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This Is How Australians Reacted To The Historic U.S. Marriage Equality Decision

"I now have the legal right to marry my fiancee in the most rural county of Mississippi or Alabama. But not Melbourne."

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The U.S. Supreme Court handed down its decision to spread marriage equality throughout the country in the VERY early hours of Saturday morning in Australia.

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There were a lot of Aussies who were awake and overjoyed by the decision.

But Australia remains one of the only western liberal democracies without marriage equality. It's a national sore point.

Congratulations America.#SCOTUS doing its job. How are those arguments against gay marriage looking now, Australia?

So it felt everyone down under was thinking the same thing.

Congratulations USA on your brilliant supreme court legislating for marriage equality. Happy dancing. Now only if my country.....


High-five USA! (The absolute slowest of claps for you Australia).

Some were more chill in their longing for marriage equality.

Congratulations to the USA on crossing over to the right side of history in all 50 states. Hopefully someday soon Australia will follow.

Others totally weren't.

Cool job, Australia, rapidly becoming the most narrow-minded, cruel and backwards democracy on Earth.

The Liberal party might grant its members a conscience vote on the issue later this year, which could lead to a successful parliamentary vote.

Australia slips further behind. It is well and truly time for #marriageequality. #SCOTUS

In the meantime many Aussies are just embarrassed.

Australia and Northern Ireland are now duking it out solidly as "most backward English-speaking places".

All of America now recognises same sex marriage after Supreme Court ruling. Ireland. America. Not Australia.

The US Supreme Court made the right decision on same-sex marriage. Australia will have to be next.

And angry.

I now have a legal right to marry my fiancΓ© in the most rural county of Mississippi or Alabama. But not Melbourne.

It's not "it's time" for Australia. It's fucking well overdue. Get it over and done with, Canberra. Srsly. #auspol #LoveWins

What century is Australia in

A lot of people tweeted about Australia's most staunch opponents of marriage equality.

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Catch the fuck up, Australia. #lovewins

So while Australia remains behind, activists used the news out of America to ask a simple question... "Next: Australia?"

Congratulations to our friends inc. @HRC & @freedomtomarry! Phenomenal victory! Next: Australia? #auspol