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It’s Not Too Late; Treat Yourself To These 61 Things Before Prime Day Ends

What better time to treat yourself to things you’ve been wanting forever (or impulse buys you just fell in love with this second) than one of the biggest dang sale days of the year.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

Amazon Prime Day, the day when Amazon has more deals than you could ever conceivably look through in an ENTIRE LIFETIME ends today!

We waded through the mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category. 

FYI — deals move quickly on Prime Day. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Prime Day to see our latest updates as the deals change!

Note: To get these deals you have to be a Prime member, so if you aren’t already, sign up for a free 30 day trial here.

1. 46% off a sassy swimsuit with a cut-out in the middle so you can *show off some skin* and rock a one-piece at the same time. And to think they say we couldn't have it all...,

Promising review: "I bought this one piece for a vacation, and it was super cute! I'm 5'8 with curvy hips and about a D cup, so my goal was to find something that held everything in place. This bathing suit definitely delivered! I ordered a size large in the color Red and had no nip slips even after going down a (probably not safe inspected) water slide where I went shooting out like a bullet. It also withstood some very aggressive waves and boiling thermal baths. After those wears, the stitching was still looking good, and the color did not fade." —Joaquin Cazares

Price: $26.99 (originally $49.99; available in sizes S–XL and 24 styles)

2. *The Amazon Coat* for up to 40% off, which way more of the BuzzFeed shopping team owns than we'd like to admit. It's cozy, stylish, and will keep you extra warm this winter.

BuzzFeed / Maitland Quitmeyer, Heather Braga / BuzzFeed

*Note, different sizes and colors are discounted differently + remember to clip the coupon at check out!

I can confirm that two more of us caved and bought this jacket yesterday — this includes myself, pictured above, top, right, looking rather surprised that my coat came in less than 24 hours.

Promising review: "Let me start by saying, my husband says that I am obsessed with coats. Out of probably 20 winter coats, this is now my absolute favorite! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this coat; I love everything about it! The quality is outstanding! I have had every expensive brand-name winter coat, but have never ever had one that has kept me this warm! I I'm not even looking forward to the warmer months because I don't want to put this coat away!! Every time I wear it, I get at least one, 'I love your coat!'" —Suzi Linthorst

Price: $88.49+ (originally $149.99+; available in sizes XXS–5X and 13 colors)

3. Up to 30% off Stasher bags, aka the cutest reusable silicone sandwich and snack bags you ever did see. Not only will these help you reduce waste, but these leakproof babies will cook, sous vide, or freeze, *and* are dishwasher-safe to boot.

sandwich in clear stasher bag and sliced apples in snack-size green stasher bag

"I have Stasher bags and they have so many uses! They are obviously great for storing and transporting food, but they can also be used to sous vide, marinate, and microwave. I have about five and they are *always* in use, storing cheese, leftovers, keeping packed sandwiches safe — you name it! They're also dishwasher-safe, which is obviously incredible news." —Rachel Dunkel, BuzzFeed

Price: $6.99+ (originally $9.99+, available in six sizes and 13 colors)

Learn more about reusable Stasher bags here.

4. An Alexa-enabled Blink Mini camera for 43% off, because it's so versatile you might want them all over your home — the motion-detecting and night vision tech make them great options for baby monitors, checking in on pets during the day, and communicating with visitors at the front door. You can even see, hear, and speak through them, and sync multiple cameras together to see all over your home.

A small square white camera propped on a table, showing a display on an Echo Show behind it

Promising review: "SO...I rarely write reviews but was so amazed by this camera I wanted to let others know. I bought the camera after using the Ring indoor camera for twice the price and it made a constant clicking noise with the filter adjustment to light in the room that was a known issue Ring told me and not a defect. I've tried all the other brands out there WYZE, etc and disappointed with all. Then I tried the Blink Mini which I thought was a good price. The setup was a breeze, up and running in 30 seconds. The app is responsive and user friendly. My wifi is sloooow but it still loaded a 1080p HD quality view when I accessed it from my mobile app. My favorite feature is the night vision. All my previous cameras just showed a dark room or shadows but this camera shows a clear and crisp picture in pitch black darkness. Very pleased with this and you can't go wrong here. My two-year indoor camera journey has come to an end here." —Tech Guru

Price: $19.99 (originally $34.99)

5. A stylish one-piece bathing suit for 35% off, guaranteed to ~ruffle~ some feathers and turn heads at the beach as you walk your way to the ocean. Honey, you've never looked better!, Amazon

Promising review: "This was my first time ordering a bathing suit online so I was skeptical but after seeing all the great reviews and pictures, I just had to give it a try! I’m so glad I did, I love this bathing suit! Material and everything is great quality! I’ll definitely be ordering more Cupshe bathing suits!" —Staci

Price: $18.89+ (originally $28.99; available in women's sizes XS–2XL and 19 styles)

6. Crest 3D Whitestrips for 44% off so you can have that smile shining ~bright like a diamond~ (Rihanna voice) with just one hour-long session. It comes with 44 strips total, which is enough for 20 regular treatments and two one-hour express treatments., Amazon

Promising review: "I haven't used Crest White Strips in over 5 years. Since then my teeth have stayed really white and I frequently get compliments or questions on how I get my teeth so white. I decided to get a box to boost the whiteness of my teeth. Wow, I was shocked on how much these have improved! Before the strips were really flimsy, hard to remove from the package and were really hard to keep on your teeth — the old ones would slip or bunch up. These are such an improvement! The new strips remove easily from the plastic they are on. The strips are REALLY adhesive! These will not budge! Since I've purchased I have only used about 4 times and I can already notice a difference. Other people have noticed too. I think these are well worth the money and work as good as a professional treatment, I have had friends who have done professional treatments and their teeth are not as white as mine. I highly recommend these to anyone who wants a brighter/whiter smile!" —Vanessa5o5

Price: $27.96 (originally $49.99)

7. A Calvin Klein bralette for up to 47% off that's likely been a staple in your wardrobe since last year — it's comfortable, yet supportive, and the one you might as well treat yourself to a handful of new ones!

a model in a black bralette with the calvin klein elastic along the hem

I personally have been living in these for the last year+ and I'm not sure how I'll ever go back to wearing a wired bra again. They're great for lounging around, running errands, and working from home. Honestly, you can't go wrong with adding one of these into your comfy clothing stash.

