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Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street

NYPD Presence At The Occupy Wall Street Concert

There were plenty of police (and barricades) around Foley Square on September 16, the anniversary of the Occupy movement, but nothing like when a politician or other political operative appears in the city.

Twitter-Loving Judge's OWS Ruling Is Full Of #LOLZ

Occupy Wall Street protester Malcolm Harris saw his bid to stop prosecutors from subpoenaing his Twitter records shut down by Manhattan's geekiest judge, Matthew Sciarrino Jr.

Video: Palin Takes On Occupiers

A few protesters tried to disrupt Sarah Palin's speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference today. They didn't last long: the crowd (and Palin herself!) chanted "USA, USA" at the occupiers as security removed them.

Iowa Coffee Shop Tosses A Group Of Occupiers

The owner of Java Joe's in Des Moines gave the boot to a handful of Occupy Iowa demonstrators Friday morning. The coffee shop's proprietor, who was hosting a scheduled appearance by GOP hopeful Newt Gingrich, said she "had to shut [the protest] down" and "couldn't stand it."

Occupy Melbourne's Tent Monsters

It’s illegal to camp out in the parks in Melbourne, Australia, so protesters decided to wear their tents as clothing. In America, this is what we would call trolling the cops.

A One-Percenter Speaks

Watch and despair for humanity.

UC Davis Pepper Spray LEGO Set

San Francisco artist Doctor Popular used an abandoned newspaper receptacle to install his LEGO diorama of last week's pepper spray incident at UC Davis. Doc Pop said he wanted "to get people thinking about recent police violence while they were trying to do their holiday shopping."

WWII Vet Owns Town Hall Meeting

The venerable Senator (and Occupy Wall Street supporter) Bernie Sanders held a town hall meeting at a Vermont high school last weekend, where World War II Veteran Verne McGrew stole the show. Listen to the kind man's wise words.

#OWS Protestors Interrupt President Obama

A group of Occupy Wall Street protestors interrupted President Obama during a speech promoting his jobs bill in Manchester, NH. I don't know about you, but I think he handled it pretty well.

Fox News On Pepper Spray: "It's A Food Product, Essentially"

I will say that for one brief second Megyn Kelly seems to concede that this was a bad move by police. But then Bill O'Reilly comes out and says, "I don't think we have the right to Monday-morning quarterback the police. Particularly at a place like UC Davis, which is a fairly liberal campus." What does that even mean?

Video Of A War Vet Getting Beaten By Police At Occupy Oakland

In the video, Kayvan Sabehgi, war veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan who claims he was peacefully protesting as part of the Occupy Oakland, Calif., movement on November 2nd. He was protesting in front of line of marching police officers in riot gear. At one point, a single officer appears to command Sabehgi to leave before shoving him and hitting him with a nightstick.

We Are The 99.99%

Are we the 99 percent? "The Guardian" crunches the numbers behind Occupy Wall Street's rallying cry.

Maybe Occupy Wall Street Has A Point

One horror story in North Carolina might help shine more light on why banks need shorter leashes.

Occupy Baltimore Interrupts Karl Rove Speech

To the GOP braniac's credit, he had the cohones cojones to not leave the stage and snap back at the protesters (unlike Scott Walker). Best line of the night: "This is actually the most fun you can have on a Tuesday in Baltimore."

UC Davis Students Pepper Sprayed During Peaceful Demonstration

Police maced a group of students at the University of California, Davis, yesterday after they refused to remove their tents from the quad. About 50 protesters have been camping out there since they were kicked out of the administration building two days prior. No fatal injuries were reported on the scene, but ... I'm not so sure UC Davis police can justify their actions here.

10 Tips For Filming Occupy Wall Street

Witness, the international human rights organization that trains activists on how to use video for change, have put together these tips on effectively filming and sharing documentation of protests, arrests, and police conduct.

OWS Raid Set To "New York, New York"

Filmmaker Casey Neistat filmed the November 15th OWS raid and set the beautifully tense scene to the iconic "New York, New York". If you can make it there you can make it anywhere. (Best bit is at 3:05)

Zuccotti Park Zoo: Being There

Cinema verite-style documentary footage of Zuccotti Park at night, before it got cleared out by NYC police on November 15, 2011.

Ally Bank Commercial Remixed As A Bank Robbery

This politically-charged mashup edits Ally Bank's "Stop Accepting Nonsense" commercial the way it should be -- with spliced fragments of bank heists from Hollywood movies. That's your money they're taking.

Occupy D.C. Comics

"Village Voice" cartoonist Ward Sutton had some ideas of his own how D.C. Comics should reboot their characters. It's never too late, D.C.! We've got at least an entire year until Election merch goes bad.

Oakland Police Hospitalize ANOTHER Military Veteran

Former U.S. Army ranger Kayvan Sabeghi was badly beaten with batons by Oakland police as he was on his way home from an Occupy demonstration Wednesday night. Sabeghi, a local business owner, was denied medical treatment for 18 hours while in jail and is now in intensive care with a ruptured spleen.

Protestors Occupy U.S. Senator's Office

About 20 to 30 protestors began a peaceful demonstration inside Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's office this morning in Washington D.C. Organizers of the group say they want to speak to him "face to face" about President Obama's Rebuild America Act, which McConnell and fellow Senate Republicans killed in a 51 to 49 vote.

The Truth About #OccupyWallStreet

Disclaimer: In this political banter, we cover the shocking truth about Occupy Wall Street from the POV of conservatives who aren't taking kindly to the prostests.

