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    Time Is Fleeting To Score One Of These 46 Splurge-Worthy Prime Day Buys

    Exciting deals on all the big purchases you've been planning.

    Amazon Prime Day, the day when Amazon has more deals than you could ever conceivably look through in an ENTIRE LIFETIME ends today!

    We waded through the mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category. 

    FYI — deals move quickly on Prime Day. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Prime Day to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    Note: To get these deals you have to be a Prime member, so if you aren’t already, sign up for a free 30 day trial here.

    1. A set of Apple AirPods with a wired charging case for 20% off because you're basically the last person on the planet who hasn't bought a pair. C'mon — it's finally time to get 'em.

    2. A waterproof and glare-free Kindle Paperwhite for $50 off for the minimalists as well as anyone who wants to read in the pool or in the bath without worrying about getting their book wet.

    3. A 55-inch Sony Bravia OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV for $600 off that'll make you feel like you've been watching movies and playing video games in low definition.

    4. Furbo, a treat-tossing pet camera for 30% off so you can keep an eye on your pet even when you're not home. With its 160-degree wide-angle view, night vision, and real-time barking alerts you'll know exactly what your pup is up to.

    The Furbo

    5. A time-saving robot vacuum for $100 off if you'd be happy to never pick up a broom again. All you have to do is set its cleaning schedule — then you can forget all about it.

    6. A dog DNA kit for 32% off because haven't you always wanted to know exactly what kind of dog your beloved rescue mutt is?

    Diagram showing breakdown of dog's genetic makeup

    7. A Fire HD kids tablet for 40% off so you won't have to worry about what your little one is up to. It's designed for kids ages 3 to 7 and comes with a year-long Amazon Kids+ subscription, which gives the family access to thousands of books, games, videos, and more.

    A child watching Sesame Street on the tablet

    8. A Revlon hot air brush for up to 25% off (plus a $10 off coupon!) to help you go from wet, tangled, frizzy hair to a shiny, salon-worthy blowout in minutes. FYI this is the hot air brush that all the influencers you follow on IG are raving about because it is just 👏 that 👏 good 👏.

    9. An Iro leather moto jacket for $240 off because ROI is looking fan-freaking-tastic for this badass jacket. Tons of cute OOTD pics? A jacket that goes with anything? How can you not invest?

    model in black moto jacket

    10. A 23andMe test for 50% off for the person who thinks they know everything about themselves *and* the person who knows basically nothing about their family history.

    23&me test

    11. A stunning area rug for up to 74% off to add juuuuuust the right amount of color to your very specifically curated living room.

    The multicolored rug

    12. A swivel desk chair for 48% off to replace the hard dining room chair you're currently perched on.

    The black desk chair

    13. A Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 air fryer and pressure cooker for 43% off that'll help you whip up delicious meals and sides. If you don't have the counter space for a separate air fryer and pressure cooker, get this space saver instead!

    14. Or an Instant Pot Duo Crisp for 35% off if you're a brand loyalist who wants both perfectly air fried fries as well as super tender meats, beans, and more in mere minutes.

    The Instant Pot Duo Crisp

    15. 34% off a Bissell Smart Purifier with a true HEPA filter designed for large rooms to tackle dust, pollen, smoke, odor, and pet dander — yeah, that's right, the whole mess of things in the air you can't even see with your eyeballs. TBH, this can be a godsend for anyone with seasonal or pet allergies.

    A black rectangular air filter next to a model's bed

    16. And while you're at it, a Roomba mop vacuum for up to 40% off so your old mop and bucket can join your broom and dustpan on the curb.

    The black mop spraying cleaner on a muddy paw print

    17. A box of Crest 3D whitening strips for 44% off to lighten your smile and remove up to 14 years of teeth stains sans the exorbitant dentist bill.

    18. A Waterpik for 43% off to lift food and plaque from all those hard-to-reach places you miss with your toothbrush.

    Model using the black water flosser

    19. A pair of Beats Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones for up to 32% off so you can say bye bye to headphones that die halfway through your workout. These last n-i-n-e freaking hours and sit securely on your ears so they'll stay with you whether you're head-banging through a frustrating work day or jamming during a sweaty run.

    a buzzfeed editor holding white beats wireless headphones

    20. *The Amazon Coat* for up to 67% off if you need a chic parka that'll keep you warm. Mega style and mega warmth for under a hundred bucks? Sign me up.

    Me showing the sherpa-lined hood and many pockets in the green winter coat

    21. A Le Creuset cast-iron skillet pan for up to 38% off for home chefs who want that restaurant-quality taste. Cast iron allows for more even heating, and the ridges give your foods delicious grill marks. 😋

    Hand flipping a steak that's grilling in an orange ridged square pan

    22. A Coway air purifier for up to 26% off because you deserve to breathe clean air. It has a four-stage filtration system designed to remove 99.97% of particles in the air. There's also a really cool LED that indicates how clean (or dirty!) your air is.