Price: $14.92+ (originally $28+; available in women's sizes XS–XL, 1X–3X, and 27 styles).

You can also score the matching underwear for 30% off!

8. 20% off a motion-activated toilet light for something that seems like a gag gift but you'll be so grateful you bought when you don't trip on your 3 a.m. bathroom visit.,

You can choose between five brightness settings and 16 colors, or have it cycle through different colors. It automatically turns off when you leave or turn on the bathroom light.

Promising review: "This is the greatest thing for kids or adults alike. I have it set on just the blue light. When I get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, it makes me smile. It lights up enough for you to see, but isn't bright enough to be bothersome or wake you up. It's easy to install and I'd recommend it to anyone. I showed it to a friend at work and they are buying it for their grandparents who complained about getting up in the middle of the night in the dark." —Amazon customer

Price: $22.36 for a pack of 3 (originally $27.95; also available in packs of 1)

9. 30% off Essence's Lash Princess mascara for instant length so effective and affordable, you might just cancel all your appointments to get your lashes done for eternity.

Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

Hello, that is my face above, because I bought into the hype of over 35,000 positive reviews and now I will never look back!! Putting it on is like giving my eyelashes butterfly wings. It doesn't get clumpy, it stays put ALL the live long day (I spent all of this ridiculously hot pandemic summer wearing it, so I can speak to that), and you can apply it on very lightly if you don't want it to look so dramatic, or continue applying for longer lashes each time.

Promising review: "I have to be honest, for a 'cheap' three-pack mascara, I did NOT have high expectations. These, however, exceeded my expectations and went MUCH MUCH farther. I had been buying a certain $25/tube brand (rhymes with truepique) and I like these just as much!! I’m saving a TON of money and like my lashes just as much." —Liz

Price: $3.49 (originally $4.99).

10. 25% off a mushroom growing kit that grows right there in the packaging, so you can add some sweet, sweet umami flavors to new dishes by sautéing, roasting, or air frying them up.


If you have not put mushrooms in your air fryer, my friend, you have not yet lived the full human experience. Also this growing kit comes with some recipes to get you started!

Promising review: "This product has been so much fun to watch! I followed the directions, exactly as written, and the mushrooms began growing within 3-4 days. I will say that I did soak them for close to 10 hours before putting them back in the box to grow and I believe this helped a ton. I also kept the box inside by a window with the blinds closed in order for them to get indirect sunlight. The mushrooms grew tremendously for almost a week before they started to shrink so I clipped them to cook with and they were DELICIOUS! This was such a fun product and process to watch. I am now in the process of trying to get a second batch of shrooms from the same box— fingers crossed!" —Steph A

Price: $14.93 (originally $19.93)

11. 30% off a 12-in-1 air fryer toaster oven combo with smart capabilities, so you can boss it around from your phone on 11 different presets, including and not limited to *deep breath* rotisserie, dehydrate, pizza, roast, air fry, toast, bagel, bake, broil, cookies, and ferment.

Model using Amazon Alexa to operate the toaster oven

Promising review: "I was using a cheap toaster oven for years. This is such a huge upgrade over what I had. My old oven used to take 10-20 minutes to cook certain foods. But this oven is a beast. Takes 5-10. Very clean set up, easy to learn how to use. Best investment ever. If you're reading this, just buy the thing already. you'll be set for at least the next 10 years with this bad boy." —The Night King

Price: $139.99 (originally $199.99) 

12. 20% off a jar of Sichuan Chili Crisp from Fly By Jing you'll wanna use on EVERYTHING. It's hot and tingly without being overwhelmingly spicy, and its bold flavor is so delicious, you won't be able to get enough.

chili sauce on ice cream that says good on everything seriously

Jing Gao, the founder and CEO of Fly By Jing, is a chef, entrepreneur, and a globally-renowned expert on Chinese cuisine.

"I got this sauce as a gift, and I have been obsessed ever since I tried it. It combines the most prized Sichuan peppercorns with fragrant dried chilies, fermented black beans, garlic, shallots and more for a numbing, umami-rich flavor that has enhanced truly everything I've tried it on — without overpowering the other flavors. I've been struggling to find the right sauce to take my home-cooked dishes to the next level, and let me tell you, this is it! Plus, the packaging is super cute and thoughtful, and mine even came with a beautiful little zine that includes a breakdown of the ingredients, some amazing recipe ideas, and more!" —Jonathan Mazzei, BuzzFeed Staff

Price: $14.38 (originally $17.98)

13. 30% off *plus* an additional $30 off a two-slice toaster with a touch screen on it that'll make you feel like you're living in the Year 3000 alongside the Jonas Brothers.


Be sure to clip the coupon for the extra $30 off before checking out!

Promising review: “You are going to love this. Don't let the price scare you. It is worth the cost. Perfect toast! Cute little chime when the toast is done. There is a frozen and reheat button. We are all loving it, even the little reminder to remove and clean the crumb tray!” —Xtina Duke

Price: $249.95 (originally $400)

14. 34% off a color-changing LED string for 32 feet of extra lighting if your room is super dark or you'd just like to jazz up your WFH station.,

This even has a remote control so you can adjust the light settings from your bed (or office chair).

