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Rambo The Tortoise

An armed tortoise roams the beaches of LA in search of cucumber, lettuce, and a cause.

Happy World Turtle Day! 13 Totally Tubular Turtles

Big, small, squatty, long... all in all pretty funny looking. We've gotta say, we're thankful for turtles! We've put together all the cutest turtle photos we can find as a grand gesture of appreciation for these rad reptilians.

52 Ways To Save Sea Turtles

East Coast marine animal rescue teams just released 52 endangered sea turtles off the coast of Florida after a non-stop 24-hour road trip from New England.


Never seen a picture book about fraternal twins before. So I made one.

Turtle Escapes After 70 Years

Willie is on the loose in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. "He just got out somehow."

Meet Audrey: A Special Turtle's Story

Audrey spent the first 20 years of her life living in a bucket. Today she's the spokes-turtle for LittleResQ, a turtle rehabilitation and rescue organization located out of Toronto.

Cutest Voice-Over Recording Ever

Meet the adorable 4-year old named Carl who is the voice of Toby Turtle.

Science To Turtles: "You're Built Backwards!"

Why? Because turtles can breathe through their butts and pee from their mouths. Thanks for letting us know this important and world-shattering news, scientists!

This Turtle Is Crying Because He's Happy

This enormous (and yet, underweight) leatherback sea turtle got stranded in the right place at the right time. Rescued by IFAW and Mass. Audubon, rehabbed and released by the New England Aquarium, he's now on the move with a new lease on life. This could be only the third time in history for a successful leatherback sea turtle rescue and release! Here's how it went down:

Turtle Love

turtle loves Wellington boot

Turtles And Sex

turtles have a funny way to have sex

Why Turtles Are So Much Better Than Cats

Turtles and tortoises are perfect in every way, and yet the internet is still dominated by cats. I honestly shouldn't need to explain this to you guys, but here's why you should be giving turtles your attention instead.

Giant Pet Tortoises Will Make You Cooler

Dogs and cats are great, but perhaps it's time to step up your waning esoteric nature and raise a 100lb tortoise. Imagine the looks on the faces of the dog park regulars. [Editor's note: Removing wild tortoises from their homes is cruel and illegal. However, in some states -- such as Arizona, Utah, California, and Nevada -- abandoned tortoises who have been bred in captivity are in need of loving homes]

Lonesome George The Giant Tortoise Has Died Aged 100 - Watch Him In His Prime

Lonesome George became a symbol for the Galapagos Islands and environmental campaigners as the last of his species, but sadly the old timer passed away at the ripe old age of 100. This video, taken in 2009 shows George in his prime enjoying life on his island home.

Hey Buster Jr, Get Back Here!

An adult African tortoise keeps a careful eye on a litter of four hatchlings on June 14 as they explore in San Diego, Calif. The adult, named Buster, is about 20 years old, and the young ones are just under a year old.

Rescued Sea Turtles Head Into The Rising Sun

Godspeed, my shelled brothers. Gaze on this heartwarming photo and see how these three turtles almost froze to death, but were rescued, rehabilitated and released.

Baby Sea Turtles Released Into The Wild

A clutch of endangered Thai sea turtles were given a helping hand by the Royal Thai Navy, who are trying to boost the number of these turtles in the wild.

17 Smug Turtles

These reptiles think they're better than you.

Jedi Turtles Return

The Jedi Turtles are at it again! Just when you start to trust them, they take their Jedi powers to a new level!

Beautiful Sea Turtle

A Beautiful sea ​​turtle swims in the Mediterranean Sea!

Turtle Humps A Pile Of Trash

“Mommy, what is that turtle doing to the garbage bag?” A young boy gets the facts of life explained to him…verrrrrry….slowwwwllly. Want more LOL pet videos? Subscribe to Petsami Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter

A Lifetime Gift

Most people have childhood pets that we have to say goodbye to as we get older, and some get a pet that will last a whole lot longer.

Angry Turtle

This turtle looks like it's about to smack this girl.

U Can't Touch This Dancing Turtle

Did you know that turtles are M. C. Hammer fans? 'Cause this guy totally is. Those are some impressive moves, turtle.

Turtle Is Thrilled To See You

I mean, turtles are always thrilled to see you. But there's something special about this one. I'm trying to decide if it's the tremendous grin or the coy wave. Either way, pardon me while I melt.

How To Set Up A Turtle Cages

How to Set Up a Turtle Cages - We first have to understand that a fish tank and a turtle cages are two different things. Fish needs only water to survive. This is why fish tanks are completely inundated with water. On the other hand, the turtles are amphibians. They need land as well as water. It is imperative to provide them with some kind of dry surface they can cling to, when they want to come to land. For fulfilling this prerogative, the turtle tanks are provided with a rock that is only half submerged in water. Moreover, even the tank should be only half filled by water. The rock can be substituted with worn driftwood or cork bark floats as well.

A Turtle PSA

This turtle has an important message to share with you.

Turtle Care - Tips For Raising Healthy Baby Turtles ( Turtle Cages )

Tips for Raising Healthy Baby Turtles ( turtle cages ) - The turtle is very cute and appealing to people, as are many baby animals. Nevertheless, it is illegal to purchase a turtle throughout the United States of America. (See U.S. Food and Drug Administration Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, Subpart D, Sec. 1240.62--Turtles intrastate and interstate requirements) There are a few exceptions to this law however, for bona fide scientific, educational. The primary reason for this is because the hatchling turtle is deemed to be a greater risk for Salmonella compared to adult turtles. Turtle baby are most likely to be handled by children who do not necessarily practice good personal hygiene; therefore the turtles' care must be properly and strictly observed.

