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Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality

20 Heartwarming Photos From Puerto Rico's Mass Same-Sex Marriage Ceremony

Over 60 same-sex couples celebrated Sunday afternoon in the Old San Juan district.

This Photographer Had The Best Response After Losing A Client For His Support Of Same-Sex Marriage

Clinton Brentwood Lee's response to an anti–same-sex marriage client is going viral after he posted it to Facebook.

24 Hilarious Tumblr Reactions To The Marriage Equality Ruling

Shout-out to SCOTUS, aka the real MVP!

15 Essential Vines To Help You Celebrate Marriage Equality

The running of the interns set to Bey is all you need.

Same-Sex Marriage Isn't Bad For Kids — And The Supreme Court Said So

A long and trying debate over whether marriage equality is bad for children was dealt a lethal blow on Friday, when the Supreme Court ruled that states can no longer ban same-sex marriage. The 2012 study that suggested same-sex marriage harms children was shoddy on many levels, experts say.

Disasters You Can Expect Now That Marriage Equality Is Here

Eighteen other countries legalized same-sex marriage before America. Let's see how some of them are holding up.

19 Messages To People Who Still Don't Support Marriage Equality

BuzzFeed News asked marriage equality supporters at the Supreme Court if they had anything to say to the people who have opposed same-sex couples' marriage rights in the past.

5 Marriage Equality Cards To Send Your American Friends

Today marks a historic day for our American neighbours, so we come bearing sugar and celebratory cards.

22 Flawless Rainbow Fashion Photos That Prove Pride Ain't A Bad Thing

It's a great day to wear rainbows, isn't it?

This Is How Australians Reacted To The Historic U.S. Marriage Equality Decision

"I now have the legal right to marry my fiancee in the most rural county of Mississippi or Alabama. But not Melbourne."

Here's Every 2016 GOP Candidate's Response To The Same-Sex Marriage Ruling — And There's A Divide

After the Supreme Court ruled bans on same-sex marriage are unconstitutional, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio focused on religious freedom — while Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, and, most interestingly, Scott Walker focused more on keeping the fight alive.

Celebratory And Emotional Photos From The Supreme Court After Pro-Marriage Equality Ruling

After the United States Supreme Court ruled states can no longer ban same-sex marriage people celebrated love. Here are the party pics.

Obama On Marriage Equality: "Our Union Is A Little More Perfect"

President Obama addressed the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to end state same-sex marriage bans.

The 4 Dopest Quotes From Ruth Bader Ginsburg On Marriage Equality

The Notorious RBG dropped some truth bombs yesterday during the same-sex marriage arguments.

These Same-Sex Marriage Protesters Are A Bunch Of Pussies

No, really! How could you be mad at these protesters when they look so gosh darn cute?

What Now For Gay Plaintiffs In Marriage Cases? Waiting.

They left the courtroom celebrities; now they go home and hope for the best.

National Organization For Marriage President Confirms Plans To Go Global

"We're working with everyone that we can that believes that marriage is the union of a man and a woman all around the world," NOM President Brian Brown told BuzzFeed News.

There's A Campaign To Send Same-Sex Wedding Save-The-Dates To The Supreme Court Justices

Advocacy group Tie The Knot, co-founded by actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his husband, is spearheading it to show what's at stake.

Former Patriots Player Says Supporting Same-Sex Marriage Is The Work Of Satan

The Patriots were one of three teams to sign a brief that calls for marriage equality.

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