minchew

    Price: $279 (originally $349.99)

    20. A True & Co v-neck bralette for 30% that is truly one of the comfiest bras imaginable. It's fully seamless and makes for a peeeerfect layering piece.

    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

    Maitland also had *lots* to say about these bras:

    "It works as a bra, it works as a cropped tank to layer under sheer tops or dresses, it's basically perfect in every way. With a removable lining/light padding, it gives just the right support (and hides your nips if you keep the lining in). It ~completely~ disappears under clothing, with no seams or edges showing. Did I mention that it doesn't cut in ANYWHERE? It somehow clings to your bod like (as the name implies) a second skin, but if you tug it, the straps pull away with ease. Though perhaps a bit pricey, let's be honest: Your boobs and shoulders deserve this bra. I immediately ordered a second color (the nude) after trying the black on for the first time. There have been mornings I stepped out of my apartment, and thought, Huh, did I not put on a bra today? This is the miracle of this bra."

    Price: $34.30 (originally $49; available in women's sizes XS–XL and eight colors — also available in plus sizes with a racerback here)

    Shop True & Co's 30% off deals here.

    21. A sleep sound therapy machine for $20 off to help you drift off to dreamland even when kids are out playing in the streets till the wee hours of the night.

    Sleep therapy sound machine placed on bedside table in front of sleeping model

    Promising review: "This is a wonderful sound machine, so much better than my old one! I purchased this one because it has a USB charging port for my phone and it does not have any lights that stay on all night. The only light coming from the machine is the timer light when the timer is in use. If you choose the 15, 30, or 60-minute timer then the chosen time is illuminated. I also love the removable stand. It is made from a heavy piece of metal that props the machine upright while keeping it from tipping. The sound is great, no 'clicks' in the sound loop and the volume range is impressive. From 'I think I hear something' to 'Honey, turn that thing down. I can't hear!'" —Cedar Creek

    Price: $29.99 (originally $49.99)

    22. A lightweight parachute hammock for 40% off for hikers who would gladly spend all morning huffing and puffing uphill to snag a nature nap in the most peaceful spot possible.,

    Promising review: "This is super comfy and light. It's very easy to put up and wide enough that I was able to have a sleeping bag, two blankets, and my pillow in it. I had room to actually roll around a little; I laid on my back and side very comfortably. I would purchase this item again and from this seller. The hammock arrived on time and in great condition!" —Kindle Customer

    Price: $23.97 (originally $39.97 available in 14 colors).

    23. A car backseat protector for 28% off so you won't have to worry about cleaning the backseats in between your hiking adventures with Harry Pawter. This hammock is liquid-proof, scratch-resistant, *and* has a non-slip bottom.

    Dog on seat protector in back of car

    Psst! This is a lightening deal, so you better act fast!

    Promising review: "I have a Swiss shepherd and he often gets very messy. I used to take him to the park and lake without seat cover and my car was a big mess. My last cover broke pretty quickly so I replaced it with this one. I love the nonslip bottom; it is waterproof and protects my car seats from mud, water, and fur. The seat belt openings are large enough. This is a great product, high quality and reasonably priced." —electric

    Price: $42.96 (originally $59.96; available in two sizes and four colors)

    24. A Lifestraw for up to 67% off that will come in handy when you're hiking and want a fresh drink of water.

    Reviewer is drinking water from a river using a Lifestraw

    Promising review: "This thing is no joke! I took it backpacking on Maine's Bigelow range. When I ran out of the water I brought, I was A-ok with this. Just bring a wide mouth bottle to fill with water you find. On top of one of the lower peaks, I drank from the most disgusting looking crevice filled with brown scum (see photo). I thought, this is going to be safe, but taste horrid. WRONG. TASTED LIKE THE FRESHEST SPRING WATER. Better than any tap. I'm from Maine, and I've tasted plenty of water right from mountain springs, so take my word. One caution: it can be a little challenging to start. You have to prove it by soaking. If it still doesn't work, blow into it a bit." —Amazon customer

    Price: $9.99 (originally $29.95, available in one, two, three, or five packs)

    25. A Instant Pot 10-in-1 blender for 53% off that will easily make some amazing margaritas, hot soups, smoothies, nut butters, and more!

