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20 Times Tumblr Perfectly Described Any Cat Lover

You cat beleive it either.

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1. Your love for those cute tiny furry balls is literally overwhelming.

2. When you see a cat, you literally can't control your emotions.

3. Your cat is basically your best friend and it's perfectly normal.

4. Even when cats become the little shits, you still love them.

5. Interaction with cats always bring you to a good mood.

6. Because you can find joy in small things.

7. In your dreams you're a proper cat lady.

8. When your cat is sleeping on you, you feel like you're in Heaven.

9. You sure that you and your cat could understand each other without any word.

10. You're spending weeks trying to pick a perfect name for your perfect cat, cause your cutie deserves only the best.

11. You can't call it a day when you can't communicate with your cat like a normal people do.

12. You think that you don't need anything when you have a cat.

13. The limit for your love really doesn't exist.

14. You honestly can't understand how can someone actually hate cats?!

15. They're mental.

16. Clearly, you're not that person.

17. Because you adore them and can forgive for the mess they made.

18. And you're always ready to be partner in crime.

19. You planned your future ages ago.

20. And you're okay with that.

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