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The Internet Predicts The RNC Mystery Guest Speaker

You guessed it. Jon Voight. (It's Clint Eastwood, but Twitter missed the news).

Peter Walker Kaplan 7 years ago

How To Raise $125,000 On Twitter

American politics now.

Peter Walker Kaplan 7 years ago
Peter Walker Kaplan 7 years ago

23 People Who Think That Hurricane Isaac Is A Biblical Signal About The Election

One hurricane can mean so many things to so many people. Especially when it's heading straight through day one of the RNC.

Peter Walker Kaplan 7 years ago

Union Aims To Register 615,000 Latino Voters

SEIU and its partners are "on track" to help produce 12 million Hispanic votes in November, an official says.

Peter Walker Kaplan 7 years ago

How Syria's Dictator Creates An Alternate Reality On Facebook

According to Bashar Al-Assad's meticulously updated Facebook page, his country doing just fine. Never mind the civil war.

Peter Walker Kaplan 7 years ago

Instagrams Of The Syrian Revolution

While the Egyptian revolution told its story on Twitter, these 32 images — horrifying, exhilarating, intensely personal and sometimes beautiful — chronicle the bloodiest conflict of the Arab Spring. [UPDATED]

Peter Walker Kaplan 7 years ago

7 Ways Bob Dylan Is Worse Than Jonah Lehrer

Jonah Lehrer got busted fabricating Dylan quotes, but Dylan has done a fair amount of fabrication over the years himself. Artists can get away with anything.

Rosie Gray 7 years ago

People Who Maybe Kinda Think Al Gore And Vidal Sassoon Died Today

The seminal American writer and cultural figure Gore Vidal passed away earlier today. Among his less notable achievements, he shared part of a name with Al Gore. And Vidal Sasson. Whether mourners are trolls or totally serious, these tweets have lead to a lot of confusion.

Peter Walker Kaplan 7 years ago

This Is What $500 Million Of Drugs Looks Like

The Australian police just busted a shipment of half a billion dollars worth of crystal methamphetamine and heroin off the coast of Thailand. The drug bust is the third largest heroin bust in Australian history and the largest ever crystal meth haul.

Peter Walker Kaplan 7 years ago

Graphic Video: Syrian Revolution Rages In Aleppo

Videos and tweets seem to show the opposition forces overtaking Assad's forces in the city.

Peter Walker Kaplan 7 years ago

Headline In Egyptian Tabloid: "Death To The Jews"

The popular Cairo tabloid Misr-el-Gadida posted this shocking headline in an article published yesterday. It's not subtle.

Peter Walker Kaplan 7 years ago

The Most Disgusting Thing Ever Washed Up On NY Beach

It's been called the "East River Monster." But they're not sure if it's a giant rat, a dog, or a pig, so you're pretty sure it's the most disgusting thing ever.

Peter Walker Kaplan 7 years ago

Mitt's Trickle-Down Muffin Science

Even when eating, Romney is a supply-sider.

Peter Walker Kaplan 7 years ago

6 Beautiful Amy Winehouse Songs You've Never Heard

A year ago, Amy Winehouse passed away in a tragic end to a long struggle with addiction and fame. But beneath Amy Winehouse's career plagued by addiction and crazed by the scrutiny of fame, was a richer, even more soulful songbook that not only displays her genius, but also a deep tenderness. Listen to this sad, wonderful playlist to remember her career that ended too early a year ago today.

Peter Walker Kaplan 7 years ago

In The Arab Press, Eyes Roll At Romney And Obama

Romney plays to Israeli dislike of Obama, but the Arabs aren't much fonder.

Peter Walker Kaplan 7 years ago

3 Raccoons That Will Kill You And Your Family

Maybe now you'll think twice about venturing into this raccoon-filled world.

Peter Walker Kaplan 7 years ago

Chilling Video Shows The Civil War In The Syrian Capital

Damascus is one of the world's oldest cities, as well as the capital of Syria. This afternoon rebels could be seen chanting "God is the Greatest" in unison as artillery exploded throughout the city.

Peter Walker Kaplan 7 years ago

Hamptons Independent Grumbles At Romney Caricature

It's not all chauffeurs and pearls. "Second to none" when it comes to inequality, says State Rep. Schneiderman.

Peter Walker Kaplan 7 years ago

Where Charles Barron Is Coming From

A '60s radical on the verge of joining the 113th Congress.

Ben Smith 7 years ago