Locate A Snapping Turtle Nest ( Turtle Cages )

Locate A Snapping Turtle Nest ( Turtle Cages ) - Snapping Turtles are powerful, enduring and beautiful creatures that have been around for millions of years. Their evolution occurred earlier than most other turtles and their rugged design has not changed since. While the common snapping turtle has a wide distribution and strong numbers, in northern regions of the United States there can be as few as 1-5 snappers per hectacre. Numbers in the southern United States can be more promising and have as many as 65 snapping turtles per hectacre. The alligator snapping turtle, on the other hand, is considered threatened and is protected by law in many states. The snapping turtle in fact, can lay clutches of 20-50 eggs, but only about 133 of every 1,300 eggs survive to leave the nest. Out of those 133 hatchlings, just 1 will survive to adulthood

Michael Bay To Produce TMNT Reboot

Ruining my childhood, one movie at a time, Michael Bay now has his hands on our favorite pizza-eating Ninja Turtles. And this time, he is going to make them aliens. Aliens.

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Stop Motion Tribute

Cue nostalgia. With over 4,000 individual pictures, 60 hand drawn images, and 3 months of tedious work we recreated the 1987 TMNT cartoon introduction in stop motion.

Mutant Ninja Turtles Rendition

I've been creating my own Ninja Turtle comics and this is my version of the characters.

Rescued Sea Turtles

You can follow the rescued sea turtles Poseidon, Anne Belle, Kahuna and many other, as they make their way to a full recovery at

Tortiose Surfing Big Waves

"Nemo" the 8 year old tortoise who surfs, is featured in the film "Sebastian Beach One Fine Day". Nemo loves the water, and loves surfing for other sea turtles and bringing awareness to the sea turtles plight.

No Cats Allowed

This tortoise won't tolerate cats eating on his patio. You've been warned, cats. You've totally been warned.

A Day In The Life Of A Surfing Tortoise

Tortoises may not be predisposed to swimming, but boy, can they surf. Also, try not to be jealous of Nemo the tortoise's lifestyle. Some day you'll be able to retire to the Florida seashore too, I'm sure.

Salad For Six

In which six absurdly adorable baby tortoises chow down on lettuce. Just a head's up: when I finally retire I'm going to spend my days watching tortoises eat.

Tortoise Underwear Raid

Ladies, don't leave your bras where tortoises can steal them.

Robotic Tortoise Feeder

Adrian Tsang just took feeding tortoises into the 21st century. This clever tortoise feeder is made from Lego and programmed with Robot C. Using a color sensor, the robot follows a black track until a tortoise activates a second touch-activated sensor to distribute tortoise pellets. The best part? The tortoises already have figured out how to work this thing.

Tortoise Plays Football

Human beings aren't the only ones excited about the Super Bowl.

Dog Rides A Tortoise Chariot

Here is a dog sitting in a chair pulled by a tortoise. A tortoise chariot, if you will. Is this the evolution of the dog riding the tortoise taxi, or the historical antecedent? Please watch and clarify this matter for me.

If A Turtle Worked For Nintendo

Personally, I think all of these proposed changes are for the better. Why Nintendo hasn't hired a turtle consultant by now is beyond me.

Sea Turtle Kisses Diver

This diver has a really close relationship with his sea turtle buddy. Turtle kisses for you!

Turtles In Space

Has the Great A'tuin been breeding? Space turtles are a strange but lovely trend right now. Here are some of my favorite pictures.

A Sea Turtle Named Beast

Calling all comic book geeks and turtle fans. What does the name Hank McCoy call to mind? If you said a big blue scientist think again. Now it's a 46 pound rescued loggerhead sea turtle. Get the details here.

The Most Fashionable Tortoise

Model Zoya is wearing a lovely teal sweater adorned with a stylish purple flower. This is paired with her natural turtleneck, which is a very bold move. (Also, squeeeeeeeeeee!)


This kid has them. Seriously, all her middle school buddies are probably going on ad nauseum about Janey liking Johnny.

The 11 Best Animals Riding Tortoise Taxi Cabs

I think this post makes one thing clear: the best mode of transportation is tortoise back. It's also way cheaper and greener than a taxi.

Crocheted Turtle Kitties

What would the perfect amalgamation of turtles, cats, and sweaters look like? This, obviously. Thank you, 14beavers. You are a genius.

The Best New Year's Babies

Zoo Prague got the best New Year's present of all: six baby leopard tortoises. Well, technically only three of them hatched after midnight. But do you care? No you don't.

To Leonardo, With Love

This young poet's affection for his favorite Ninja Turtle moved me to tears.

Sea Turtle High Five

"Hey bro, whatcha up to?" "Just swimming, man." "Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice."

Liberated Turtle Defies Gender Norms

Her standard of beauty is not your standard of beauty. Also, maybe that bow is itchy or something.

Anorexic Turtle

Though this turtle is a little more than 10 pounds, its biggest problem is anorexia and thinness. A turtle this size should be closer to 15 pounds. Learn more about this rescue patient here.

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