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11 Turtles Desperately Trying To Make It Not Awkward

Are you more awkward than these awkward turtles?

If You Like Turtles But Wish They Were More Like Snakes, Then You'll Love This Snake Turtle

Why choose between snakes and turtles when you can have both?

Turtle Rescue Center Releases 100 Happy Sea Turtles

Sometimes turtles need a helping hand.

7 Pictures Of Turtles Pretending To Be Other Things

Turtles are masters of disguise. Just look at these deceptive little creatures.

Rambo The Tortoise

An armed tortoise roams the beaches of LA in search of cucumber, lettuce, and a cause.

14 Awesome Photos Of Turtles On World Turtle Day.

Because Turtles Are Rad. Turtle.

Happy World Turtle Day! 13 Totally Tubular Turtles

Big, small, squatty, long... all in all pretty funny looking. We've gotta say, we're thankful for turtles! We've put together all the cutest turtle photos we can find as a grand gesture of appreciation for these rad reptilians.

Critically Endangered Baby Chinese Three-Striped Box Turtles

3 lil buddies born at the Melbourne Zoo as a part of their breeding program.

52 Ways To Save Sea Turtles

East Coast marine animal rescue teams just released 52 endangered sea turtles off the coast of Florida after a non-stop 24-hour road trip from New England.


Never seen a picture book about fraternal twins before. So I made one.

Turtle Escapes After 70 Years

Willie is on the loose in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. "He just got out somehow."

Meet Audrey: A Special Turtle's Story

Audrey spent the first 20 years of her life living in a bucket. Today she's the spokes-turtle for LittleResQ, a turtle rehabilitation and rescue organization located out of Toronto.

Rare Baby Turtles Hatch At Bronx Zoo

Only about 150 Chinese yellow-headed box turtles exist in the wild. The Bronx Zoo now has five.

A Revised Ode To Turtlenecks

This ode to turtlenecks was great! But it was missing something very important: actual turtle necks.

Cutest Voice-Over Recording Ever

Meet the adorable 4-year old named Carl who is the voice of Toby Turtle.

Science To Turtles: "You're Built Backwards!"

Why? Because turtles can breathe through their butts and pee from their mouths. Thanks for letting us know this important and world-shattering news, scientists!

This Turtle Is Crying Because He's Happy

This enormous (and yet, underweight) leatherback sea turtle got stranded in the right place at the right time. Rescued by IFAW and Mass. Audubon, rehabbed and released by the New England Aquarium, he's now on the move with a new lease on life. This could be only the third time in history for a successful leatherback sea turtle rescue and release! Here's how it went down:

Just A Kitten And His Toy Turtle, Until...

Love and turtles are fleeting.

Meet Turtle Pals Casey And Shelly!

They love each other and hate everything else. Probably not, but it's fun to personify animals!

This Is What It Sounds Like When A Tortoise Burps

At 1:12, a distinct belch comes out of this desert tortoise. You're welcome, America.

The Cutest Marriage Proposal Facilitated By A Turtle

Turtle Talk is a Disney theme park attraction that lets the audience interact with Crush, the sea turtle from Finding Nemo. Normally things are pretty tame, but this time Crush was in on a surprise.

12 Turtles That Are Secretly Grumpy Old Men

Next time you want to complain about your grandpa, remember these crotchety turtles and tortoises.

Turtle Love

turtle loves Wellington boot

Seven Reasons To Be Happy This Weekend

Seven endangered sea turtles released back into ocean

Last Call For Turtle Ship

Future teenage mutant army

Turtles And Sex

turtles have a funny way to have sex

Please Help Name This Itty Bitty Turtle

On July 4, Pacific Northwest Turtleworks hatched their smallest ever turtle: a mini musk weighing in at 1.22 grams. But now she needs a name. Can you help?

Little White Dog Riding A Tortoise

What's crazy is, this isn't the first time. Next thing you know, "Best Dog Riding A Tortoise Movie" is going to be an Oscars category.

