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32 Of The Best Brand Tweets Celebrating Marriage Equality


1. Target created a heartwarming animation:

Here's to having, holding and marrying who you love. #takepride #SCOTUSMarriage

2. American Airlines was proud to be "on board":

We’re on board. Diversity strengthens us all & today we celebrate #MarriageEquality & the landmark #SCOTUS decision.

3. YouTube shared a video that gave us all the feels:

The United States took a step in the right direction today. #ProudToLove

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4. AT&T changed the colors of its logo:

5. As did Expedia:

Proud to celebrate marriage equality and grateful on behalf of our diverse customers, partners & employees. #LoveWins

6. Macy's brought out its wedding invitations for the occasion:

From this day forward… #loveislove

7. Strand Book Store turned its bookshelves into a rainbow:

Celebrating this momentous day! Way to go #SCOTUS 🌈🙌✨ #pride

8. The Weather Channel made an appropriate forecast:

Forecasting lots of #Love. #LoveWins Photo Credit: @seisenhauer via IG

9. Puffs tried to steer the conversation toward tissues:

Lots of people crying tears of joy today. #PassThePuffs #LoveHasNoLabels

10. Honey Maid fashioned a marriage-equality map out of its graham crackers:

Starting today, love knows no borders. #All50 #LoveisLove #MarriageEquality #ThisIsWholesome

11. Absolut got crafty about it:

Love is freedom. #LoveIsLove. Thank you for the photos, @JuanjoFuster! #GayPrideSitges2015

12. T-Mobile raised a flag in celebration:

Proudly raise your flag high today, because #LoveWins

13. As did Starbucks:

14. PETA charmed us with this dog:

Because dogs love everyone equally ❤️ #AdoptDontBuy #LoveWins

15. Game of Thrones placed Renly in front of a pride flag:

16. Snickers reminded us to "stay who you are" with a rainbow wrapper:

17. Kellogg's brought its cereal into the equation:

Kellogg’s congratulates LGBT Americans on Marriage Equality!

18. As did Cheerios:

And now, no one can tell you otherwise. #LoveWins

19. Ugg fashioned a rainbow out of its boots:

20. While HTC made one out of its phones:

Live a life that makes you proud. #LoveWins

21. Lyft wanted us to ride with pride:

22. Miller Lite kicked back with a rainbow and some beer:

As long as you are you, #ItsMillerTime. #LoveWins

23. Uber showed off a colorful animation:

It is so ordered. #LoveWins

24. As did Walgreens:

25. JetBlue brought out its planes:

Love is in the air. #LetFreedomWing #SCOTUSMarriage #MarriageEquality

26. MasterCard shared a beautiful proposal:

Love matters. Happiness matters. #AcceptanceMatters #Marriage #Equality

27. Pandora quoted The Beatles:

The Beatles said it best: All you need is love. #LoveWins

28. Sense8 reminded us about a relevant scene between two of its characters:

A force that comes into our life without any rules, expectations, or limitations. #Sense8 #LoveWins

29. Visa declared that love is accepted everywhere:

30. While Gap proclaimed that "equality is always in style":

Equality is always in style. We’ve been proud supporters since #1969. #LoveWins #Pride2015 #LetsDoMore

31. Smirnoff came out with this pun:

Homosexual, hetrosexual, who-gives-a-sexual #LoveWins

32. And JELL-O became JELL-O-V-E:

J-E-L-L-O is for everyone. So is L-O-V-E. #DecisionDay #Pride

Love is love. 🌈🙌🌈🙌🌈🙌