Promising review: "These lights were so much easier to install than I thought they'd be! The tape on the back is really strong and the lights themselves are brighter than the main light in my room. Everything was really dark and bland before, but these really made everything feel prettier than it was." —Shayna

Price: $15.19 (originally $22.99)

15. 20% off L’Oreal lamellar hair treatment designed to work with all hair types that works its magic in eight seconds to to help give you shinier, more hydrated locks. / Via @lorealparis, / Via @lorealparis

Discount applied at checkout!

Apply this directly to wet hair avoiding the roots, massage it in for eight seconds, then rinse. Effort required = practically zero. You can use one dose for fine to medium textured hair, two to three doses for thick to curly textured hair, and add one more dose if you have long hair.

Promising review: "I have very thin, dry, and damaged hair due constantly dyeing it blonde. I’ve tried so many hair products and different types of shampoo and conditioners, and nothing seems to really help my hair. BUT this stuff literally is magic. I’ve used it three times and I haven’t seen my hair look this good (shiny, healthy, hydrated)." —Nikki Minnis

Price: $4.95 (originally $8.97)

16. A self-cleaning stainless steel Larq water bottle from Shark Tank for up to 30% off that'll help you *finally* get into the habit of staying properly hydrated.

a white larq water bottle

Promising review: "I love my new Larq water bottle, ever since I’ve gotten it, I’ve gotten a lot of questions and compliments! It does a great job of keeping my water cold and for an extended period of time. Another great thing about it is definitely it’s self-cleaning aspect. My water definitely tastes very clean and I’m excited to bring it with me when I go on hikes as well as when I travel! The charging part of it is no extra bother because the battery lasts for an extremely long time! I’ve had this water bottle for about three weeks now and still haven’t had to charge it yet." —Karmen Wong

Price: $71.25+ (originally $95+; available in 17 or 25 oz and five colors)

17. Maybelline concealer for 45% off to brighten your under-eyes and help you disguise the fact your Sunday Scaries kept you up way past your bedtime.

Kayla Suazo / BuzzFeed

Promising review: "I am a makeup snob. I have stupidly high standards for cosmetic performance, and drugstore brands have let me down every single time I've given them a shot. So when I graduated from Covergirl to Sephora after college, I never looked back. My kit is full of Dior and YSL foundation, Armani concealer, Benefit brighteners, etc. But this thing is truly great.The sponge applicator is better than you think. Firstly, it's antimicrobial, so you don't have to worry about the hygiene aspect. Secondly, its ability to blend the product is outstanding. The concealer itself doubles as a highlighter, it looks good without primer, and it lasts so much longer than you'd expect." —Sarita

Price: $5.46 (originally $9.99; available in 18 shades).

18. A 32-inch Insignia TV for 40% off to replace the boxy one you've somehow managed to take with you from apartment to apartment over the years — you deserve an upgrade.


Promising review: "Absolutely amazing!! Started out looking for a smart TV, and ran across this one on Best Buy's website. Went there to find they are totally out of TVs. Looked in Amazon, and they had the same TV for much less. So I ordered it. Two days later, it was at my door. I had done a lot of reading about it already, but when I fired it up, WOW!! This thing is incredible. Picture, sound, features are over the top for what you would expect for a TV this inexpensive. I'm thrilled with it. Highly recommended." —L M Campbell

Price: $119.99 (originally $199.99)

19. A Razer gaming mouse for 53% off and keyboard for 37% off, a worthy purchase for anyone who has been sick and tired of watching their friends school them in Fortnite because their gear is out of date.


Price: mouse for $18.99 (originally $39.99; available in two colors and styes), keyboard for $37.99 (originally $59.99; available in two styles)

20. A Zojirushi rice cooker for 26% off that'll ensure your rice comes out perfectly *every single time* — it even plays a fun melody when it's done to make every meal feel like a celebration 😉.

the rice cooker next to two bowls of rice and vegetables

I have this rice cooker! When my husband insisted on splurging on it a year ago I couldn't really understand why — until we tried it. Our rice is flawless now. All you have to literally do is add in the rice and water then click a button. It's so good it makes eating rice feel like a treat (which, I know, sounds very strange). This lil' gadget is a worthy investment!

Price: $173.99 (originally $235)

21. A classic Levi's denim jacket for 40% off, so you'll finally have an appropriate (and super cute!) place to display all of those enamel pins you've been collecting.,

Promising review: "I’ve been looking forever for a high-quality denim jacket with just the right amount of authentic fade but at an affordable price. I should have known to check out Levi’s first! This jacket is soft yet structured. The denim has a little personality and fade but still goes with everything. The fit is right on point. Seriously it doesn’t get much better than this!" —FitGirlInFlight

Price: $47.70+ (originally $79.50+; available in women's sizes XS–XL, 1X–4X, and 14 styles)

FYI, if you have Amazon Prime Wardrobe you can give this a spin before you buy it!

22. A trio of Mario Badescu facial sprays for 30% off, infused with aloe and soothing scents that'll make every day feel like a spa day (and help keep your skin nice 'n' hydrated).

the three facial sprays

Promising review: "My husband and I are both obsessed with these sprays! The rose water is great to set your makeup and refresh throughout the day, green tea is great to spray on your face first thing in the morning to help wake you up, and I love using the lavender at night to wind down!" —NoleChick95

Price: $14.70 (originally $21)

23. A Dungeons and Dragons essentials kit for 53% off to help you expand your skills beyond screens and prepare to have creative control over all of your friends as Dungeon Master (a gift for yourself but actually for all!).

the full set of dungeons and dragons starter kit

Promising review: "Honestly, this kit is what the original starter kit should have been. The story is easier to follow for a newer DM. The adventure is a lot more streamlined. The breakdown of character creation is amazing and simplified. It doesn't just toss you some generic character that you have no connection too. It simplifies character creation and allows you to ease into more complicated characters later on. The cards that come with this kit are something I wish I had when I first started. They help with initiative, conditions, and the sidekick cards and magic item cards are awesome. I would recommend this kit over the original to any person wanting to start playing DnD." —Bryan

Price: $11.69 (originally $24.99)

If you're already a seasoned DnD pro, you should totally check out this revamped version of Curse of Strahd (which is 44% off today) for some spooky fun this Halloween.

