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    15 Ways That Cats Are Trying To Take Over Our Lives

    Fed up with just ruling the roost on the internet, cats are trying their hand taking over in the real world too. #CatTakeover

    1. They will scupper your plans for a sunbathe

    2. A mouse will bring out their possessive streak

    3. They will be the first to the morning's headlines

    4. Don't even think about washing your hands here

    5. They have control of the TV remote

    6. Do not leave your wine unattended

    7. Cooking may become a challenge

    8. Don't expect to get your favourite spot on the sofa

    9. Your gardening becomes just another place to sprawl

    10. They will try and prevent the weekly food shop

    11. Your sleeping arrangements may need assessing

    12. It may be necessary to store the laundry elsewhere

    13. Your Christmas tree gets a new decoration

    14. Important paperwork must be filed away

    15. But, we wouldn't have it any other way ... right?!