Cats Desperately Searching For Their Easter Baskets

These cats know their Easter baskets are hidden SOMEWHERE, they are just having a little troubling finding them.

“Well, let’s start over here. Maybe it’s hidden in the yard.”

“Ooh! Is it over there?”

“It’s not an Easter basket but I want it…”

“Did you hide it up high?”

“Well shoot, I really thought it would be up here.”

“UGH I’m getting frustrated. Why did you make it so hard?”

“Can you give me just one clue? Please?”

“Am I hotter or colder? Colder? Darn.”

“I’m hotter? ARGH where is it I’ve looked over here a million times!”

“FOUND IT! What? No? This isn’t it? Oh you’ve got to be kidding me.”


“Is it under here?”

“OMG!! I see it!!”

14. FOUND IT!!

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