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'Days Of Our Nine Lives': The Life And Times Of Bosco The Cat

Bosco the cat has learned a great many things about life, love and the universe in his five months of being the cutest thing to ever walk the face of this earth. Here are a few that he would like to share with you. The rest can be found in his upcoming autobiography 'Days Of Our Nine Lives'. You're welcome world, you're welcome.

Cat Treadmills

The random things that cats do while sitting at home alone all day. Don't know if I'd be this imaginative.

Short And Cute

A short and cute little closeup of Oscar. Perfect bank holiday viewing!

Cutest Meows And Chirps Ever

Short video-compilation. I assure you that there's much many videos with meowing, and chattering Nikita. She likes to communicate with us and with...herself? ;)

Kitten's 1st Snowfall

Not being able to walk hasn't stopped the brave & beautiful Lua from experiencing this magical moment.

Cutest Cat In America

Forget about all your fancy foreign cats, this cute fellow is born in the USA and Jersey Strong!!

Cat Chirps to Birds

Watch Leo the cat try to lure birds to the window with his sweet chirps.

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