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Cat Vs Cat Bed

Is this cat bed possessed or what?

Cutest Kitten Ever!

This is Eddie, my little Napoleon Munchkin kitten. I fell in love with him at first sight!

Cat Puts Crying Baby To Sleep

Watch how this cat uses her motherly instincts to put a crying baby to sleep. The cat has an amazing look at the end of the video.

Awesome Cats

Meet BoBo cat & Nikita kitten (both are male). I tried to record something interesting and in very good quality (1080p), so if you love cats - watch this video.



24 Cats That Love Car Tires

Another reason to check your tires before you drive

Cat Vs Paper Plane

Kimicat's at it again. this round she's up against a poorly made paper plane. Check out the flips!

My Cat Is Stupid

All you need is a camera and a cat to make a dumb cat video. Wait for it...

How To Prepare A Raw Diet For Your Cat

The healthy alternative to dry cat food in this easy and convenient system to give your cat healthy fresh meals every day; even if you're busy!

From 0 Cats To 5 In Less Than Six Months

Until january this year, my girlfriend and I didn't own any cats. Then we adopted one. Then another. And another one. Guess we're a crazy cat couple.

Theodore The Cat Snoring Really Loudly

Yep. This video is just what the title says it is.

Kittens Gone Wild

Our kittens Thunder & Monkey having a wild time.

Cat Struggles To Determine Self Worth

A short film about one cat's endless struggle to discover who she really is. (The pillow is a mirror)

Peek-A-Boo Cat

Heeeeeres PUDGE

Momma Cat And Baby Kitten Hug And Cuddle

Scottish Fold momma Coco hugs her little one. Heart-bursting cuteness!

Cat Face Surprise

That hedge looks suspicious.

A Cat And A Dog Trying To Eat Each Other

Mango and Milkshake just can't get enough of each other. But are they just play-fighting, or are they actually really, really hungry?

This Cat Is A Prima Ballerina

She can dance, she can jive, she's having the time of her life. Just look at those pirouettes!

A Cat Chasing A Dog Chasing A Leash

Anything this dog can do, this cat can do better.

Cat drinker.

Cat likes to drink

Gotta Love Those Kittens

Well, that's what it said in the owners manual!

Kitty Cat, Silly Cat, Spinning all around!

Dizzy Kitty! This is the cutest kitten that looks like its in a drunken stupor. Adorable and HILARIOUS with a very catchy song!

My New Foster Kitten, We Named Him Wolfie!

Watch him and his sisters romp, play and be cute as ever! I'm vlogging about my experiences fostering kittens. Subscribe to get to know these little guys and follow their progress!

Kimi's Modern Life

A window into the life of a modern cat.

Ten Classic Cat Videos Condensed To Three Frames

For the cat enthusiast who is short on time, amazing cat moments in less than a second apiece. Watch them on an infinite loop and read about what makes each of these videos worthy of their beloved place in cat video history. [H/T to three frames]

Cat Meets Camel

Pancake the kitten meets Nessie the camel.

12 Embarassed Bathed Cat Demons

Bathing a cat can be a hilarious and traumatizing experience. Just ask these demonic hellcats who were caught in the act.

Cutest Kitten Photo Progression Ever?

These two kittens produced an amazing array of photos, in one of the cutest montages ever.

Kitten Spy

I really like the kitten-spy in camouflage coat.

Super Cute Russian Dancing Girl

But...what's that lurking black cat up to?

Feline Slumber Party

If this doesn't warm your heart then you must not have one! Best Friends is one of the best charities out there for animals.

Holly Cat

Im cat :3

The Kitty Knight Rises And Kitty Of Steel

Cat blogger Sweet Furr decided to dress her cats Cooper and Pancake up as the caped crusaders. I would watch this movie.

NyaRan, Japan's Travel Agency Spokes-Cat

Cats seem to really be afforded the respect and adoration they deserve over in Japan. NyaRan is the big name star behind these advertisements for Jalan, a travel booking company.

Top 15 Mylo The Cat Memes

After over 30 Million internet video views, Mylo the Cat decided to take his talents to the print world.

Four Cute Kittens Sleeping In A Drawer

Where are the kittens? Mad cute.

How to Scare A T-Rex

"Ferocious" kitties work every time.

Cat and baldeet or cat that cool!

Cat that cool! cat sprawled on a bookshelf and was super! it is very very good!

The Happiest Kitten Ever

Look at that smile! Nothing like lounging around on your favorite day-glo pink blanket.

Meet Milo

Since you guys liked Milo so much for Caturday, here's a tid bit of story on him. videos next post!

Kittens First Day Wearing A Collar

Complete loss of all motor skills

Disabled Cat Gets A Set Of Wheels

After an injury as a kitten left Africa the tabby cat without the use of his hind legs, his owners came up with a novel way for him to get around.

Zombie Cat

Around 3AM one night Kero was completely zonked out on my bed. He was trying to stay up with me while I worked on my smartphone app. He didn't really react to my poking him and he wasn't blinking. Zombie cat!

Kitten Club: Kitten Vs. Vacuum Cleaner

Rule #1 of Kitten Club is, you do not talk about Kitten Club.

Pip The Kitten Isn't Quite Like Everybody Else

Pip can't walk normally on his two front legs, because they were born bent. That hasn't slowed him down one bit, though, as Pip has learned to walk on his elbows, jump around on his elbows, and be ludicrously, overwhelmingly adorable on his elbows. Pip, Pip, hooray!

Kitten Stowaway Survives A 6,500-Mile Trip From Shanghai To Los Angeles

"Ni Hao" (what workers at the Carson Animal Center have been calling her) was trapped inside a container aboard a freighter. She was discovered after the container was delivered, a bit dehydrated but otherwise healthy. She will be placed for adoption after her quarantine is cleared and she receives her vaccinations.

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