24. A Roomba robot vacuum for 33% off you'll pat yourself on the back for investing in when you're kicked back, relaxed, watching Netflix, and letting your lil' robot clean the house for you. Ah, life is good.

the robot vacuum cleaning up debris

Promising review: "I have two dogs — a golden retriever and a cocker spaniel and I’m about to add a corgi to the mix. Vacuuming is a chore I do multiple times per day. I had considered buying a Roomba or other robotic vacuum for quite some time but could never bite the bullet. The Roomba has a great deal for Prime Day so I decided to go ahead and get it. I am SO glad that I did, I LOVE this machine. It took two seconds to set up and needed to charge for about an hour or so before it was ready to clean. The first day it spent a lot of time in the biggest room of my house bouncing off the walls. I’ve had it for four days now and it’s roaming all areas of my home sucking it’s little heart out. I feel like it has learned the lay of the land and is much more efficient. It does have a hard time going home at the end of a session, but I’m sure it’s exhausted from the hard work. It will eventually find its way home but I usually pick it up and carry it over. I still wouldn’t trade it for the world. It does a great job picking up fur and other debris and easily navigates from wood floors to the area rugs (all my rugs are low pile). If you are considering purchasing this, do it, you won’t regret it!" —Ang

Price: $199.99 (originally $299.99)

25. A set of limited edition Mickey and Minnie Mose plush dolls for 30% off that you can display in your home office like the Disney Adult you and I both know you are (it's cool, I'm one as well).


Price: $41.99 (originally $59.99)

26. A pair of cozy slippers for 23% off plus an additional 15% off, because your *feet* deserve a *treat*...hehe couldn't hold back on that one, my bad.

four pairs of different colored fuzzy slippers

Make sure to clip the coupon for an extra 15% off before checking out!

Price: $19.99 (originally $25.99; available in four sizes and in four colors)

27. Round sunglasses for 44% off for blocking out the sun or avoiding your ex — you choose!


Price: $11.18 (originally $19.99; available in seven colors)

28. A 10.25-inch Lodge cast iron skillet for 33% off so you can get a great sear on a steak, transfer dishes right from the stove to the oven, and (of course) make a giant skillet cookie.

The above before and after shows how little fried eggs stick to the pan — aka NOT AT ALL.

Promising review: "Always wanted to try cast iron skillets so I got the 8 inch. You can pretty much do everything with it and it will last a lifetime as long as you treat it right. The first couple uses are better if you cook food with higher fat content like meats and such. After a couple uses I started doing eggs and pancakes in it flawlessly. To clean mine, I do the following while the pan is still hot, combine kosher salt with a little oil and scrub hard with a sponge or rag. Rinse and dry it, then put a little oil to spread all over. Place it over the stove until you see smoking. Then remove it, cool down, and you're ready to go for next time! The quality of this pan is amazing and USA made. Can't ask for more than that! The flavors of foods really come alive cooking with this and distributes heat evenly." —Amazon Customer

Price: $17.90+ (originally $26.68+; also available in nine other sizes)

29. Braun electric razor for 31% off that's rechargeable, 100% waterproof, and effective wet or dry. It'll help you get a precise shave and reach difficult areas (like under your nose) with ease.

hand holding the electric razor

Promising review: "I recently replaced an older Braun Series 8 with this newest Series 9 9385cc. My old shaver was good. This one is GREAT! It runs much quieter and shaves faster and smoother. The clean and charge station is quieter, as well. The built-in trimmer works much better than on my old shaver. And the whole unit fits comfortably in my hand. I admit that I'm a Braun fan, but this top of the line model is well worth the extra money! Do your face a favor, guys; you'll be glad you did." —Warren F. Kitzmiller

Price: $214.94 (originally $309.94)

30. Pastel rainbow silicone cupcake liners for 30% off that'll impress bakers of cupcakes, mini quiches, and bite-sized goodies who don't want to go through disposable paper liners 🧁🌈.

Liners in a pan that are pink, purple, yellow, green, and blue

These are also super handy because they stay upright on flat pans, so you don't even need to buy cupcake pan to make cupcake-shaped goodies! They're also designed for easy release and are dishwasher-, microwave-, and freezer-safe.

Promising review: "I bought these as part of a 'most customers also buy' type of bundle that Amazon recommended. I AM SO GLAD THAT I GAVE THEM A TRY! These little baking cups are amazing! I’ve used them for cupcakes and mini pound cakes (yes, mini pound cakes)! They bake evenly and beautifully. I leave them on during frosting and remove them just prior to serving; this makes for a gorgeous cupcake plate! I’m going to try making cupcake-shaped jello treats next. The cups are lightweight, but durable, and wash very easily in warm, soapy water. I will definitely be purchasing more. They are a perfect gift for any baker in your life. Excellent value for your money!" —YaLanda

Price: $5.81 (originally $8.30) 

31. A stylish Aldo crossbody bag with a chain strap for up to 39% off that'll quickly become your go-to accessory.

a black medium-sized crossbody bag with a black chain handle

Promising review: "I absolutely LOVE this purse. I was searching for a large crossbody purse that was similar to YSL crossbody purses I’ve been drooling over, but without the 3K price tag. This beautiful purse is sturdy, the black chain is gorgeous, and the feel of this purse is just amazing. It looks and feels WAY more expensive than what it’s priced at. This is such a steal of a deal and I promise you will not be disappointed!! I read other reviews and saw that people complained about the weight of the bag and the chain - it is a little heavy but to me that makes the purse more luxurious. It’s honestly not nearly as heavy as what the reviews make it out to be, plus the chain has a leather strap at the top where it rests on your shoulder, it’s not a chain digging into the shoulder so that helps! I highly recommend if you are in need of a beautiful designer inspired purse at an affordable price!" —Chanel Elizabeth Dootson

Price: $42 (originally $65; available in four colors)

32. An Oral-B rechargeable toothbrush for 25% off, complete with six cleaning modes and A.I. coaching to ensure you brush evenly and thoroughly (technology these days, amiright) to help make your next dentist visit a breeze.

