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15 Animals That Should Just Give Up Trying To Fit In That Box.

If I fits I sits. Sorta. Kinda.

1. Seriously why are you even trying?

It doesn't even fit your head.

2. I don't think that's your size miss.

3. Oh you look so happy.

Well at least you were close.

4. Is that shame on your face?

It should be kitty, I don't think the attempt was really worth it.

5. Oh yeah, that looks comfortable...

6. Ok ok! You can stay in the box

Even though you clearly don't fit...

7. The face says it all.

8. Hey wait, aren't you the cat from number 1?

Seriously give it a rest. You'll never fit.

9. Well you almost fit too..

Plus, I'm pretty sure you'd bite my hand off if I told you to stay out of the box.

10. Well this always looked like it was going to work

11. If you didn't have a tail this would work.

But you do so get out of there.

12. The allure of sunkist is apparently too great for critters.

What a perfect head sized box...

13. Probably not the best place to sit.

14. These cats are ridiculous.

Like seriously.

15. Bonus: Bear in a birdhouse.

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