    This 26,500RPM blender has 10 speeds and includes a measuring cup, cleaning brush, and a strainer bag for making rice, nut, oat, and soy milks.

    Promising review: "Since I am obsessed with my Instant Pot Max cooker, I decided I had to take the plunge and try their new blender. I am so glad I did! It arrived safely with good packaging and took less than 2 minutes to set up. It is very professional looking with a heavy, quality glass pitcher. It even fits perfectly under my kitchen cabinets which I love and looks like a premium quality small appliance sitting on my countertop. I quickly whipped up a smoothie in no time. My boyfriend was hoping for a frozen margarita but I opted for a healthy smoothie instead! I was super excited to try making my own Almond Milk. This blender made that a breeze (it even comes with a reusable strainer bag saving me even more money)! I will never buy store bought almond milk again. I can’t wait to try making Almond butter in this blender." —Bailey's Mom

    Price: $69.93 (originally $149.99)

    26. A pack of booty bands for 54% off to whip those legs and glutes into shape. The pack comes with three different bands with varying levels of resistance.

    a model using the resistance bands

    Promising review: "I really like these bands. They’re all the same size but different resistance! The band come with a bag to carry them in which is cool. They also enclose a small booklet with workout tips and you get a warranty on them too. Perfect!!!!"—Chaka B

    Price: $10.99 (originally $23.99)

    27. A sweat-proof running belt for 50% off that comes with a pouch to hold your phone, as well as a key and coins pouch and a sealed hole for your headphones (which will come in handy for those of you still in committed relationships with wires). It's basically a utility belt for athletes. You'll feel like Batman minus the repressed anger billionaire privilege.

    a reviewer wearing the running belt

    Promising review: "I used it to go running. I have a iPhone XR and it fits perfectly in it. The belt doesn’t get loose or bounce when you run or you workout. The best of all that is flat and lightweight. I recommend this product if you are looking for a pack that holds you keys and your phone."—Amazon Customer

    Price: $14.97 (originally $24.99, available in six colors)

    28. A Black and Decker cordless drill combo kit for 50% off so you can finally get started on those at-home projects you've been putting off for, like, three years. Okay, it's me.

    Reviewer is holding two power tools in each hand while smiling

    Promising review: "My husband bought me this set for Christmas since I wanted to get into building things on my own. Tackled my first project completely with this set... made a recycled pallet deck with cheap treated fence post planks and a flower box to go along the side. It’s not perfect but it’s sturdy and these tools helped me get it done all by myself! The saws only come with one blade each so you’ll need to get some more there but over all happy with this set especially for the price." —Chelsea

    Price: $99 (originally $199)

    29. Waterproof phone pouches with lanyards for up to 56% off, so you can keep your precious device safe on all your aquatic adventures this summer — you can even use your phone to take pics through it!

    reviewer holding phone in teal case

    Promising review: "Used them snorkeling and swimming on our vacation to Hawaii. Absolutely kept my phone dry and I got great pictures. All the pictures were taken inside the case. The only difficulty was zooming but was well worth it." —Mitch

    Price: $7.99 for a pair (originally $17.99; available in six color combinations)

    30. Braun Epilator Silk-épil for 33% off capable of ridding your bod of pesky stubble, should you so choose to remove it, in both wet and dry situations. This baby is cord-free and able to be taken in the shower to remove even short, short hair that won't grow back like it would after shaving *and* this comes with a bikini trimmer.

    woman using the epilator on her underarms, legs, and using the bikini trimmer

    And you'll get a cap for facial areas, shaver head, trimmer cap, pouch, and body and face trimmer for sensitive areas.

    Promising review: "I used to shave my legs and underarms every two days and it was becoming such a chore, so I looked into getting an epilator. And I'm so glad I did! It was a little painful at first but nothing unbearable and I absolutely love the smooth feeling it gives. When the hair grows back, it grows back thinner and not prickly (unlike shaving). I only use it about once every two weeks, so it saves a lot of time in the shower. Best purchase ever!!" —ang

    Price: $99.94 (originally $149.99)

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