Sea Turtles: The Ocean's Miracle

Considering this video documents the trials and tribulations of sea turtles from egg to adult, it's awfully adorable. This was originally part of Scott Gass's Ted Ed lesson called The Survival of the Sea Turtle.

Why Turtles Are So Much Better Than Cats

Turtles and tortoises are perfect in every way, and yet the internet is still dominated by cats. I honestly shouldn't need to explain this to you guys, but here's why you should be giving turtles your attention instead.

Giant Pet Tortoises Will Make You Cooler

Dogs and cats are great, but perhaps it's time to step up your waning esoteric nature and raise a 100lb tortoise. Imagine the looks on the faces of the dog park regulars. [Editor's note: Removing wild tortoises from their homes is cruel and illegal. However, in some states -- such as Arizona, Utah, California, and Nevada -- abandoned tortoises who have been bred in captivity are in need of loving homes]

The Real Poker Dogs

Find the tortoise

Lonesome George The Giant Tortoise Has Died Aged 100 - Watch Him In His Prime

Lonesome George became a symbol for the Galapagos Islands and environmental campaigners as the last of his species, but sadly the old timer passed away at the ripe old age of 100. This video, taken in 2009 shows George in his prime enjoying life on his island home.

Lonesome George The Giant Tortoise Has Died

Lonesome George, the last known Pinta giant tortoise, died yesterday of unknown causes at 100-years-old. He will be missed.

Baby Box Turtle Eating A Raspberry

Pretty much exactly what the title promises. As one YouTube commenter aptly phrased it "I like the part where he eats the raspberry."

Fossilized Turtles Died While Totally Doing It

47 Million years ago, one turtle looked at another and asked if her shell was dented from when she fell from heaven. Then they fell into a poisonous volcanic lake, and were discovered by scientists just now.

Hey Buster Jr, Get Back Here!

An adult African tortoise keeps a careful eye on a litter of four hatchlings on June 14 as they explore in San Diego, Calif. The adult, named Buster, is about 20 years old, and the young ones are just under a year old.

Rescued Sea Turtles Head Into The Rising Sun

Godspeed, my shelled brothers. Gaze on this heartwarming photo and see how these three turtles almost froze to death, but were rescued, rehabilitated and released.

Century-Long Tortoise Marriage Ends In Divorce

Bibi and Poldi have been together since they were young -- back in the 1890s -- but "they can't stand the sight of each other anymore." Bibi has attacked Poldi, biting a chunk out of his shell, and managers at the Austrian zoo where they live had no choice but to put them in separate enclosures.

Tortoise Transportation Is The Way Of The Future

Move over cabs, didn't you hear? Tortoises are the newest vehicles on the block.

David Attenborough Narrating A Video Of A Tortoise Having Sex With A Shoe

Fun Fact: Sir David Attenborough is also a knight.

Is Their Anything More Cute Than A Baby Turtle?

Baby Turtle in The Palm of A Hand

Baby Sea Turtles Released Into The Wild

A clutch of endangered Thai sea turtles were given a helping hand by the Royal Thai Navy, who are trying to boost the number of these turtles in the wild.

Kittens See A Tortoise For The First Time

A scene of sheer wonder and curiosity.

Top 11 Turtles Humping Inanimate Objects

Based on the amount of action these little guys are getting, I've got an idea to pitch to Petco: turtle Fleshlight. I'll take million dollar check, thank you.

Give This Photo Of A Baby Turtle To Someone You Love Today

Perhaps you are in a fight. Perhaps it is someone you haven't spoken to in a long time. Maybe you just started a new job and haven't had the time to talk. Whatever it is, send them a pic of this baby turtle and let them know that you still love them.

17 Smug Turtles

These reptiles think they're better than you.

A Turtle Explains The Birds And Bees

"Mommy, what is that turtle doing to the garbage bag?" A young boy gets the facts of life explained to him...verrrrrry....slowwwwllly. Want more LOL pet videos? Subscribe to Petsami Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter

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