From 0 Cats To 5 In Less Than Six Months

Until january this year, my girlfriend and I didn’t own any cats. Then we adopted one. Then another. And another one. Guess we’re a crazy cat couple.

1. 1st one to arrive: this little guy

First we adopted Nhoc (a different way of saying “gnocchi” - yes, the food). We couldn’t leave him alone, otherwise he would start crying. We thought maybe he needed a friend.

2. Then his bro came along

Since Nhoc appeared to be lonely, we contacted the NGO that took care of him saying perhaps we would like to adopt another one. Nhoc’s real brother was the perfect choice, so Farfalle (yet another food-related name) came home. Nhoc had only 2 days of loneliness.

3. So they were all like…

4. A little after february, we thought maybe we could add +1 to the party…

Nhoc didn’t seem to like the idea.

5. Farfalle slept on it for a while

6. And on february a little girl arrived

Her name was Panqueca (portugues for Pancake) and she was really cute (and tiny)

7. Farfalle thought she was food…

Pancake, after all, right?

8. He even photobombed some of her pics

It was a cry for attention.

9. It took less than 24 hours for them to get along

All was well, right?

10. Farfalle was shocked when we mentioned the idea of adopting another cat.

Look at all this shock in his eyes!

11. Nhoc even came up with an intervention

“Stop looking for kitten online, will you?”

12. By the end of february, this moustached-little-girl joined the team

Her name was Budega. Everyone asks if she’s a he. Poor girl, the moustache does not help.

13. Nhoc wasn’t very fond of her photobombings…

14. While Farfalle thought she needed a bath


15. It didn’t take very long.

16. New alliances were made…

17. Nhoc started his career as a model

18. His brother tried that too, but was deemed inappropriate


19. Back at home, the girls started a relationship…

20. And everything was well

21. “You guys are done taking cats in, right?” asked Farfalle

22. “4 is good!” she screamed

23. That’s when we saw this:

“She is fearless”, said the description on the NGO’s website.

24. STAHP right there, she said:

25. But it was too late…

Meet Tangerina (as in Tangerine, yep)

26. How could we resist?

27. How could they?

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