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RNC 2012

RNC 2012

Mitt Romney Tells A Joke

Introducing his wife in a pre-taped segment, Romney jokes that Ann could take his place atop the Republican ticket — and that the press would like her better. Not bad!

Ann Romney: "It's Not Easy" On The Stump

"It is not easy on the wives, the children, the family, the friends because you see someone that you love being maligned, lied about, mistreated, abused, criticized." Miriam Adelson enjoyed the speech.

Rick Santorum: "Hands"

Rick Santorum blew up Twitter tonight with his hands-on speech at the RNC. Here are the best parts.

Inside Maine's Convention Revolt

The unseated Maine delegates didn't get what they wanted, and the whole delegation walked out. Romney and Paul brass united in their irritation: They're "acting like three-year-old children."

RNC Primetime Speaker Gave Extensive PowerPoint On How To Build Your Business With Government Money

Small business woman Sher Valenzuela, who is running for Lt. Governor in Delaware, is giving a primetime speech tonight at the "We Build It" themed day of the Republican convention. Valenzuela gave a PowerPoint-presentation to the Wilmington Women In Business forum in April entirely focused on working with the government to get government contracts to build your business. Media Matters also found she gave a similar presentation again in May.

Rubio Spars With Embedded Protesters

In a farcical scene, one protester after another stood up to shout at Rubio while he gave a breakfast speech. "Is there anyone else who'd like to give their opinion?"

Romney Camp Bets On Welfare Attack

Their most powerful weapon, a top aide says. "We're not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers," says Newhouse.

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