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Free Tampons At Occupy Wall Street

We had to do something to stop the bleeding.

theluxuryspot 8 years ago

Occupy Wall Street: Free Tampons to Stop Economic Bleeding

Free Tampons to Stop the Economic Bleeding.

theluxuryspot 8 years ago

U of Washington Semen Letter

Is semen really not water soluble?!

theluxuryspot 8 years ago

Vajazzler to Represent Dunkin Donuts??!

The queen of vaginal arts needs your help to sprinkle her love on your donut!

theluxuryspot 8 years ago

The Girl With The Pearl Necklace

Want a REAL pearl necklace that has 0% chance of getting in your hair or in your eye?! Now you can buy one!

Emily 9 years ago

DIY Viagra

Just because the economy is down doesn't mean your schlong has to be, too.

theluxuryspot 9 years ago

Three Ways To Rescue a Kitten From a Tree

Watch as several teams of people attempt a whole variety of ill-advised ways to save a kitten stuck in a tree.

Gary He 9 years ago

Vatooing Your Vagina (Semi-NSFW)

Vatooing is so 2011, vajazzling is so 2010.

theluxuryspot 9 years ago

Vatooing (NSFW)

Vagina Tattoo = Vatoo ...or Twattoo?

theluxuryspot 9 years ago

Happiest DJ in the World

This man is clearly the happiest DJ on the planet, and we just hope every dad in America ends up just like this guy.

theluxuryspot 9 years ago

F*%king Foucault at the Guggenheim

If you like fucking and you like museums, this one's for you.

theluxuryspot 9 years ago

Chris Brown's Kiss Kiss (American Sign Language)

this is seriously the best video ever

theluxuryspot 9 years ago

Handyman Willing to Whack (bushes, People, Whatever)

Free estimates on anything you can imagine: including killing.

theluxuryspot 9 years ago

Cutest Unknown Species: MUST HAVE

What is this creature? We're guessing Paris Hilton already has one in her purse.

theluxuryspot 9 years ago

Penis Painting [NSFW]

Your penis can help support the arts! [Ed Note: Meet Tim Patch, aka "Pricasso." He paints things using his penis as a brush. Which, why the hell not? I guess?] (Via.)

theluxuryspot 9 years ago

90 Types of Bitches (as told by a 3rd grader)

The first 14 are good, the rest are even better... shout out to all the Sloppy Bitches!

theluxuryspot 9 years ago

Soccer Thong: Helps You Score

New Trend Alert: Men in Thongs... being athletic! SCORE!

theluxuryspot 9 years ago

Barbie Wears "F*CK Me" Heels... for Kids!

Barbie teaches your daughter to dress like a skank and wear $1000 shoes! Hooray for values!

theluxuryspot 9 years ago

Fashion Meets Oral Herpes

Orthodontics + fashion = recycled retainer jewelry. Free oral herpes included with every purchase.

theluxuryspot 9 years ago

Vajazzling: THE VIDEO! (vajideo?)

The complete vajazzled process... Semi-NSFW!

theluxuryspot 9 years ago