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Super Hot Trend: Blinged Out Republican Mom Swag

It's everywhere.

Come on into the conventions. First stop, the Official Romney Ryan store.

Where they sell a lot of mom swag.

There's lots of this...


A mom bling shirt.

See. Here's proof: a woman checking out some bling.

The pins are also INCREDIBLY popular.

But A LOT of people have their own personal custom made bling.

Like this watch bling.

This belt was legit swarovski crystals. The lady wanted me to know that.

Love the little detail of the bling in the star.

Eagle bling.

Jester bling.

North Dakota bling.

Jan Brewer is hot on the trend as well!

Yes, these are sequins so they're technically not bling. But still swag.

Bling sunglasses with matching earring bling.

A purse adorned with bling.

A delegate from Texas shows me her bling.

Cellphone bling.

Sparkle star bling.

A blinging blue shirt bling.

These Romney lanyards are really popular bling.

NObama bling.

Business card holder bling.

Simple, classy bling.

Elephant bling.

Ankle bling.

Wrist bling.

Bad pic, but those earrings were practically twinkling bling.

More elephant bling.

54% of eligible voters are women bling.

And last but not least, this multi-colored elephant bracelet thing bling.

All photos by Matt Stopera. By the way, the mom swag bling is def fab. Not drab.

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