The black toothbrush with travel case and charger

Promising review: "I was at first hesitant to spend that much on a toothbrush but it’s worth every penny. It works at least 10x better than my $20 Oral B electronic toothbrush. The motion sensing is very cool and helpful. After just one brush my teeth feel almost like they do after a professional cleaning as opposed to how they felt after brushing with my cheap electronic toothbrush." —Anne E La Perla

Price: $145 (originally $199.99; available in two colors)

33. A seat cushion for up to 30% off — it's made with memory foam to keep your bottom supported while you sit endlessly check emails or, ahem, shop epic deals online.

The black cushion

Promising review: "Remember working in the office? Working on a computer at a desk? Remember having to get up and walk around? Maybe to find a bathroom or get a cup of coffee or pay a visit to the snack machine. Since Covid-19, those of us now working from home no longer have far to go to go to the bathroom, get a drink or a snack. In fact, since mid-March 2020, I have spent more time sitting since working remotely from home and social distancing with no gyms open until just recently, that my tushy was hurting. Hurting turned into sciatica and made the work day unbearable without pain relief. I read good reviews about the Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion for Office Chair and ordered one right away. Worth the money? Absolutely! Comfortable? Perfect for my tushy. I highly recommend this product for a chair in which one might be sitting for lengthy periods. I do not recommend this product for use in the driver’s seat in a motor vehicle, as it does elevate you somewhat in the chair. The design of this cushion also promotes better posture. Do yourself a favor. Order two because you won’t be able to use it when your significant other is using yours." —Citizen Kane

Price: $27.96+ (originally $39.95; available in five colors)

34. A lightweight parachute hammock for 25% off you'll be absolutely thrilled to have once you reach the end of your next hike and can take a true rest before heading back down the trail.,

Promising review: "This is super comfy and light. It's very easy to put up and wide enough that I was able to have a sleeping bag, two blankets, and my pillow in it. I had room to actually roll around a little; I laid on my back and side very comfortably. I would purchase this item again and from this seller. The hammock arrived on time and in great condition!" —Kindle Customer

Price: $29.97 (originally $39.97; available in 17 colors).

35. A breathable and adjustable satin-lined sleeping cap for 41% off that'll protect your natural hair while sleeping or lounging, without any discomfort. It's even cute enough to wear while out and about if you just don't feel like doing your hair that day.

model wearing the cotton cap in dark gray

Promising review: "Satin caps are wonderful for eliminating frizzy hair and breakage, the problem is that they slide off when you sleep and are not appealing to wear outside of the home... until this. It stays on my head, it’s slouchy with a beanie cap fabric on the outside, satin on the inside, and a drawstring to adjustable the size. No had hair days here. I love this it." —Alisha R. Ezell

Price: $16.99 (originally $28.89; available in 14 colors)

36. A Revlon one-step hair dryer and volumizer hot air brush for 25% off (*plus* you can save an extra $10) that your friends have likely all been raving about for months now because it is a life-changing beauty tool that won't even leave your wallet empty!,

Be sure to click the coupon button and the extra $10 off will be reflected in your cart!

Promising review: "I have very thick, wavy hair. I can never blow out my hair because it's too hard to hold the round brush and hair dryer in the right spots. THIS!! It is everything all in one and the oval shape makes it so easy to use. It gets really hot. It is a little loud on high, but I've found if my hair is already a little dry then I can just use it on low. I used a blow dry primer spray to accelerate the drying time and protect my hair. I'm in love! The flat iron always flattens my hair and makes it look dry. This straightens and retains the volume and gives it a soft, non-damaged look." —SAHM2011

Price: $44.99+ (originally $59.99; available in four colors).

37. 20% off a beverage cooler in case you were waiting for an excuse to snag a whole device to just to keep your wines chilled. Look at you, fancy pants.

mini fridge with wine and beer inside

Promising review: "I've had it for over 6 months and I've had no problems. Keeps drinks cold; perfect size for my man cave. It's a little loud but not annoying. Would be great if it we'e just a soft purr but a little grumble doesn't bother me. And it doesn't do it nonstop. It's a good purchase if you don't want to climb up and down stairs or leave your room." —Gadgetguy

Price: $176.79 (originally $220.99)

38. 30% off a yogurt maker that can make 6-ounce containers of up to seven different types of yogurts at once, so you can make fruity yogurts in every color of the rainbow 🌈.,

Promising review: "Got my yogurt maker this week and tried it for the first time yesterday. Followed the instructions exactly, making my yogurt before bed. Eight beautiful hours later, I woke to perfect, creamy and thick jars of yogurt. For a single person, this small size appliance is just the right size. Easy to use." —Teresa Ali

Price: $27.99 (originally $39.99)

You can check out BuzzFeed's review of this yogurt maker for more deets!

39. An Amazon Basics silicone baking mat for up to 34% off so you can say "buh-bye" to parchment paper — it'll protect your pans and the bottom of your oven from any leakage of overflow.

