Kittens See A Tortoise For The First Time

A scene of sheer wonder and curiosity.

1. “What is this strange looking cat?”

The Pet Collective / Via

This is the very first time these little kittens have ever seen anything that isn’t a cat.

2. Getting a closer look…

The Pet Collective / Via

“Do you speak cat, sir?”

3. Someone needs to be brave

The Pet Collective / Via

“I’m going in, guys.”

4. First Contact

The Pet Collective / Via

“It doesn’t appear to be dangerous.”

5. Others get brave…

The Pet Collective / Via

“I think it’s wearing some sort of armor.”

6. They close in…

The Pet Collective / Via

“We have you surrounded, strange looking cat.”

7. The tortoise don’t care…

The Pet Collective / Via

“So guys, uh, now what?”

8. Playtime is over…

The Pet Collective / Via

…the tortoise has places to be. So the kittens bid it a confused, “Farewell, strange looking cat.”

“You can’t direct a kitten.” A fact that the filmmakers of “Space Kittens” learned quickly this past weekend when they showed the litter their first ever tortoise in the green screen. As the kittens quickly reacted with bemused curiosity, and with the cameras rolling, the filmmakers further learned quickly that when it comes to directing kittens…you just don’t have to.

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