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RNC 2012

RNC 2012

George W. And H.W. Bush Deliver Support For Romney: "There's No Doubt In Our Mind Mitt Romney Will Be A Great President"

The elder and younger Bush addressed the Republican convention via video and offered their support to the former Governor of Massachusetts.

George H.W. Bush Does Dana Carvey Doing Him

I've waited my whole life to see this.

Romney Campaign Readies Post-Convention Blitz For Florida Hispanics

An "unprecedented ground game." And a lot of ground to make up.

Rand Paul Follows Establishment Script in Convention Speech

Not much talk of limited foreign policy in this speech, or Internet freedom. But still insists Obamacare is unconstitutional.

How To Raise $125,000 On Twitter

American politics now.

Top Senate Republican Seeks To Turn Obama's Likability To Liability

"We know what the President's got on his iPod, but we don’t know what he plans to do about a looming tax hike," McConnell will argue, according to excerpts obtained by BuzzFeed.

Surprise Proposal On Convention Stage

Production manager programs RNC stage to say "Will You Marry Me?" Spoiler: she said "Yes."

Ann Romney Makes A Play For Latino Voters

Back stage, she thought about Hispanics, Romney says.

Republican Convention Looks For A Star

Romney is at its center, but delegates are eager to hear from Rubio, Ryan, and other younger Republicans. Mitt is likable enough.

Romney Daughters-In-Law Argue Over Which Romney Son Is Cutest

This is apparently what passes for family drama in Romneyland.

Mitt Romney Tells A Joke

Introducing his wife in a pre-taped segment, Romney jokes that Ann could take his place atop the Republican ticket — and that the press would like her better. Not bad!

10 Elephant Accessories At The Republican National Convention

Many Republican women (and men) are sporting the party's spirit animal on their hands, necks, and heads.

John Sununu: Paulites Will Vote Romney Anyway

Sununu unfazed by Paul rebellion at the convention. The party is "unified."

Ann Romney: "It's Not Easy" On The Stump

"It is not easy on the wives, the children, the family, the friends because you see someone that you love being maligned, lied about, mistreated, abused, criticized." Miriam Adelson enjoyed the speech.

Chris Christie Explains Why He Didn't Talk Much About Mitt Romney

That was Ann's role. "It freed me up to put the choice in more general terms."

How Mitt Romney Decided To Start Talking About Mormonism Again

A dramatic, and perhaps risky, reversal for a careful candidate. Unlearning the "brutal" lessons of 2007.

Ann Romney And Chris Christie Debate The Nature Of Love

These two speeches to the Republican National Convention Tuesday were not meant to be back-to-back. Much less mashed-up.

Ann Romney Warms Republicans To Mitt

The best of her winning speech. An impossible act for Chris Christie to follow.

Ann Romney's Tomato Red Dress: Her Sartorial Safety Net

It was the perfect thing to wear to deliver a speech about "love." But it didn't tell us much about Ann.

Juan Williams: Ann Romney Looks "Like A Corporate Wife," Hard For Me To Believe She Struggled

The Fox commentator said tonight -- in remarks that are sure to draw comparisons from conservatives to Hilary Rosen's snipe that Ann Romney "didn't work a day in her life" -- that Ann Romney "looks to me like a corporate wife. The stories she told about struggles are hard for me to believe. I mean, she's a very rich women."

Artur Davis: Do "These Democrats Still Speak For You?"

"Do you even recognize the America they are talking about?"

Rick Santorum: "Hands"

Rick Santorum blew up Twitter tonight with his hands-on speech at the RNC. Here are the best parts.

Santorum, Davis Take Welfare Attack On Obama To The Convention

The Romney campaign's most powerful wedge takes center stage.

John Kasich Says Joe Biden Lied About Being A Good Golfer

"Joe Biden told me that he was a good golfer, and I played golf with Joe Biden I can tell you that's not true," the Ohio Governor said.

"America's Got Talent" Winner Blows RNC Away

Note to self: "God Bless The USA" is a crowd pleaser at any Republican party.

Romney Launches Chris Christie Google Ads For Keynote

With a captive audience watching the keynote, Romney directs people to a fundraising page and a link to watch the address.

Inside Maine's Convention Revolt

The unseated Maine delegates didn't get what they wanted, and the whole delegation walked out. Romney and Paul brass united in their irritation: They're "acting like three-year-old children."

The 20 Hat Trends At The Republican National Convention

Everything from cowboy hats with Pro-Life stickers, to Abe Lincoln-style top hats.

Chaos On The GOP Convention Floor

Shouting match erupts between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney supporters as the convention unceremoniously votes on Rules, Credentials.

RNC Primetime Speaker Gave Extensive PowerPoint On How To Build Your Business With Government Money

Small business woman Sher Valenzuela, who is running for Lt. Governor in Delaware, is giving a primetime speech tonight at the "We Build It" themed day of the Republican convention. Valenzuela gave a PowerPoint-presentation to the Wilmington Women In Business forum in April entirely focused on working with the government to get government contracts to build your business. Media Matters also found she gave a similar presentation again in May.

Univision Slams Rubio In Facebook Post, Apologizes

A "mediocre" politician and less Latino than Jeb Bush? The comment was "unpleasant" and unauthorized, says Univision.

Convention Rebels Gain Ground For Floor Fight

"The last thing you want to do is poke a stick in the eye of conservative activists," says Brown. Romney camp tries to hold the line on a compromise.

You Didn't Build That, God Built That!

A traditional religious view is also on message.

Romney Campaign Told Reporter They Didn't Want To Discuss Unseated Maine Delegation

Comes days after Colorado Communications Director was told not to talk to the press after telling a reporter not to ask Romney about abortion.

The Most Misunderstood Man In Tampa Explains His Words

David Brooks regrets your sense of humor.

Romney Adviser Lowers Expectations For Post-Convention Bump

Citing the hurricane and the timing of the Democratic convention, Stuart Stevens says, "All bets are off."

The Republican Platform In 16 Songs

Just don't tell Bruce Springsteen that "Thunder Road" is on this list.

Andrew Firestone From "The Bachelor" Is Now An RNC Delegate

Remember when he was on a TV show and made out with a bunch of girls, then chose one and they broke up anyway? Yes, well now he is a California delegate of the Republican National Convention.

Los Angeles Mayor Says Romney "Trotting Out People With A Spanish Surname" To Win Latino Vote

He's in Tampa, he says, in part to show solidarity with those awaiting Hurricane Isaac.

Rubio Defends Ryan On Medicare, Cuban Embargo Switch

"He's become a very consistent supporter of the embargo."

Ann Romney Says She’s No Fan Of The Teleprompter

The candidate's wife says the hardest part of tonight's speech will be sticking to the script.

Rubio Spars With Embedded Protesters

In a farcical scene, one protester after another stood up to shout at Rubio while he gave a breakfast speech. "Is there anyone else who'd like to give their opinion?"

Romney Camp Bets On Welfare Attack

Their most powerful weapon, a top aide says. "We're not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers," says Newhouse.

6 Photos Of Mermaids At The Republican National Convention

Undeterred by the hurricane, the Florida Aquarium hosted one of the first of its RNC parties last night — complete with swimming mermaids.

Romney Camp Hopes To Avoid Fight On Convention Floor

"It's going well," says Kaufman.

No Faith In Politics On The Greyhound To Tampa

Politicians' obsession with the middle class means neither party talks about, or to, the poor anymore. The apathy is mutual.

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