A reviewer's vegetable and mozzarella sticks cooking on a sheet pan

Promising review: "I like to do what I can to reduce my carbon footprint but I don't want to make my life unnecessarily difficult or ineffective. These mats allow me to eliminate the use of foil or parchment paper on my baking sheets, thereby saving money and being that much less potential product in the landfill. So far I have baked breadsticks and roasted vegetables on them, and they work like a charm. The heat distribution is great and they're nonstick without using spray or oil. If I had a complaint, it would be that they're a little hard to clean by hand due to how bendy and flexible they are and the fact that oil and grease seems to want to stick to it like a magnet. It isn't a big deal, though, and I'll be buying more of these." —Michelle Daniels

Price: $9.24 for a set of three (originally $14.10, available in three styles and packs of two, three, or four) 

Check out the rest of the Amazon Prime deals on Amazon Basics for more options! 

40. A Bissell Smart Purifier for 34% off, complete with a true HEPA filter designed for large rooms to tackle dust, pollen, smoke, odor, and pet dander — yeah, that's right, the whole mess of things in the air you can't even see with your eyeballs. TBH, this can be a godsend for anyone with seasonal or pet allergies.

A black rectangular air filter next to a model's bed

Promising review: "I have had this plugged in for almost a full month now and have noticed not only a complete difference in the air quality and in my allergies but a huge decrease in the amount of dust that I am having to wipe off of surfaces. I opened up the front of it out of curiosity this morning and saw all of the dust that I would normally be wiping off of surfaces or breathing in, was on the filter. I was shocked by the amount, especially considering the fact that I vacuum daily. I also love the fact that you can put it against the wall and that it is fairly quiet. For what it has been able to do, it is a great value for the price. Buy this! You will not be disappointed." —Sig1920

Price: $151.99 (originally $229.99) 

41. A splurge-worthy Samsung Frame for 20% off that'll look like, well, art while you're not binge-watching your faves.

The television with a white frame and a classic painting displayed in the center
Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed

This 4K resolution Smart TV has Alexa built-in, a surprisingly powerful speaker, and supports all standard streaming systems. Check out my colleague's full Samsung Frame review for more deets on this beaut.

Price: $477.99 (originally $599.99)

42. 32% off a Vizio soundbar to help you achieve surround-sound in your living room.

the soundbar and speakers

Promising review: "Really impressed with the Elevate. It sounds much better and LOUDER than the older Vizio 5.1 soundbar it replaced. Easy to set up and connect. You’ll need to download the Vizio SmartCast app to set it up, but once you get the sound bar paired with the app it’s pretty easy. Hooked my 4K Blu-ray player to one of the three HDMI inputs, connected my sound bar to my TCL series six TV with the eARC input, and instant Dolby Atmos! It sounds pretty amazing right out of the box, and sounds even better with some fine tuning to the audio settings. The wireless subwoofer is REALLY powerful, and the up-firing rear speakers add a lot to the sound field for their size. The swiveling speakers at both ends of the sound bar work really well and are almost silent when they rotate up for Atmos soundtracks, and look very cool doing so. All in all I’m really impressed by this rig, the wireless subwoofer and rear speakers keep you from having to run wires across your room for surround sound, it handles all the current 4K audio formats, and has lots of inputs. Highly recommend!" —Christopher S Copeland

Price: $679.99 (originally $999)

43. A Dash air fryer for 33% off that's compact enough that it won't take up too much space, but mighty enough that you'll use it to cook juuuust about anything. Reviewers love that there's no waiting for preheat and that you can cook (or crisp leftovers!) without any oil required.

Reviewer image of tater tots in the blue air fryer shelf

Promising review: "I purchased this product as a gift to myself before the holidays. I wanted to give myself some time before reviewing it so I can really see if this thing is as great as it seems. After using it a couple of times I am happy to report that it IS as great as it seems. I've fried tater tots, mini pizzas, sweet potato fries, and even some carrots! I am so glad I purchased this and next up I'm going to try apple slices and see if I can't make cinnamon apple slices for a snack at work!" —MacKenzie Masten

Price: $39.99 (originally $59.99, available in six colors) 

44. A travel cooler for 40% off you can pack with all the essentials for an epic picnic (charcuterie on-the-go, anyone?). It'll keep you drinks and snacks cool while you and your partner argue over the perfect spot to lay your blanket.

Canvas cooler with handles, crossbody straps, and several pockets on top of a picnic blanket with food around it

Promising review: "This is the perfect lunch bag to take on a picnic or road trip. It is big and roomy and can hold items for the whole family. I can pack all of my kids snack in one bag. The design is sleek and looks nice." —TAmazon

Price: $23.99+ (originally $39.99; available in two sizes and colors) 

45. A sleep sound therapy machine that's $20 off to help you drift off to dreamland thanks to something besides the sound of your TV.

Sleep therapy sound machine placed on bedside table in front of sleeping model

Promising review: "This is a wonderful sound machine, so much better than my old one! I purchased this one because it has a USB charging port for my phone and it does not have any lights that stay on all night. The only light coming from the machine is the timer light when the timer is in use. If you choose the 15, 30, or 60-minute timer then the chosen time is illuminated. I also love the removable stand. It is made from a heavy piece of metal that props the machine upright while keeping it from tipping. The sound is great, no 'clicks' in the sound loop and the volume range is impressive. From 'I think I hear something' to 'Honey, turn that thing down. I can't hear!'" —Cedar Creek

Price: $29.99 (originally $49.99; available in two colors)

46. A reliable electric tea kettle for 30% off that also happens to be *ridiculously* cute — reviewers love how fast it boils water, and how safe the latch lid to refill it is compared to other models.

Mint green tea kettle on a kitchen counter

Promising review: "I'm so glad I picked this one. The mint green is a really nice color. Kinda like a light mint-aqua and matches perfect in my kitchen. This time of year I drink a lot of hot tea so this teapot is great. It heats the water super fast and stays warm to enjoy multiple cups. When I'm done, I make sure to empty the water out and I leave the top open so it air dries. The water tastes like water to me, there isn't any taste that comes off." —K.M. 

