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The 40 Most Awkward Cats Of 2013

Thanks to these cats for making our year.

1. This cat who can't process the family's poor choice of decor.

2. This cat who learned that the big red dot was not in fact a laser light.

3. This cat who doesn't know how she got here.

4. This kitty who doesn't understand how his food dispenser works.

5. This bride who suddenly got cold feet.

6. This cat who just wanted to try on a pair of sandals but ruined everything.

7. This cat who thought holding on the door frame for dear life would be a good way to hide from the dog.

8. This poor cat who was forced to be a in a rap video.


9. This cat who derps too hard.

10. This guy who smelled something really bad and doesn't know how to control his facial expressions about it.

11. This cat who decided to twerk on a moving vehicle.

12. This unicorn who actually tasted the rainbow and is now in a trance.

13. This cat who just listened to Beyoncé's new album.

14. This cat who forgot how cat naps work.

15. This cat who's been working out and wants to show off his physique, but looks weird instead.

16. This feline who regrets her decision to get on the swing.

17. This contortionist.

18. This cat who thinks she's a horse.

19. This candid photo of a cat in mid-sneeze.

20. This cat who forgot how to cat.

21. And this one.

22. This cat who can't even take a decent shower.

23. This guy who still can't figure out how to get through a cat door.

24. This hungry cat who likes the smell of raw meat, apparently.

25. This guy who refuses to believe he can't fit in the box.

26. This cat who's starting to feel guilty for her actions.

27. This kitty who's beside himself for some unknown reason.

28. Gucci, the cat who likes to wear tights.

29. This kitten who can't figure out how to catch a mouse.

30. This cat who popped up at the wrong moment.

31. This cat who looks like she just smoked a bowl of weed.

32. This boner-fied feline.

33. This kitty who's just trying to make some friends.

34. This cat who doesn't know the difference between bread and a pita.

35. This guilty conscience.

36. This cat who ate a wasp and now hates everything.

37. This cat who went out of her way to drink water from the sink rather than her bowl.

38. This cat watching Breaking Bad.

39. This kitten who freaked the hell out over a lizard that's smaller than her.

40. And this cat who tried yoga once but never again.