    A black square air purifier

    23. A Graco Extend2Fit convertible car seat for up to 29% off (plus an additional 20% off coupon!) because it has more than 44,000 5-star reviews...so I'll just leave it at that.

    Infographic listing the car seat's features, which include 10 positions for the headrest, an easy to read level indicator, steel reinforced frame, fuss-free harness storage, and more

    24. A CHEF iQ smart pressure cooker for 41% off to make you feel like you're a member of the Jetsons family. You can connect it to your phone via the CHEF iQ app and discover guided recipes so you can stop ordering takeout for every meal. Your old pressure cooker probably still uses a landline!

    The black pressure cooker

    25. A soil-free AeroGarden Harvest for up to 43% off for gardeners who want fresh herbs picked straight from...their countertop. This hydroponic system removes most of the mess and stress of traditional gardening, plus it alerts you when it's time to water and feed your plants.

    The AeroGarden in white

    26. A pair of Skullcandy wireless earbuds for 55% off that are designed to be extra comfy on your ears for longterm wear, which you're gonna need considering they've got 16 (!!) hours of battery life in 'em.

    Four models with the black earbuds in their ears

    27. A self-cleaning stainless steel water bottle for up to 25% off because keeping bottles clean can be way too cumbersome, and we don't have time for that — it's summer! This bottle will neutralize bacteria using non-toxic UV-C LED technology *and* activates every two hours to clean.

    reviewer holding a pink water bottle

    28. A foldable exercise bike for 20% off with all the basic features you need if you don't have space or budget for a Peloton but want access to a quick cardio workout at home. It has a magnetic tension system to up the difficulty, and handy features on the screen so you can track your time, speed, distance, and more!

    A model on the grey bike

    29. 20% off a Cinemood 360 Portable Projector so you can create a cinematic movie-watching experience in the comfort of your home, backyard, or truly anywhere there's an empty wall!

    hand holding small black cube-shaped projector

    30. A wine cooler/mini fridge for 20% off if you want the option to keep your wine at a specific temperature. Add it to your she shed and you'll never have to toddle into the house for a White Claw when you run out during the middle of a girl's night in.

    31. A pair of Bluetooth over-the-ear Bose headphones for 44% off to keep you connected to your music and your friends. They have a built in microphone, boast a 15-hour playtime, and allow you to switch between two Bluetooth devices so you can watch video while still being connected to your smartphone.

    Model wearing the headphones in black

    32. A Cubii under-desk elliptical machine for $85 off so you can sit and spin while building spreadsheets, answering emails, and even taking conference calls. It offers different resistance levels and is a great way to get in a workout during your regular 9–5.

    Model sitting on the couch using the bike with resistance bands

    33. An extra thick mattress topper for up to 35% (plus an extra 5% off!) off so you don't need to throw out your old mattress. This'll zhuzh up your lumpy, bumpy, firm-as-a-rock mattress and make you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud.

    The white quilted topper

    34. A water-resistant FitBit smartwatch for 34% off that'll track health and fitness stats like steps, heart rate, sleep quality, temperature and more. Plus it has all the smart features you want — text and call notifications, Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, a built-in GPS, the ability to play music, etc.

    Reviewer wearing the black watch

    35. A Foreo Luna Mini 2 for 30% off for gently exfoliating your skin without leaving it red, raw, or tight. You can wave goodbye to dead skin cells clogging your pores! 👋

    36. A NordicTrack treadmill for 28% off if you like sweating and saving. With FlexSelect cushioning for your joints, a compact and space-saving folding design, and a one-month iFit membership that allows your trainer to auto adjust your speed through Bluetooth connection, this treadmill will make you say, "Gym, who?"

    37. A Cricut Explore Air 2 for up to 36% off so you can get your scrapbooking on. It slices through vinyl, faux leather, paper, poster board, adhesive foils and more so you can basically open your Etsy shop now.

    The mint colored machine

    38. A Breville sous vide for 36% off that'll turn your kitchen into a 5-star restaurant because you'll be able to cook your food to perfection.

    the sous vide in a pot

    39. A 50-pound dumbbells set and stand for 20% off because the one upside of quarantining for a year was establishing an at-home workout routine. Trust me, the gyms still suck. Buy these and lift weights at home!

    The weights

    40. An Instant Pot air fryer for up to 35% off for satisfying your love of crunchy, fried foods faster than it would take for you to order takeout and wait for it to be delivered (at which point it'll be sad and soggy). You can make all your restaurant faves — like chicken wings, crispy breaded eggplant, charred veggies, and even donuts — with this magical appliance. It's even great for reheating foods that usually get mushy in the microwave, like pizza!

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