Cutest Kitten Photo Progression Ever?

These two kittens produced an amazing array of photos, in one of the cutest montages ever.

1. Let’s meet Chipmunk and Squirrel

Chipmunk (a girl, top) and Squirrel (a boy, bottom) were foster kittens for the San Francisco SPCA and these photos were taken when they were 4 weeks old.

2. So what’s all the fuss with these kittens?

Squirrel liked to ham it up for the camera while Chipmunk tended to get pushed behind, but let’s be honest, she’s adorable too

3. Here we go…

Yeah, that’s what the fuss is about.


“raaaaaaaaoooooowwwwwrrrrrrrrrr” -Squirrel

“le sigh” -Chipmunk


Hey there Squirrel, why were you blocking your sister?


“Roar”- Squirrel

“Get over yourself” -Chipmunk

7. Topsy turvy…

Uh oh, everything got turned around. Chipmunk was not looking amused.


And again…


This is when you can tell Chipmunk was not pleased as she obviously wanted to sleep, but Squirrel was still wanting to get up.


And the case of the yawns is back for Squirrel!

11. Chipmunk’s Turn!


Squirrel decided to pop out (of the bowl with a towel in it) and Chipmunk got her moment to roar alone…


A quick pause…


“And ROOOOOAAARRRR again!” oh Miss Chipmunk, always the lady.

14. Best friends forever!

And after a snack, they went back for a good hug! If only all siblings looked like they were hugging mid-tackle!

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