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Chatterhead - A Short Fiml About The Debate In Our Heads.

Here is a film about the debate a young woman has in her head, as she walks home from work. To go for Bernie, or for Hillary? How do we decide?

edd4 3 years ago

When The Rent Is Too Damn High.

Here's a short film about leaving the cold noisy city for a more peaceful place, where you actually have time to enjoy life. It's not going to solve all problems, but it's a lot cheaper. That's something right there.

edd4 4 years ago

Watch This Pretentious Video About A Dog Artist Taking The Art World By A Sh*t Storm

This is the story of Charlie Chicken, Canine Artist - a rescue dog in Brooklyn who is taking the art world by a sh*t storm. This 3 minute short film is an official selection at the puppy pound international film festival

edd4 4 years ago

BREAKING! Banksy Is Revealed....and You're Not Going To Believe Who He Is.

ALERT! He's a rescue dog from Puerto Rico named Charlie Chicken. This is his story. TRT: 3 min. [Official selection] Puppy Pound International Festival. A film by Edward David

edd4 4 years ago

F1 Real Life Driving Video Game With Sebastian Vettel

Basically it's real life Ridge Racer. You sit down, you drive, you get time, and you try to win. Was a really cool spot to work on.

edd4 5 years ago

Banned Disney Channel Pilot - Alan Smithee

Here's a TV Pilot that went a little too far.

edd4 6 years ago

Banned Tic Tac Commercial

A very sick and kind of beautiful in its own way commercial for Tic Tacs. Too hot for them to handle. Watch at your own risk.

edd4 6 years ago
edd4 6 years ago

#OccupyWallStreet: Where Do We Go From Here?

Director Ed David traveled to Liberty Plaza on the one month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street to find out where the movement is headed next.

edd4 7 years ago

The Police and the Protestors

Occupy Wall Street. A music video played to the National that is a rally-cry for the protest movement.

edd4 8 years ago

Dying and Dinner Parties

Kathleen has been preparing for her own death for over ten years when she first volunteered for hospice care. And quite uniquely, she is also a hospice volunteer. Even with a terminal illness she continues on with good humor and a buddhist-like sensibility- seeing her end as just another thing that happens - just like her fabulous dinner parties. Hospice care provides humane care for terminally-ill people in the last phases of their life as well as for the families of those who are in the last stages of their life. Since the shooting of this film, Kathleen has passed away. This is one segment of the documentary film, "Lessons for the Living." Lessons for the Living Film at: Share your hospice story at: DIRECTOR Lily Henderson CINEMATOGRAPHER Ed David PRODUCERS Leslie Koren / Shani Hashaviah

edd4 8 years ago

Kathleen On Dying and Dinner Parties - Excerpt

It's an interview with a woman who is dying but works to help those who are actively dying. She has since passed away since the interview.

edd4 8 years ago