47 Photos Of #OccupyWallStreet Bearing The Cold

Citing "potential fire hazards," city officials confiscated six power generators and dozens of fuel canisters from the OWS camp this weekend. But protesters are still hanging in there -- despite the record October snowfall, high winds, inches of slush, and reports of hypothermia in Zuccotti Park. About 20 percent of the demonstrators left the scene Saturday, but "they'll be back," one protester said. "We're not going anywhere."

Banksy Contributes A Sculpture To Occupy London

The famed street artist put together a pretty fantastic piece for the protests. But then again, I always hated Mr. Moneybags so maybe I'm biased. (So in putting this together I discovered the Monopoly mascot's official name is apparently "Rich Uncle Pennybags." You mean those bags of money are filled with pennies? I don't think that's how rich uncles roll.)

The 1% Responds: #OccupyMainStreet

Typical rich people. They're always about the class warfare and illegal helicopter parking.

Man Attacks Occupy Albuquerque Protesters With Knife, Gets Tasered By Police

Albuquerque Police tasered 39-year-old Miguel Aguirre after he lunged at Occupy protesters with a knife and asked, "Who wants to be first?" He later told police his reason for the attack was because he felt the demonstration was disrespectful to the nearby university. He also admitted that he was on a days-long drinking binge.

Footage Of Hipster Cop

Detective Rick Lee was Occupying Ray Bans before it was cool. It's been confirmed: when off-duty, he wears skinny jeans.

Okay 1%, Your Move

This photo of Steve Way illustrates how wide-ranging and serious the Occupy Wall Street protestors are. The fact is that as long as Wall Street is financing elections, this will be a concern for Steve.


The force is 99% strong with this one.

The 53% Are Just Repeating History

Welcome to The Jungle. Man, it's like there was some crazy parallel "Gilded Age" somewhere in our not so distant past...

Occupy Wall Street Spreads To Norway

The Occupy Wall Street movement has finally arrived in Norway. So far it consists of one man only: 27-year-old Simen Spikkeland, who's set up camp outside Oslo Stock Exchange. It's hard to fight the system in a country with free health care and virtually no unemployment.

Occupy Wall Street Rap

It's about time. You can learn more about the issues addressed in 'Tap Dat A$$et' here.

Cornel West Arrested At Supreme Court

The Princeton professor and the 18 other demonstrators taken into custody will not be prosecuted for occupying the steps of the Supreme Court as part of the Occupy D.C. movement.

Occupy My Life: Marriage Proposal At #OccupyWallStreet

I wanted this moment to be a part of my story, and so I decided to take my special lady down to Liberty Plaza and ask her to be my wife using the people's mic to help me out.

Marine Veteran Scolds NYPD

When the Occupy Wall Street protest moved to Times Square on October 15th, Marine Sergeant Shamar Thomas was there to tell the police how it is. There is no honor brutalizing peaceful Occupy Wall Street protests.

#OccupyWallStreet Protests In Madrid

The protests in Madrid, were peaceful, family-oriented, and included people of all ages. The most amazing moment of the demonstration, which took place at Plaza del Sol (the heart of Spain's capital), was when a live orchestra performed Beethoven's 9th Symphony over loud speakers. It was an amazing experience, unlike anything I've ever seen in the States.

#OccupyWallStreet Protests Invade Times Square

In addition to the other #OccupyWallStreet demonstrations in New York today, an estimated 15-20,000 protesters have taken over Times Square. NYPD responded with paddy wagons in tow and have arrested somewhere between 40 to 100 protesters. Check out footage of tonight's event below, including a live stream of the Times Square scene.

NYPD Arrests Citibank Customer

I know the video looks like total chaos, but wait for the 0:90 mark.

#OccupyWallStreet Demonstrators To Protest In East Village

Demonstrators linked to #OccupyWallStreet are going to picnic in East Village, Manhattan's Tompkins Square Park at noon Saturday. The picnic in the park will be followed by a general assembly which, according to one activist, will include "food to share, drums, musical instruments, art supplies anything else you can think of to make this a fun and noisy but peaceful occupation." Some protesters have considered staying overnight.

Sean Parker Forgets How He Became Famous, Is An Ass

Seriously Sean? You made your name off of Napster (a program that took pirating mainstream and into the digital age) and are famous for being a wild partier. These people believe in something.

Hot Chicks Of Occupy Wall Street

A couple of guys were sitting around watching footage from Occupy Wall Street and noticed a lot of fine ladies making sure that the voice of the 99% gets heard.

SNL Alum/Crazy Person Victoria Jackson Goes To #OccupyWallStreet

Actual Quote from Jackson in the video: "The real issue is, Obama is a Marxist, and he is stirring up racial divide and class warfare on purpose." If she hadn't already long since ruined the re-watchability of Chris Farley-era SNL, she has now.

Here's What The 99% Are Angry About

Wonder what all this "Occupy" hubbub is really all about? Here's a quick guide. For even more in-depth analysis, check out Henry Blodget's post at

A Bar Is Pushing My #OccupyWallStreet Alternative

We started years ago and we will never stop. Our plan? Take the 99%, and drain it until it's the 1%, then we'll make it 0%. Then we'll go back to the store and make it 100% again. See the percentage changes all the time.

25 Kids At #OccupyWallStreet

We've seen the wide variety of people who are at Occupy Wall Street, and now that the movement has been lasting weeks, more and more kids are showing up to support their parents and fight for a better future for themselves. And they look as cute as you'd think they'd look while doing it.

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