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The Stages Of Being A Muddy Dog

Dogs do love to get dirty by splashing through puddles, jumping into lakes and generally making themselves as mucky and muddy as possible. If this sounds like your dog, sign up to Muddy Dog Challenge 2015.

If Cats Ruled The World

OK, they reckon they already do but if felines were actually in charge this is what would definitely happen. Vote for who you think should be Battersea Dogs & Cats Home's Purr Minister at

Dogs Who Know How To Christmas

We all love the party season but our four-legged friends go all out for the festivities.

If Moggies Made Halloween Movies

They're no scaredy cats.

10 Cats Who Are Stuck In Stuff But Totally Styling It Out

Our feline friends love a good explore but curiosity can get the better of the cat.


Energetic, sensitive chap Biscuit is at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home waiting for a family.

Story Time For Battersea's Dogs And Cats

Mini animal fans have been reading to our dogs and cats to help them relax while they wait for new homes. The dulcet tones of the school children are soothing for our cats and canines so they can de-stress and maybe even learn a little something.

If Dogs Worked In Offices

Here at Battersea, we love a canine companion in the office and our residents often spend their days chilling out with us while they wait to find new families. However, they don't make the best workers. Here's why.

Pets Show Their Selfies

Dogs and cats have been striking poses to help raise money for pooches and pusscats in need at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. Text DOGS to 70800 to donate £5 to help rebuild London kennels.

15 Cats And Dogs Who Have Got Valentine's Day Down

These guys won't be feline lonely on February 14th.

Hey Jude, That's Not Particularly Helpful

Jude the cat has been lending a paw in our London office while he waits for a new home. He's not quite got the hang of it though.

Why Cats Aren't Good At Getting Stuff Done

All those little daily tasks become virtually impossible when you're a cat. The to-do list goes like this. You can help them to tick 'find a new home' off the list by visiting

When Mutts And Movie Magic Meet

The best movie poster remakes ever - because dogs like being famous on the Internet too. Battersea Dogs & Cats Home residents have gone from rags to riches to follow in the pawprints of Tinseltown's celebrated canines. Too cute.

5 Cats Who Love A Cheesy Disco

These cats are keen on strutting their stuff whenever their favourite pop classic comes on the radio. #CatTakeover

15 Ways That Cats Are Trying To Take Over Our Lives

Fed up with just ruling the roost on the internet, cats are trying their hand taking over in the real world too. #CatTakeover