Price: $27.99+ (originally $39.99; available in two colors) 

47. A percussion massage gun for 20% off if you're looking for some relief from aching muscles, cramps, and hard-to-reach knots.

Model using massage gun on calf

Promising review: "I've been playing around with this gun for a while, and wanted to leave a review based on my experience with this one and a few others. For the price, this is a great buy. It's got a few things going for it which I like: It's VERY quiet; Very easy to switch speeds, there's a button right by your index, useful when you want to find the right speed for whatever part you're working on; It gets to be pretty powerful, much more than what you'll need most times; It's light and has a great grip, so I don't get tired working on someone with this for a while. I'd recommend this gun for the price, it's a solid buy. Quick customer service too, I had a question answered within a couple of hours so that's a plus." —Artem

Price: $79.99 (originally $99.99; available in three colors)

48. A three-pack of blue light blocking glasses for 47% off, because if you're gaming as much as I think you are, you should definitely have a pair of these to help prevent eye strain.

Amazon / Via, Amazon / Via

Price: $11.19 (originally $20.99; available in 21 combo pack options)

49. Blk & Bold, a game-changing medium roast whole bean coffee blend for 25% off. Its rich, creamy toffee notes and zing of lemon give you just the right amount of "!!" in the morning without sacrificing on depth and flavor.


Blk & Bold Coffee is a Black-owned business established by childhood friends that specializes in speciality coffee and tea, with an emphasis on community impact. They pledge 5% of their profits to initiatives that support workforce development, sustain youth programming, and eliminating youth homelessness.

Promising review: "Must-have coffee. Ever since I’ve had these coffee beans I haven’t been able to like other coffee beans I’ve purchased. It’s my favorite. I’m onto my third bag now. I love using it for pumpkin spiced lattes. I just make a double shot espresso with these beans, mix it with Torani Pumpkin sauce, add ice and cream and I'm done. Soo good." —Christina

Price: $10.49 (originally $13.99; available in two sizes and five other blends).

50. A soil-free AeroGarden Harvest for up to 43% off for anyone who always wanted to grow their own herbs but lives in an apartment and therefore has close to *zero* outdoor space.

The AeroGarden in white

Check out my colleague's AeroGarden review for more deets!

Promising review: "I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend's sister-in-law who lamented not having a green thumb. I was somewhat apprehensive, having read a few reviews that mentioned pods not spouting. However, in the two months that the sis-in-law has had the AeroGarden, the growth has been tremendous. I'm constantly in awe when she sends me pics of the new growth. Only one pod failed to spout, but she reached out to customer service, and they are sending a replacement for that particular pod. All the others have grown quite large, and last night I received a picture of their dinner using herbs grown with the AeroGarden. Impressive!" —Mary A. Walls

Price: $84.95+ (originally $149.95; available in four styles)

51. A foldable exercise bike for 20% off with all the basic features you need if you don't have space or budget for a Peloton but want access to a quick cardio workout at home. It has a magnetic tension system to up the difficulty, and handy features on the screen so you can track your time, speed, distance, and more!

A model on the grey bike

And if you're short on space, just fold it up and put it to the side when not in use!

Promising review: "The day I put a COVID-19 suspension on my gym membership, I researched affordable, maneuverable exercise bikes lest my knees get painful for lack of this daily exercise! It arrived in a large box (40 lbs) but this 70-year-old gal was able to easily drag into my house and unpack. The directions are a little hard to follow and I’m not 'handy' but I was able to add a little reasoning and put it together in less than an hour. Now sheltering in place for two weeks, this bike starts my day each morning. The mechanics and electronics work perfectly and help me set goals each day. It has variable tension settings, seat height options and a seat position for tall and for shorter people. I’m 5-foot-6 and selected the setting for a taller person. The seat height is on the fourth hole so you could drop for shorter biker. I have biked and binge-watched series, biked and worked off creeping anxiety as I watch the news and rolled it onto the deck on an unseasonably warm day to peddle to Led Zeppelin on my headphones. BEST purchase for the money that I’ve made in years; it’s a solid investment in both my physical and mental health!" —SG

Price: $159.98 (originally $199.99)

52. A wavesurf shaper for 24% off that'll turn rocky, uneven lake waves made by your boat into smooth, curved, ocean-like waves so you can *hang ten*.,

Promising review: "Wow, just wow. Surfing with this has made a huge difference!!! I use this on my 2014 Moomba Mobius LSV. I now fill both the rear bags even to 900 lbs. each on both sides and this thing throws a clean long wave to whichever side its not mounted to. I don't have to list the boat anymore, making it much easier to drive and so much faster to switch riders from different sides. It looks the exact same as the picture shows, and it floats. I've never had it fall off during surfing and even forgot to remove it once and came up to speed 20+ mph before I realized it was still on and it never came loose. It floats so if you accidentally drop it while mounting it you don't have to worry about it sinking to the bottom of the lake. I wish I had bought long ago!" —Joel

Price: $249.96 (originally $329)

53. A 23andMe health and ancestry kit for 50% off that'll help you discover all kinds of new facts about your health and your ancestral history.

a reviewer holding the kit

I ordered my 23andMe kit back in 2014 when it was pretty new to to the market. It's been so exciting to receive updates over the years as the company has been able to dive deeper and discover new things about my DNA. When I first got my results I was able to view my various ancestry backgrounds (I'm Irish, Norwegian, Polish, and Russian), but as time went on and their research became more extensive, I can now view the exact county in Ireland that my ancestors likely derive from!

Price: $99 (originally $199)

Learn more about the 23andMe ancestry and health service here.

54. A pair of high-waisted yoga pants for 46% off complete *with pockets* for your phone so you can work out with your tunes orrrr lounge with your favorite device.

