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The Naughty Yet Sweet Cat

He's the naughtiest cat that I've ever had. He's that kinda cute and smart cat.

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He was the naughtiest cat that I've ever had. Although the fact that he's not my own cat because he was my cousin's own pet but I do love him so much.I always give him food for lunch and dinner that's why I got closer to him.It is true that when cat get older he will find for his partner. From that time he was always outside courting a female cat. Sometimes he didn't went back home and my cousin starts looking for him. He did it many times until one day when he left home looking for his partner, he doesn't went back anymore. We tried to find for him but no one could tell us where he was. As days passes by, we still waiting for him to came back but unfortunately he did not come back anymore. We were sad for his lost but we has nothing to do with it but to accept what happened. He was very nice and sweet despite of his being naughty. He was playful too and he played with my dog. That's one thing I liked him because they treated each other as best friend. And I missed him a lot.

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