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Oscar The Cat And His Life With His Tiny Human

How has Oscar's life changed since his baby brother arrived? Watch them sweetly get to know each other.

linz457 2 years ago

Growling Cat Eating

The audio on this video is hilarious! Kimi is eating and growling and then, half way through, Oscar sits on the camera and starts purring and kitten squeaking. Plus there is such a derpy moment from Kimi after she inhales some of her food.

linz457 4 years ago

Kimi And Oscar Present...

"Oh, Catmus Tree" Christmas tree + Christmas tree box = best day ever!

linz457 4 years ago

Oh, Catmus Tree

Kimi and Oscar present 'Oh, Catmus Tree'. Christmas tree, check! Christmas tree box = best day ever!

linz457 4 years ago

"Apparently Kid" Makes Hilarious TV Debut On Local News

"Apparently grandpa just gives me the remote after we watch the Power Ball."

Logan Rhoades 5 years ago

Awesome Proposal

Brian proposes to Lyndsey with help from A' Choired Taste. Lyndsey thinks she's looking for his gran's escaped dog and turns the corner to find their families and the wonderful choir her dad sings with.

linz457 5 years ago

Cat Steals Food Bowl

Pesky cat Oscar steals Kimicat's food right out from under her nose.

linz457 5 years ago

Meanwhile In Scotland

Kasabian fan performs an extreme stage dive...from a balcony. Ezz-eh, ezz-eh!

linz457 5 years ago

Short And Cute

A short and cute little closeup of Oscar. Perfect bank holiday viewing!

linz457 5 years ago

The Cutest Thing You've Seen All Day

Watch little Oscar fight his nap time.

linz457 5 years ago

Sleepiest Kitten Ever

Watch tiny little Oscar snooze and nod his head as he strives to stay awake.

linz457 5 years ago

Oscar's Human

All cats pick their humans and Brian just happens to be Oscar's.

linz457 5 years ago

Kitten Rolls Around In A Sunbeam

That little belly is guaranteed to make you squee!

linz457 5 years ago

Gif Vs Video

Help needed: Have you seen this gif?

linz457 5 years ago

Oscar's First Christmas Tree

Proving that cats are the best decoration on any Christmas tree.

linz457 5 years ago

Oscar's Cute Surprise

Just some lazy, Sunday morning cuteness with a sweet surprise from Oscar. Could this little guy be any more adorable?

linz457 6 years ago

Tiny Little Oscar Kitten

Prepare to squee!

linz457 6 years ago

Cute Wake Up

Louder (and cuter) than any alarm clock.

linz457 6 years ago

Oscar Makes Kimi The Grouch

Nevermind kitten Oscar, he makes Kimi the grouch.

linz457 6 years ago

Cat Turf Wars

Late last night, at precisely 00:26, a battle of wits and claws commenced in our living room, focused around two key zones: the couch and the window. The battle lasted around half an hour but we have managed to condense the footage to show only the key power plays. Who do you thing one this round of domination?

linz457 6 years ago