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Kickstarcher: No Small Potatoes

Yesterday when Zack Brown's potato salad Kickstarter received $30,298 (it's already passed $38K today), Chicago photographer and self-proclaimed business geek, C.B. Lindsey, decided to crunch some numbers to see how this might play out for Mr. Brown's recipe.

thealux • 4 years ago

10 Top Cats Ready For SNL

Despite the high numbers of kitty cats in America, SNL hasn't featured a feline since Toonces drove off his last cliff in 1993. With cat-marketing being at an all time high, here are the top 10 komedy kitties we think are ready for SNL.

thealux • 5 years ago

17 Tiny Horses In The City

You might not know it, but tiny horses are everywhere. Via TinyHorses

thealux • 6 years ago

9 Awesome Illustrations Of Best Picture Oscar Nominees

Illustrator Jason Adams made it a point to see every film nominated for best picture and came up with a stunning print for each.

thealux • 6 years ago

13 People Who Just Realized Reindeer Are Real

Reindeer: they're not just Christmas mascots. They're real. Via @UnlikelyWords.

thealux • 6 years ago

15 People Who Look Like Running Basset Hounds

Combining the awesome power of running basset hounds and Tadao Cern's photographs of gale-force winds to the face.

thealux • 6 years ago

39 People Wearing The Same Hot Dog Hat

The secret to happiness might be directly related to this awesome hot dog hat.

thealux • 7 years ago

15 Cat Meow-Yawns

Adorable cat owners fawning over their sleepy kitties. Oh, and the cats meow when they yawn.

thealux • 7 years ago

17 Smug Turtles

These reptiles think they're better than you.

thealux • 7 years ago

23 Zoo Animals That Will Eat Your Children

This is a friendly public service announcement reminding you that wild animals will always want to eat your children.

thealux • 7 years ago

14 Cats Washing Dishes

These polite felines don't mind helping with the after-dinner chores.

thealux • 7 years ago

Draw Something Conan

Conan O'Brien's image is up for interpretation when he's at the mercy of an artist's stubby fingers.

thealux • 7 years ago

The Easter Bunny Is Bad At Twitter

These Easter Bunnies lost interest in social media.

thealux • 7 years ago