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17 Pets Who Won't Let You Poop In Peace

"I'ma watch you now, k?"

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1. "I overheard something going on in there."

2. "Why do you keep closing this—just...ungghh...let"

3. "Seriously, why do you keep locking this thing every time you go in there with your iPad."

4. "Hey when's dinner? Take your time! We'll be right here when you're done."


5. "Rule #651: Never poop alone. Don't worry, we got you this time!"

6. "I'ma watch you now, k?"

7. "We're settled in for the long haul, so don't feel uncomfortable."

8. "Judging you..."


9. "Duuuude...go see a doctor."


11. "What's going on up there?"

12. "I seen things today that I can never unseen."


13. "You disgust me, human."

14. "Aaaaaand I've officially lost my innocence."

15. "Never lock the door on us again."

16. "Why, am I making this experience rather awkward for you?

17. "Good. Now you understand how it feels."

"I'll be at the litter box if you need me." / Via

"I'll be at the litter box if you need me."