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RNC 2012

RNC 2012

Republicans Also Dialed Back Platform's Israel Language

The missing language: "Undivided" Jerusalem and an embassy move. Democrats under fire for a similar move.

GOP Chairman: "If The Election Were Held Today, We’d Be Winning Today"

Defends GOP convention from disappointing polling.

How To Be Gay And Republican

Gay conservatives explain their support for both Mitt Romney and marriage between gay couples.

How Mitt Romney's Convention Speech Played Across The Front Pages Of 10 Swing State Newspapers

For some in the country, it was the first look at the Republican nominee.

Jeb Bush And Rick Santorum Debate Hands Vs. Milk

Two of our favorite Republican convention moments combined.

Romney Thought Clint Eastwood's Speech Was Funny

A campaign official laughs off controversy surrounding the movie star's convention speech. Says the chair was a surprise, though.

Who Was Clint Eastwood Talking To?

The chair was empty... right?

A Brief History Of People Talking To Empty Chairs

Some people were talking to empty chairs before it was cool.

You Don't Tell Clint Eastwood To Stay On The Teleprompter

Kind of like the time I tried to talk Billy Crystal out of a Jewish joke. Celebrities are impossible to control.

Romney Finally Pivots In Tampa

He and his party speak to disillusioned Obama supporters. "Hope and change had a powerful appeal."

Mormons Celebrate Romney's Religious Coming-Out

Tears in Tampa. "It won't be a conversation topic any more," says Warren.

The Romney And Ryan Families Play With Balloons

After Mitt Romney accepted the GOP nomination, tens of thousands of balloons rained down on the Tampa Bay Times Forum. The young Romney and Ryan children and grandchildren couldn't resist having some fun on stage for the cameras.

The Best Televised Moments Of The RNC 2012

ICYMI, #RNC2012 was off the hook. THNX CSPAN!

Mitt Romney's Emotional Video Introduction

"I can't explain love. I don't know why it happens. I don't know why it endures," he says in RNC video reintroducing himself to America.

Forget The Media Mockery: Convention Crowd Loved Eastwood

"He's unique," says one delegate. "I don't think he was off the rails at all," says another.

Convention Rejects — Including "Daily Show" — Gather In CNN Grill

Republicans didn't grant them credentiials, Mandvi says. Foster Friess takes refuge.

The Clint Eastwood Scolding A Chair GIF

o_O. Relive the moment with this rubbable gif.

Mitt Romney Fist Bumped A Guy

Perfectly executed. Good show!

Romney: Jokes About Bain, Mormonism, And Says "Hell"

The trifecta. Romney's "Hell" joke is cathartic for Romney and his supporters.

The Greatest Clint Eastwood Tweets

The actor went off script at the Republican National Convention today, yelled at an empty chair, lit up the crowd, and may have alarmed his TV audience. Twitter caught fire.

Rachel Maddow Baffled By Eastwood's RNC Appearance

"That was the weirdest thing I've ever seen at a political convention in my entire life ... and it will be the weirdest thing I've ever seen if I live to be a hundred."

Clint Eastwood's Epic Speech At The RNC

Clint Eastwood talked to an empty chair for nearly 12 minutes tonight at the RNC in Tampa. And you thought televised political conventions were boring!

3 Stories To Make You Love Bishop Mitt Romney

On the final night of the Republican convention, former members of Romney's Mormon flock tell stories about his compassion. Here's the video. "When it comes to loving our neighbor, we can talk about it or we can live it: The Romneys live it."

Republican Convention Proves The Party Is Diverse, Say Republicans

Some Republicans hope voters will understand the party better after the convention. But Gov. Rick Perry says, "There are no stereotypes."

Jeb Bush's "Milk" Speech

Because choosing a school should be just like shopping for milk, duh.

Romney's Message: We're Not Extreme

A diverse cast on stage and a speech that looks outward aims to reassure independent voters. After Todd Akin, presenting an acceptable alternative to women.

GOP Uses Teleprompter To Count Votes

In a Republican National Conventionbattle between the party Establishment and insurgents, the outcome was predetermined. "The ayes have it!" reads Boehner.

Meet The Real King Of The Republican National Convention

Grover Norquist throws punches at "whiny Democrats" and social conservative "bigotry." "You're the smartest man in Washington," one fan gushes.

Who's The World's Foremost Balloon Expert?

More than 100,000 balloons will drop tonight on the Republican National Convention. Here's the guy responsible for the show. "It's like playing a piano."

The Internet Predicts The RNC Mystery Guest Speaker

You guessed it. Jon Voight. (It's Clint Eastwood, but Twitter missed the news).

This Photo Isn't Real

It's a fake. Here's the real story.

Twitter Users Take Offense At Paul Ryan's "Fading Obama Poster" Line

Young Obama supporters took offense at the Republican's line that "college graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading Obama posters."

Mitt Romney Jumbles Convention Message

A little of this and a little of that. "We're not Barack Obama and we're not crazy."

What The Republican Convention Looks Like On Pinterest

Prettier than it does everywhere else. (Also, did you know that basically everything comes in FLAG?)

Major Republican Speakers Avoid Two Words: "Tea Party"

Not a single prime time mention of the movement after two days of the Republican National Convention. Not Romney's crowd?

SPOILER: Nancy Reagan Won't Be The RNC Mystery Guest Speaker Tonight

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell broke the news today: "I've been told the surprise guest is definitely a man." Editor's Note: Everyone knows it's Clint Eastwood.

Christie On Defense After Convention Speech

He blasted media "idiots" for suggesting his late mention of Romney reflected a lack of enthusiasm.

Paul Ryan Sent Out 2008 Press Release On Decision To Close GM Plant

The Congressman acknowledges most work would stop in December 2008, but also noted the accelerated closure timeline only applied to the SUVs built at the plant.

That's A Lot Of Text Messages From The RNC

Nine identical texts from the Republican National Committee between 3:18 a.m. and 4:54 a.m. Drunk Texting?

Romney's App Gets New Life

Derided as a gimmick, the app is reborn as a tool for organizing and for pushing Romney's content on the social web. Supporters who downloaded it "have become our home base," sais Moffat.

The Most Important Line From The Republican National Convention So Far

Paul Ryan: "Without a change in leadership, why would the next four years be any different from the last four years?"

Condoleezza Rice Is Running For Something

She thrills the hall, and stokes speculation. "Where she came from and what she achieved."

Paul Ryan Sent GM CEO Letter In 2008 To Not Close Janesville Plant

Paul Ryan hit President Obama tonight in his speech for failing to keep open a GM plant in his hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin. The plant, however effectively closed in December 2008 and was put in stand by mode about a month before Obama took office. In this letter from June 2008 sent by Paul Ryan and the two Wisconsin Senators, Ryan asked the head of GM to reconsider closing the plant. The plant being in stand by mode leaves Obama open to the criticism it could have re-opened under his administration if the economy had improved. Obama had promised while visiting the plant in 2008 that it would stay open for 100 years.

Paul Supporters Stage Another Walkout At The Convention

This time, the Mainers were joined by delegates from several other states. It's "unscripted, unlike that fiasco in there."

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