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    31 Extremely Talented Animals

    "I invented Latin, what did you ever do?" —these animals. (Rushmore stole that line from them.)

    1. This amazing balancer.

    2. This prodigy bank teller.

    3. This genius athlete.

    4. This sibling team.

    5. This table-setting dog.

    6. This cat who will not be tamed by your "rules".

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    7. This cat showed such talent, the dog was too stunned to run out the door right away.

    8. Watch this dog complete the most dangerous scooter maneuver ever attempted by dogkind.

    9. This band.

    10. This freeze dance champion.

    11. Not sure who has the talent-the scooting dog, or the patient cat.

    12. Now this dog's patience is a talent honed over years of annoyance.

    13. I certainly can't shake my booty like this.

    14. This dog who is no doubt a master ballerina with those spotting skills.

    15. This master fisherfish.

    16. This sly thief.

    17. Clearly, an olympic hurdler.

    18. It takes that extra talent to WORK MACHINERY.

    19. This bird who figured out how to enjoy a nice cold one.

    20. This cat who will not be fooled by your games.

    21. This super balancer.

    22. This arteeeeest!

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    23. This cat who is stellar at the lava game.

    24. When was the last time you successfully dunked a basketball?

    25. It takes a special talent to make a simple task even more simple.

    26. Well, one of these cats is talented.

    27. It takes most ninjas years to perfect this trick and this bunny is like "Whatever, this is just what I do."

    28. I mean, look at that guy go backwards.

    29. Extremely talented escape artist.

    30. Basically, this mouse's whole existence is a big pile of talent.