Promising review: "I bought these for the pockets and the high waist. The material is surprisingly squat proof. Even with white undies, not a single bit was seen when I did a squat... and trust me I was looking for these to fail. The material has a matte finish and is really soft (like cotton). I hate constantly pulling up yoga pants so I was looking for high waisted that stayed high and these are it. They're a bit snug, but I never have to pull them up. I am a womens 14 and the XL fit great." —megan

Price: $16.09 (originally $29.95; available in women's sizes XS–3X and 18 colors)

55. A pretty gold and white jewelry organizer for 20% off, because if you don't keep your favorite pieces on display, it's SO easy to forget to wear them.

The three bar organizer with ring dish base

Promising review: "Absolutely in love with this. I've been searching everywhere for a white and gold organizer for my necklaces. Saw one at target and bedbathandbeyond for the same price but not only does this have 3 tiers (the rest were 2 tier) it's overall much bigger and taller than I expected. It is also very sturdy and not cheap looking or feeling at all. Couldn't be happier!" —Xochilt Corces

Price: $20 (originally $25)

56. A DVD box set of the complete series of The Office for 56% off, so you can always have it on hand now that it's no longer on Netflix.

The box set

Promising review: "I don’t regret this at all. Although I have Netflix and can watch the office on there anytime, I thought It would be a great idea to own all of the office on DVD as well. I was debating buying this or buying all of the seasons separately — because I was worried if I would lose some content. I did not lose any content! It comes with so many extras, and not to mention, it looks so cool. If you’re a huge Office fan I guarantee you won’t regret this." —Office lover

Price: $34.99 (originally $79.98)

Shop more box sets on sale here!

57. A three-month supply tube of Grande Cosmetics' lash serum for 30% off that, with a one-minute nightly application, can help your lashes grow to their full potential, looking longer and fuller in just a few weeks.

A before/after of a reviewer's lashes, looking much fuller and longer after

BuzzFeed editor Maitland Quitmeyer has an loves this product:

"I use this religiously and notice a huuuge difference. I have allergies and tend to rub my eyes, which isn't great for my lashes, but this serum seriously helps with fallout and helps my lashes look much longer — when I use this they grow long enough to brush my brow bone, which would never happen otherwise. At the end of last year, I tried a different lash product (after running out of Grande lash for a while because ::shrugs:: pandemic) and it did *nothing* after *weeks* of trying. Now I'm back on the Grande lash for 5-6 weeks now and my lashes are already significantly longer. It just works, my friends."

Promising review: "I really wish I would have taken 'before' pics. My hairdresser told me about this stuff and said 'it works so good I had to stop using it every night.' I thought to myself 'Oh yeah, lashes too long, no such thing' but I on my second tube and I'm going to start using every other night. My lashes are so long, and it's like I have a double row of lashes. My bottom lashes are thicker too. I rarely write reviews but wanted to share because it really really works." —Asc

Price: $45.50 (originally $65)

58. A True & Co v-neck bralette for 30% that is truly one of the comfiest bras imaginable. It's fully seamless and makes for a peeeerfect layering piece.

Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

Maitland also had *lots* to say about these bras:

"It works as a bra, it works as a cropped tank to layer under sheer tops or dresses, it's basically perfect in every way. With a removable lining/light padding, it gives just the right support (and hides your nips if you keep the lining in). It ~completely~ disappears under clothing, with no seams or edges showing. Did I mention that it doesn't cut in ANYWHERE? It somehow clings to your bod like (as the name implies) a second skin, but if you tug it, the straps pull away with ease. Though perhaps a bit pricey, let's be honest: Your boobs and shoulders deserve this bra. I immediately ordered a second color (the nude) after trying the black on for the first time. There have been mornings I stepped out of my apartment, and thought, Huh, did I not put on a bra today? This is the miracle of this bra."

Price: $34.30 (originally $49; available in women's sizes XS–XL and eight colors — also available in plus sizes with a racerback here)

Shop True & Co's 30% off deals here.

59. A Fitbit Inspire 2 for up to 43% off to keep track of all those adventures you'll be going on. It'll track activity, heart rate, *and* distance for up to 10 days of charge while letting you see your messages and calls on its sleek display.

Reviewer is wearing a Fitbit Inspire 2 on their wrist

Promising review: "I was worried about all the reviews that mentioned endless vibrations, but so far no issues. I didn't realize I had my notifications like texts and calls turned off, so the only time it vibrated in the first few days of wearing it was when I hit 10k steps. I'd suggest reading up on how to set the correct settings for your goals and notifications before saying all it does is vibrate. Using the app to learn how to use the Fitbit is also a breeze. It's stylish and comfortable, even to wear to sleep. It definitely motivates me to get moving and the app is great for tracking your progress and customization. It was easy to set up and sync with my phone as well. Overall, I'm impressed and very happy with my purchase." —Breezy Momma

Price: $56.99+ (originally $99.95, available in three colors)

60. A GoPro HERO8 for 20% off because you've planned a season jam-packed with fun activities so you may as well document all of it. With three levels of stabilization, you won't miss a thing!,

A shorty, head strap, SD card, and two rechargeable batteries are all included! Video capture resolution is 4K UHD 2160P.

Promising review: "Incredible photos and unmatched video quality. Another major selling point is the GoPro app for your phone that allows you to edit and share videos and pictures. I would highly recommend skipping all the cheap knock offs and save up for the real deal." —Jeffrey R. Minchew

Price: $279 (originally $349.99)

61. Animal-themed face masks for 35% that'll turn your skincare routine into playtime — hope you have your phone ready for some silly selfies!

the set of six face masks featuring different animals

Promising review: "Ordered these for my 13-year-old’s birthday sleep over. The girls loved them! They took pictures and giggled a lot. I was a bit worried since my daughter has sensitive skin, but no one had a reaction." —LH

Price: $12.99 for six (originally $19.99)

Shopping for myself on Prime Day like:

NBC / Peacock

Note: Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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